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    Defense hitting hard out there. They look confident.


    Your quarter 1 stats…


    WVU with 164 yards of offense, 154 passing and 10 rushing. K-State with 50 yards of total offense, 34 passing and 16 rushing


    WVU tight end Jovani Haskins leaving the field with an apparent injury. He took a hard blow to the head on a first quarter catch.


    It took awhile, but now into the early moments of the second quarter, the student sections have filled in nicely.


    Mountaineers run game struggling but Jake still trying to get it going.


    Short on the 51 yard try. K State takes over. Seems like Will could pick them apart with short throws all the way down the field.




    Boom! Sills … too easy! 14-0 EERS lead. 2:31 left in the half. The DAWGS working on a first half shut out!


    Snyder went against his pattern, took a risk on 4th down and WV made him pay. Nice!


    Will Dana use his time outs?


    Worst clock manager in history


    What… a … throw. What … a … catch.


    Didn’t need the last one






    This game isn’t over, but K St is in a very bad place. I can’t believe Snyder went for it on 4th down at midfield. Ended up costing him twice.


    Don’t know if the comment regarding clock management was tongue in cheek or straight up. I would tend to say he has messed it up on multiple occasions in the past, but that 2 minute drill today was nearly perfect.


    Obviously glad we scored but it’s as though Dana’s ego precludes him from using timeouts in end of half scenarios.

    He wasted 6 seconds and a potential play by not calling timeout. It worked out but that was horrible game management. Simply awful.


    59,245 attendance today. Big third down here.. let’s not give up a touchdown DAWGS

Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 51 total)

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