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    WVU Hits Shooting Stride, Buries TCU MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — If the nation didn’t believe before, it does now. West Virginia did everything right in a lat
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    Great to see that we started to shoot…… and make. Sean coming off the bench was a key. Leave him alone and he’ll make it. He is a key to spreading it out. Glad to see Taz get some extended minutes and start to feel better after hitting a 3. Surprising that Gabe was allowed to shoot …. and made one. And on top of all that Haley stepped up with 4-6 from the floor. Spreading it out a little gave him room to roam the baseline for the game that he likes to play.


    Gabe took two shots – a dunk and a one-footer. WVU doesn’t want him taking 15-footers, but he has to take lay-up and putbacks.

    He has a good bit of a ways to go in terms of driving it and learning to use his wingspan to get shots away, but he can’t get to the point where he doesn’t try to stress the defense at all on a quick move, otherwise they can play even more off him than they already are.

    I also liked that they left Haley and Emmitt in when te game was put away. Really need to get them back in the swing, and maybe that helped?


    Nice to see them dominate a game pretty much from start to finish.


    Kevin, seemed like Haley has turned the corner again. Hope he keeps it up.

    Emmitt on the other hand is still struggling with his shots. Starting with the Youngstown game he’s 4 for 26. 16%. Before that he was 41 for 87. 47% That’s a HUGE drop off and so quick.


    Definitely tough to figure out what is going on with Emmitt. I guess sometimes things like this just happen. Huggs said in his post game that Emmitt carried WVU early. It’s clear that he still has faith in him and is trying to prop him up some, which is good.

    It seems like sometimes that if he doesn’t get off to a good start, he sort of fades into the background offensively.

    Someone aske me if having two bigs on the floor sometimes james up driving lanes, which might be hindering him. I know this is something the coaches keep working on — proper spacing — so that cuts and drives are available. Of course, the execution isn’t always there, so that’s something else to watch.


    while his offensive production has fallen off substantially it seems to me that he is still playing hard in all other facets of the game. hope he can maintain effort and efficiency in the other aspects because discouragement over one part of your game can impact the other aspects if you don’t maintain super focus. There is such a thing as a sophomore slump. the good news is we do not need him to break out of it tomorrow, we just need him to break out of it this year.


    Goodpoints cinci. And Jermaine is continuing to play good defense – WVU can put him on a number of different opponents that can score, and he has been good in that role too.

    Can’t underestimate the point you are making — as long as the team sticks together and everyone plays hard, there is going to be success.


    It appears, looking from the outside, that there are no specific plays
    being set up to get him the ball on the move. He usually just spots
    up on the side or corner and pops from there. One simple scheme
    could have either big man, posted on the lane screen his man and
    get him moving across the lane or close for a pass and let him go
    froth there with his athleticism! That’s just one! He was inserted
    near the end of the last game and looked lost roaming around!

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