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    WVU Turnover Analysis Turning the ball over has been one of West Virginia’s biggest weaknesses this year, with a good percentage of those have been of
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    For me, the most mystifying turnovers are the impossible pass attempts.  This continues a trend from last season where our guys attempt to make passes that are either impossible or have a very low chance of success.  I don’t know how you correct a problem like this.


    Agree Oldguy.  Many of those TO’s come from trying to force it into the paint.  Paint is clogged with 2 bigs.   They need to learn how to space themselves better.  Outside shooting threat will also help to unclog the middle.  Teams just collapsed on our bugs.


    I agree that spacing has been a problem sometimes, but I think there are far more bad decisions and just off target problems than spacing.

    Conceding that this is just a one game look, there was only one problem in the Balor game where one big brought his defender into a teammate, and that was Osabuohien that did it. All the others were bad decisions, bad passes, etc.

    And for some reason, WVU can’t throw a lob pass to a teammate at the rim over an intervening defender. There have probably been ten of those that have either sailed too high or been knocked away or picked by a defender.

    Let’s watch for the spacing in the OSU game and see if that’s an issue.


    very good article explaining the turnovers. But on reading it, it’s the same turnovers game after game after game.

    Why don’t the guards dribble to around 15ft or so getting the defender backing up and shoot. Two point

    baskets add up quite nicely. Also stop rushing the ball up court, bring it up and check out the defense. Then

    do something, besides throw it away.


    dawg, and I am just an observing fan, no expertise claimed, but to me I just do not think our guards have either the strength, quickness, or ball handling skills (at least in a sufficient combination) to consistently get past good defenders.  The exception, in my opinion, is McBride, but he just does not have the experience to be a good distributor.  Though he has shown the ability to score on his drives.


    The mystery is why they keep throwing passes with little or no chance of success.

    They lack of outside shooting contributes since the other team knows WVU will try to go inside,




    dawg – Without queston, WVU’s inability to learn from its mistakes in the passing game is very frustrating. Not sure if there’s an answer to that.

    I agree with cinci: WVU doesn’t have point guards, other than Deuce, that have the quickness, elevation and strength to drive and score as you suggest, and he’s obviously been limited the past couple of weeks.

    Just like the guards haven’t mastered the fundamentals of passing, they haven’t learned how to drive and protect the ball while forcing a decision from a defender.

    Also, it’s not like defenders are backing off WVU’s guards. They put some pressure on them when they move forward, and they definitely aren’t giving them space at the 15 foot mark.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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