WVU Opens Big 12 Championship Against Kansas

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    WVU Opens Big 12 Championship Against Kansas West Virginia opens play in the Big 12 Baseball Championship on Wednesday, May 22 against Kansas. The fou
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    glad to see WVU is sending Snyder against Kansas.  if he can get a win, or put us in a position to get a win, then that saves Manoah for TT.  getting off to a 2-0 start would be huge.  since we are almost certainly in the ncaa tourney I like the gamble since, if successful, gives us a better chance at hosting for the 1st round of the ncaa’s, also a huge advantage, especially if we can win the B12.  Kansas has been playing well and Snyder, while good all season, did not fare particularly well against them.  too bad he has already faced them.  Don’t think too many B12 teams have seen him.  Good luck to the Mountaineers and I hope they bring back a B12 Championship trophy.


    Comfortable with Snyder as the starter but he has little experience vs B12 teams.  Bergert and Kessler have the experience here vs the better teams.  Wonder what the thinking is here.


    I thought Kessler was the reliever/closer.  have not followed them quite enough to know about Bergert.  Just knew Snyder has generally been the 2nd best pitcher overall but mostly against non B12 teams.  I think the common opinion is when a team has not seen a pitcher before the pitcher has an initial advantage, assuming the pitcher has enough talent to compete at the level he is playing.  I like the move myself, but it is a bit of a gamble.  but I think it is worth it if it led, or helped lead, WVU to starting the ncaa tournament at home.


    He might be thinking he needs to save as many arms as possible for the tournament. With Snyder he may be thinking of using a lot of bull pen to keep arms warm. Perhaps he believes his team will continue it’s hot hitting streak.


    Bergert and Kessler are relievers, not starters.

    The thinking with Snyder is keeping him on schedule – he’s used to pitching on Wednesday. He did pitch 2.1 innings against Kansas in the regular season, as noted, but that consisted of just one time through the lineup.


    1 down, let’s go K-State!!




    He’s thinking he wants to keep his pitchers in their rotation to begin with.

    And the fact that WVU is 10-0 in games Snyder starts gives him a good feel for leaving things alone.

    Obviously it worked out, though Snyder didn’t have his best day.

    Secondary to that is this is a double elimination tournament. I’d rather have my ace on day 2 either way.


    Win tomorrow, with Manoah on the mound, and get the day off on Friday. Entire bullpen will be rested for Saturday and what could be two games with a Sunday title game looming.

    Snyder probably starts again on Sunday, considering that Manoah most likely throws 125 pitches tomorrow, unless WVU blows someone out (unlikely) and Alex gets an early break.


    Here is the dilemma is WVU (or any college team) gets to the conference championship game on Sunday. The NCAA regionals start the following Friday, May 31 and run through June 3. If WVU reaches the Big 12 championship on Sunday, I’m assuming it has locked up a host role for an NCAA regional. And if that’s locked, does Mazey want to use any of this top four starting pitchers on Sunday, knowing you have the NCAAs to come? Or does he rest his starters, even if it lessens the Mountaineers’ chance to win the conference championship, and save them for the NCAAs? Tough choice to me. I can see both side.


    Is it a problem using one of the top 4 on Sunday if the team has a break till Fri?    I’d think you win the championship at any cost using the best arm available, get home field advantage and work it out from there.  4 days rest for all arms fro Sunday Championship game till start of NCAA regionals.


    Greg, you raise a good point, but here’s another.

    If WVU has to play a loser’s bracket game, now you’re talking about four or even five games before the title game on Sunday.

    WVU could get to Sunday with 3 games. Or 4 if they don’t lose until Saturday. Or 5 if they lose today.

    And the team on the other side of the bracket could be a three game team or a five game team.

    So WVU could be using their normal Sunday starter on Sunday, or the normal Sunday starter could be pitching the first game on Saturday, or the second game on Saturday.
    The question to me isn’t whether to use Snyder again if needed. I’d use him again in a heartbeat. He only threw 100 pitches in 4+ innings. He can go again on Sunday, which would be three full days rest, and something these guys have been pulling off since their first little league all star tournament experience.

    To me the key is today’s game. WVU needs to win today and get tomorrow off to rest the whole staff going into the weekend.

    Win first. Worry about later, later.


    Exactly right, Deuce.  I coached American Legion ball for a number of years and played in many tournaments, even in the regular season.  You pitch to win the game in front of you because in most cases if you don’t win that one, worrying about the next one becomes a moot point.


    I’ve got some great legion and travel ball stories MI

    But I learned early, win the one you’re in. Nothing worse than giving one away before the kids even get a chance to play.

    Win the one you’re in.

    Worry about the next game when that game is over.

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