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    WVU Gets Basketball Transfer Commitment Former Arkansas forward Gabe Osabuohien, who was dismissed from the Razorback program four days ago, has annou
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    Does this mean Richardson won’t be enrolling?


    Don’t have any indication the two are related, but as Greg noted recently it does not appear as if Richardson will enroll.


    If he’s not eligible this year that at least secures another experienced WF for next after Haley graduates.


    If I read this right, these are pretty impressive numbers over 8 games.

    “He played in 34 games last year as a sophomore, starting the last eight. Over that final stretch, he had 42 deflections and drew five charges while compiling 32 rebounds, 16 assists and 12 steals.”

    5.25 deflections/gm

    .625 charges

    4 rebounds

    2 asst

    1.5 steals

    deflections, charges, steals……. sounds like a Huggs D type guy.


    So, my question is, what did he do to get shown the door at Arkansas?


    I went over to one of their boards and saw a few post like this one:

    “I was told it was shoplifting. The person I was told by has very good connections to the athletic department. If true, that is just a shame. I’m sure more will come out soon.”

    Will/should our university’s student code of conduct rule on his enrollment to WVU?


    If a misdemeanor allegation, charge or even conviction would keep out an athlete it would also keep out a large % of the student population.


    Talked to a couple of sources in Arkansas, and they said there was no record in the court system they cold find of any criminal charge against him. That doesn’t mean that’s not the reason, but it could have been handled in some other manner. I’m not a lawyer, though, and don’t even play one on TV.

    I know of no indication that this would prevent him from enrolling at WVU. In fact, the quick nature of this would indicate some help from someone in Arkansas of bringing him to the attention of other schools and recommending him.

    One of my Arkansas sources told me this is the only issue they knew of with Osabuohien, that he played hard and was not a problem on the court. No other instances of actiong out on the court or anything of that nature.


    Seems odd that something like that with it being the only offense would get him booted.  But hey ….  He looks like a good prospect for us and we certainly can use him next year.  Second chances are a good thing if handled right.  Welcome to the family Gabe.


    Remembering The Lord’s admonition about he who is without sin casting the first stone, I agree that second chances done the right way can often have huge upside returns.  And who better to administer the second chance than Huggs.


    Arkansas has a new coach, perhaps he was sending a message with this, that he wasn’t going to tolerate any missteps. No on the record comments to support this, but seems like a possibility.


    He publicly stated that he voted for Trump and Hillary had him canned.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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