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    That was a flop.




    I’ve never seen a common foul changed on a review.


    And they reversed it! Can’t believe they did the right thing!


    The Refs corrected a call? In our favor? What???


    West Virginia is doing well on the offensive boards, but bad on finding Kouat Noi on the defensive end. It’s not like the guy is a total mystery. WVU was in a straight man with no trapping and still allowed a straight line cut to him for a dunk.

    That said, Mountaineers are ok at the moment. Just need to tighten that aspect of the defense up. Mountaineers are mostly getting good shots through first 12 minutes.


    Let’s go West! Get hot baby!!


    WVU’s three=guard lineup working pretty well.


    Beetle for THREEEE! Here we go fellas! Go into the half with a nice lead and blow them away in the 2nd… just like Texas.


    Good Lamont, Bad Lamont


    Teddy learning its tougher to play amongst the big timber in conference.


    Please no more speedo views!😵



    Clock expired. No good. Jaimie prediction not good either. WV will win.


    Considering how poorly WVU played the final five minutes of the first half, it is lucky to be down only two points at halftime.


    Are we still looking for an offensive lineman? Because that was a heckuva block at mid-court…




    It looked like a moving screen to me since he did not stay in place.


Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 53 total)
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