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    Thinking of going to NYC for the St. John’s game in early Dec.  Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to get tickets? I’m not opposed to scalping but it’s not exactly Morgantown so I’m a little leary going that route.



    This experience is a few years old, going back to the Big East tournament days. There were people outside selling tickets, but there were also NYC police undercover that we heard of, and in one instance saw, making arrests. Don’t know if the law has changed or not.

    I’d go one of the online ticket services if you want premium seats, and the Garden also has tickets for sale.

    MSG Tickets


    Thanks for the info.  I wasn’t sure about scalping there. I know some who have been taken advantage of (imagine that!) scalping tickets for theatre shows.


    Off beat shot but sometimes you can get tickets from the school.


    WVU is not selling tickets for the Mountaineer basketball game in NYC.

    While WVU usually has an allotment of tickets to sell to road football games, rarely does it have them for true road basketball game.

    As Kevin said, the best way to get them is through MSG.


    Not to be facetious, but you could try the old trick we use to use
    as grade schoolers to get into high school games. We would wait
    around until the team arrived at their entrance to the gym and ask
    if we could carry their bag. And walk in with them! It didn’t always
    work! Especially if old man Carroll was at the door!🙄

    On a serious note, check the Garden site, I’m sure they will have a few of the
    18,000 tickets available, if they open it all up!


    Haha, I like the carrying bags trick!


    Butler, I don’t think there’s a side or specific WVU section here, other than the small group that the school gets for coaches, families, boosters, etc. near the bench that aren’t available for sale.


    This game won’t be sold out, there will be a lot of tickets available at the MSG ticket office. I’m local so I’ll be more than likely going to this game unless family situations arise. Looking forward to watching the Mountaineers in MSG, there are very special memories there including winning the Big East Championship in 2010, epic Pitt and UConn wins, the list goes on.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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