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    WVU’s Long Hired By WVU Tech WVU Tech’s gain is WVU’s loss. James Long, who has served as the video coordinator for the Mountaineer men’s basketball p
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    I had no idea that Tech still had a basketball team.


    WVU Tech moved its campus from Montgomery to Beckley a couple years ago, but the basketball program has remained a strong one at the NAIA level.


    Congratulations to Long, hope he has success there.


    Wish him the best.


    I was at Tech during the Sedale Threatt days.  Those were some good teams.


    I was able to meet him yesterday. A student-athlete that I train will be playing for him this coming season. I was impressed with him. If he’s successful, he could move up the ranks quickly.


    Another Alum, a 4 year walk on making a career in Basketball.  Good luck to him.


    I was at Tech during the Threatt years too. Great player.


    I saw a lot of games of Threatt as well. especially in the WVIAC tournaments in Charleston civic center. He had a 14 year NBA career.

    Threatt is thought to have fathered at least fourteen children, and has been married and divorced twice, firstly to Nicole Plotzker (who left him for Dr. Dre), and secondly to Britt Johnson.

    Threatt was sentenced to six months prison in 2000 for failing to pay child support. Threatt had previously reached a plea agreement that called for prosecutors to recommend five months of probation, but U.S. District Judge Mark L. Wolf ignored the agreement and sentenced him to prison time. Wolf also ordered Threatt to comply with five other outstanding child-support orders for children in other jurisdictions.

    He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. Working along side of his eldest son Sedale Threatt, Jr. in his company, Australian Basketball Development (AUBD).[6] Threatt has another son also named Sedale Threatt Jr., who played quarterback for Lehigh University, and later became an actor.

    You can find a lot of stuff with google.





Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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