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    West Virginia was dominant in its 100th all-time win over Pitt, punishing the Panthers, 74-59, Friday night at the WVU Coliseum. Pitt turned the baske
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    Okay that was an excellent defensive game of basketball by WVU!

    WVU forced 32 turnovers and had 17 steals and 11 blocks.  Kedrian Johnson with 7 steals is just incredible!

    Shooting above 50% and 40% from the 3pt stripe will bode well for a team that is not going to put up big rebounding numbers.  One way to negate that is steals and turnovers, so they don’t have a chance to rebound their own misses.

    Jalen Bridges it seemed had a quiet 18 points 6 rebounds and 5 blocks to lead the team in all of those categories.  Only shot the ball 9 times last night, wow.

    Free Throw percentage and Rebounding, the two most glaring statistics that need to get better, but in games like last night, it’s clear that WVU’s biggest strength is DEFENSE!

    Malik Curry with 10 point on 5-5 shooting, 3 assists, and 2 steals in only 12 minutes of playing time.  His drive and kick ability was on display and I’m VERY excited to see Curry continue to develop into a leadership position with this team.  He’s going to be critical to the success of this squad.

    Paulicaps, Carrigan, Gabe – These are the front court pounders, energy is there, I’d like to see more rebounding from these guys, but I thought Paulicaps brought some much needed low post and energy to the front court too.

    Isiaiah Cottrell – Really would like to see him step into a strong position, he has the size and talent, just still raw and I don’t want to see half his shots from 3 point range.  I’d like to see him comfortable getting fouled, getting to the free throw line and making a high percentage there.  Gone are the days of over half the scoring from the big men at the FT line.  Enjoy the contact, expect being fouled every time and the whistle never being blown, find a way to score regardless of contact.  Let’s GO!


    Nice game.  Always nice to put a beat down on Pitt


    Pitt is a shell of a program that we were used to seeing when Jamie ran the ship.


    Good coaching produces wins even with issues like being out rebounded. Truly shows what happens with leadership in the HC slot


    This may be the demise of Heather Lyke


    How many years will Pitt supporters put up with a coach that leads them to the bottom of the ACC?

    But in his defense he is getting better.  1st year T14th, 2nd year T 13th, 3rd year 12th in the ACC.  Steady improvement.



    Something different about WVU defensive pressure this year!? Best on man fundamentals I’ve seen for a while! Big men need work! This team, with the schedule at hand could very well go undefeated into Big12 schedule!


    I think we can do better than passive aggressive shots at one of our coaches in the form of applauding the other coach.  That’s not fair to Huggins either.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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