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    The Mountaineer Ticket Office has announced that ticket sales for the WVU-Texas football game on Saturday, Oct. 5 have been suspended pending completion of season and mini-package ticket sales.

    All available single game tickets in the general public sections have been sold but additional tickets could become available following the completion of season ticket and mini-package sales. More information will be provided at a later date.

    Fans still looking to purchase tickets for the Texas game are reminded to visit StubHub.com, the official fan-to-fan marketplace of WVU Athletics, for potential availability.

    The 2019 season opener against James Madison is already sold out. In addition to season tickets and mini-packages, single game tickets are available for the NC State, Iowa State, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State games at WVUGAME.com or by calling 1-800-WVU GAME


    What happened to the thought early this year that ticket sales would be WAY down?   1st game rent a win sell out.  Now suspending sales for a game 6 wks out.


    Guess you can attribute the first game to curiosity about and excitement for Neal Brown and the new regime.

    Texas travels well, so not a huge surprise on that one, especially when you add in all the Horns Down nonsense that seems to excite more people than the actual game.

    Still, there are some people that actually still watch the games, so if WVU beats JMU that should help for single game sales for NC State at least.


    New coach, renewed hopes. That’s always an easy sell in Mountaineer country.


    My 2 cents for what’s it worth.  When RR left that left a bad taste in many people’s mouths.  And the Stewart hire seemed to divide the fan base before they even gave him a chance, so that was doomed to failure.  And while DH’s teams played exciting football I think there was an undercurrent of thought that his team’s underachieved, that we usually gave away a game (or 2) most seasons that we could have won.  and that frustrates almost all the fans, even the ones who supported him the most.  I think the fans are ready to finally put all that negativity behind them and, finally, unite behind a coach they sense may get us over the hump, even if he moves on after he does so.  That is ok with me.  I’m looking forward to this next part of the journey.


    There is a buzz, not necessarily expectations as much as curiosity.

    All good.

    Should never be a Texas game that is not a sell out anyway.


    Cinci, you certainly echo my thoughts!


    Really good summary, cinci.

    Also, the longer someone stays in a position, the more enemies and detractors they tend to accumulate. That’s human nature, I guess.  And while we don’t think about it, Dana was the fourth-longest tenured coach in WVU history, behind only Don Nehlen, Pappy Lewis and Ira Erret Rodgers.


    Well said Cinci

    Kevin … you floored me w Holgs being the 4th longest tenure. … but very true



    The top 7 have 6 years or more and 5 of those are in the HOF.    Only RR 7 yrs and Holgs 8 yrs aren’t yet in the HOF.   Interesting that Corum is in with a losing W/L % @ .492


    Corum was 18-4-1 in the Southern Conference. Winning 2 championships in 1963-64. He was 0-1 in bowl games losing to Utah in the Liberty Bowl. Corum’s salary was never more than $15,000 annually. And he also served as an instructor and administrator. (boy how times have changed)

    That was one game that Corum never could forget. The field at Pitt Stadium was covered with snow.

    Corum intercepted a pass and could have run through the end zone and out of the stadium for a touchdown. But he mistakenly thought he was on the goal line and downed the ball. Unfortunately, however, it was only the Panthers’ 10-yard line.

    Obviously, Gentleman Gene wasn’t very happy then. But he had to be delighted and proud after the Mountaineers’ 24-0 upset of Penn State in 1942.

    Corum is a member of the West Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and also the WVU Sports Hall of Fame.

    From 2010—


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