WVU’s History of Heartbreak

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    WVU’s History of Heartbreak West Virginia’s crushing 11-10 loss in the NCAA Regional baseball tournament on a walk-off grand slam by Texas A&M’s B
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    Is it a “history of heartbreak” or WVU’s history IS heartbreak?  I can only sigh so many times.


    Definitely a project outside our available time, but is WVU’s history worse than other schools, or is it just because we are more familiar with WVU?


    Of course it’s no worse than others, It’s just ours.


    We know WVU history.  WVU has been closer to championships than many schools.  Texas Tech made the final 4 this season for the first time, WVU has been there several times.  Still many schools who have never made it.  Football had a basic national   championship game in 1989 and Major Harris  had a separated shoulder the 3rd play of game.  Who knows what have happened if he has stayed healthy but I think there was a good chance of WVU winning.  Never will understand the 2007 Pitt game that cost them a championship game.


    Those with the sudden dramatic endings tend to hurt more.

    Tremaine Mack is certainly the most deflating I can recall.

    13-9 just had that weird feel throughout… surreal almost.

    The Louisville comeback in Elite 8 was a gradual wave where the ending was coming  into focus before overtime.

    4th down Kellen Winslow hurt as much as any non scoring play I can recall.

    I will say the 31-31 game was among the hardest to take and as destructive to a team as I’ve seen. While not as good as the 88 team the 89 squad underachieved terribly following that collapse.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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