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    West Virginia University Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Shane Lyons, in conjunction with the Big 12 Conference, has announced the 2022 football
    [See the full post at: WVU Reveals Its 2022 Football Schedule]


    West Virginia’s 2022 football schedule starts out with three of the first five games on the road, but in all the schedule is pretty balanced with two home games in September, two in October and two in November. WVU does have a Thursday game in its ’22 schedule, hosting Baylor on Thursday, Oct. 13. Interestingly, the last time the Mountaineers played a weekday regular-season game also was against Baylor on Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019 in Waco, which resulted in a 17-14 Bear win. There are rumors floating that the WVU-Pitt opener will move up from Saturday to Friday or Thursday, but I haven’t gotten any confirmation on that yet, so at this point, it is still a rumor.


    Odd that we get Kansas as the second game.  Usually the first 3 are OOC games.

    Are all 4 of the newbs, BYU, Houston, Cincy, UCF all starting in 2023?  OUT leaving at the same time?


    Butler, nothing is definite yet in terms of when UT and OU leave the Big 12 and when UC, UH, BYU and UCF join, but the league is planning to have all 14 as members at the same time until 2025. That doesn’t mean it will happen, but the Big 12 is planning for that, thus to hold Texas and Oklahoma to the fire to make sure they pay the maximum exit fees possible. They may want out earlier, but from what I understand it will cost them EACH $160 million per year ($80 million exit and $80 lost TV money) for every year they leave ahead of the current end of the 2025 grant of rights contract. Thus if they leave prior to the 2023 season, they EACH would have to pay the Big 12 $320 million. Now the lawyers will get involved and try to negotiate that amount, but that’s the current Big 12 stance. BYU will definitely enter the Big 12 in 2023, but the other three have to negotiate their exit from The American to join that year. From 2023-25, the Big 12 may have various membership numbers. That’s definitely screwy, but it will insure UT and OU pay the maximum possible.


    ESPN could come in and guarantee the Big 12 no loss in TV revenue for 10 years in return for letting OU and UT walk early.

    They won’t. But they could.



    Like the schedule. Playing Pitt out of the gates is a pretty good litmus for what follows. Always liked the rivalry.

    Im sure some bemoan OK and Texas leaving but the 4 replacements are excellent additions. Playing Houston…..awesome. More so to win.


    Pitt’s home opener will be its largest crowd of the year and the only one they don’t have to lie about the number of butts in Ketchup Field seats. Panther fans will be out-numbered by Mountaineer fans, probably including me since Ketchup Stadium is only half as many miles from Tallmadge, Ohio as Mountaineer Field. 



    Tennessee will bring in a huge crowd to Heinz Field. They are their 2nd game of the season.


    Looking at every team’s non conference 2022 schedule in the Big 12, WVU is the ONLY team that plays two power 5 teams. Obviously there are 2 ways to address scheduling: 1) follow the lead of the other 9 teams and practically guarantee a sure win thus easing the path to bowl eligibility; or 2) keep playing 2 power 5 teams and hope for the best. I would love to see Pitt every single year.


    I didn’t look beyond WVU game, of course. I didn’t have Pitt schedule either. So Ketchup Field will be overflowing 2 games in a row before the usual seat-cheating counting begins. Or is the 3rd game a Top 10 team? 


    WV has always played more power 5 than most.  Would like to see an analysis of that so over the last 5 and 10 year periods


    cc, Greg has done this in our print edition, if memory serves.


    I like the idea of playing 2 P5 schools in the non-conference.  You become the best by playing the best.  Or to put that old saw into context, you become stronger by playing stronger schedules.


    I like it too.  Makes it hard to get to 6 wins, and it should be.  Pro teams get to play exhibitions that don’t count toward record preseason.  College teams play their exhibitions in season and they count.  Not a good look in in my opinion.

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