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    With Miles ‘Deuce’ McBride almost assuredly off to the NBA, West Virginia has bolstered its roster for the upcoming season with the commitment of 6-8
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    Great! Hopes this works out.  So, he’s a true freshman?


    Welcome Mr. King!


    I never trust highlight videos. A player can be seen making 50 three pointers, but you don’t see the 200 misses meaning the player only shoots 20 percent.

    The kid does look like a good prospect though. Huggins will coach him up


    What do we know about Sean McNeil returning?


    Yes, he will be a freshman.

    McNeil has been in Morgantown working out. Never know the final outcome, but would suspect a return to WVU would be the most likely result. No indications from him yet, however.


    With the addition of King I would assume that Huggs will not use the last schollie.  …..  That is unless someone just falls into his lap that he can’t refuse to take.  Not a whole lot of mins to go around.  King stated that he knows he’ll be a role player this coming year.  Even at that, I could see King taking a RS to get some room between Bridges and Thweatt who are both FR again this year because of the COVID ruling. Both of them will be at the SF position with the glut of Bigs at the 4/5.   Cottrell, Gabe, Carrigan, Paulicap, Ndiaye.

    Hey Kevin ….. could we see Seny RS?  Wasn’t the original thought to RS him last year?


    On the scholarship, Huggins always keeps options open, so I can see either scenario playing out. Someone excellent wants to transfer in, you have a way to get him, or you hold it for the next class. That’s been his M.O. for a long time.

    On Seny, that could happen, although I would note that he has been showing improvement in the summer workouts. I’m not saying he’s ready to be a starter or anything like that yet, but some of his fundamentals are reportedly looking better.


    Is it just me or is he a Lamont West clone?  Their shooting motion, size and even the way they run all look identical.


    I would take another Lamont West.


    Lamont was a very serviceable sometimes starter.  Came on very strong late his JR year when forced back into the starting role.  He showed flashes of greatness but seemed very inconsistent in his ability to focus. At times he just disappeared.

    Left for Missouri St for his SR year.


    Below average shooter overall, decent enough from three, but at 6-7 6-8 shot way too much from distance. Rebounding was bad for a player of his height and jumping ability.  Serviceable, I guess, but his attitude and team issues became more and more of a problem. Hard pass.


    I guess that another Lamont West is not what we are looking for.


    Agree POW. I was trying to not trash the guy. Lets just leave it at serviceable.


    Well just because he has a similar physique and their games are very similar doesn’t mean they are destined for the same outcome.  Lamont’s biggest issues were effort, work ethic, defense, attitude, etc…. Which are not things we know about from a five minute highlight reel.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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