WVU Continues Offensive Line Build With Virginia Transfer

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    West Virginia continued to bolster its offensive line outside of traditional channels when Ja’Quay Hubbard announced that WVU will be his transfer des
    [See the full post at: WVU Continues Offensive Line Build With Virginia Transfer]


    Watching film of Ja’Quay, he’s a monster. Big, powerful and moves well for someone his size. Nearly everyone in today’s world is getting a waiver from the NCAA to play immediately, so I doubt Hubbard will have to sit out a year despite the transfer. Entering WVU at this late date will probably make it hard for him to truly compete for a starting job this coming season, but if he’s eligibly to play, I’d expect him to see some game action this year. Adding someone of his ability to West Virginia’s offensive line pool for the next four years should be a huge benefit.


    An excellent get.  Like the emphasis NB puts on both lines in his recruiting.  He’s got a solid background in that he understands that even in today’s game, the contest is won or lost in the trenches.


    Welcome Mr. Hubbard!


    Another big body on the OL.  LOVE the way NB is building this team from the trenches on both sides of the ball.  May not make the 2 deep this year, but with 4 years to play he provides depth for the future.


    I totally agree Greg!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    NB understands the meaning of in the trenches.


    First HC that really understood this since Dandy Don.  Good Old Bill kind of got it but not as fast and not on both sides as NB.  Then again, Bill’s overhaul of the trenches was a little more drastic taking over from RR.  Dana’s jackwadian idea of what the trenches should look like wasn’t as drastically severe as RR’s.


    Rod had some great talent on both sides of the trenches 🤷🏻‍♂️


    Capers, Isdaner, Mozes, Barclay, Stanchek.


    Dykes, Miller, Neild, Hunter, Hardee, Wilson.


    Correct, Montani, and there were more. While RR did pay more attention to the offense, he didn’t neglect the lines. A bit too much generalization here.

    For example, many point to Nehlen as routinely subbing in a second line on every third series to keep players fresh. While that did happen a good bit on the 88 team, it was far from a routine occurrence throughout his career. Still, the notion persists that he did it every year.


    Another perception was that OL waited their turn till they were SR’s to start.  For many,  yes.  This is what my friend’s son told me.  He was an OL in the early 90’s.  Not quite true.  But it was evident that DN put more focus on OL.


    I think maybe Butlereer’s point may have been hat Rod looked more fo smaller quicker linemen while Nehlen and Brown go for the big hawgs.


    Correct CC.  And he didn’t have nearly the number of bodies on the team as DN.  Then on the D side his recruiting was more for athletes that he turned into DL.  FB’s, TE’s, LB’s that he bulked up.  Again he didn’t have nearly the numbers of most of the top P5 teams.


    Agreed. Allan Johnson was the strength coach initially under Nehlen, and that was the first big boom in strength training in football as a more unified approach. Johnson was for strength and mass, as the thinking went at the time, and that’s why the pushing trucks and flipping tires, as well as high weights and low reps were the basis of the program.

    Approaches have changed over time, with Mike Barwis and Mike Joseph working more toward the athleticism and total approach, as well as injury prevention.



    Smaller, quicker OL had their place in the RR era.  Same went for the DL.  But neither of those lines could stand up against the steam rollers in the B1G and SEC.  Those OL’s would just line up shoulder to shoulder and push you back 5 yds.  The DL’s would throw off the smallish OL like match sticks. Problem for us was that many of those teams bigs on both sides of the line not only had beef but speed.


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