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    WVU opens as a 2.5 point favorite…..can that be true ? How ? Las Vegas is a strange town.


    Line will change as more betters come on line. Safe bet is ….. don’t bet.


    Note my response to CFE’s similar post


    Note: I have read predictions for this game on several different sites, all supposedly, expert picks.

    Other than Vegas, all sites have Virginia Tech winning, mostly by under a TD.


    Kevin, This just looks backwards to me. After watching our O-Line in 2 games I just can’t see the logic. I’m aware of the bookies trying to get balanced action but Im amazed. it seems that this line would attract far more action on VPI than on WVU. But, what do I know. I just hope that the odds makers are correct in their assessment.


    The game is in Morgantown, the only road game for the Hokies in their first 7 games.

    There’s more Vegas line speculation around that than the actual matchup.




    Oh ye of little faith


    We are looking at this game through a WVU-centric lens.  Many people are probably betting that VT can blow another early season game after getting ranked – and we just happen to be the opponent.


    Home teams are usually favored in close games. Line changes when betting begins. Va.Tech although good is no better than Maryland and WVU. Yes we lost to Maryland but I believe we handed them that victory. Some may call UNC a big win but I will not as I don’t think UNC was as good as most people thought they were. They lost a ton of offensive production. If WVU plays smart and doesn’t turn it over they can win this game. although it will be a close one.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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