Wow! No respect for WVU in Athlon’s pre-season all-Big 12 football choices!

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    Well, if WVU’s football team doesn’t have a chip on its shoulder after reading the Athlon way-too-early 2021 All-Big 12 football selections then they are beyond help when it comes to motivation.

    NO Mountaineer is listed on the first team offense, defense or special teams!

    Not even running back Leddie Brown! He is on the second team. Behind Iowa State’s Breece Hall and Texas’ Bijan Robinson.

    Dante Stills, who sent tremors through opponents as a defensive lineman last season, is relegated to second team, too. Behind TCU’s Ochaun Mathis, Iowa State’s Will McDonald and Oklahoma’s Perrion Winfrey and Isaiah Thomas.

    WVU’s Akheem Mesidor is second team defensive lineman, too. Alonzo Addae is second team safety, behind Baylor’s Jalen Pitre and Iowa State’s Greg Eisworth.

    WVU wide receiver Winston Wright is buried on the third team offense, as is center Zach Frazier and lineman Doug Nester. Wright gets a double-dissing by being put on the FOURTH team specialists as a kick returner.

    Third team defense includes WVU linebacker Josh Chandler-Semedo.

    WVU safety Sean Mahone is listed on the fourth team defense.

    It’s up to the Mountaineers to prove Athlon way, way wrong. Starting September 25 at Oklahoma it’s put-up-or-shut-up time for Coach Neal Brown’s charges.

    Do they Trust The Climb or prove Athlon right? I can’t wait to find out.

    WVU is getting no respect. It’s time to earn it and knock the uppity Athlon off its phony pedestal!


    I say good! We always do better when people overlook us. I hope it make all of them mad. Play hard and as a team and within the legal limits. We will be okay. Team keep this in the back of your mind! Let’s shock the college football world! Let’s GO MOUNTAINEERS!💛💙🏈


    No big surprise in this article, they’re usually pretty accurate


    So you say they’re usually pretty accurate. On another WVU forum someone said Athlon is not. After all the Big 12 games are played next season someone will be right and someone will be wrong. I don’t have a clue. Never do till I see it on the field. I just thought it odd that WVU was related in the same boat as Kansas, a doormat in Big 12 football ever since my alma mater joined the Big 12. 



    It’s May. These are written so people buy them. If your honest with yourself there are no first team players on the team. Wait until the season has ended.


    First thing to remember is that this, like 98% of content out there about WVU, is wrtten from a national perspective by someone that has no indepth knowledge of the teams in question.

    I’d have Chandler-Semedo and Mahone higher, but the others you list are probably in about the right spots. How much did Mesidor benefit from a lack of attention and the presence of Darius Stills? WVU’s coaches have noted that Dante has to be more consistent with effort and execution. Wrtight’s drops are a well-known issue.



    Solid points, as usual. I have the same doubts about Wright. A receiver who doesn’t catch a ball that hits him in the hands or even in the chest has a serious problem. I was just disturbed that WVU is alongside Kansas, the Big 12 doormat year after year, in lack of respect from Athlon’s way too early all-Big 12, particularly on the first team. We both know that what counts most is what happens on the field. So September-November will prove Athlon wrong or, unlikely, right. I can’t wait.


    I suspect most of the players would trade wins for individual recognition.

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