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    Nighttime in Morgantown, West Virginia, on the campus of West Virginia University……

    If you dont recognize that….look it up. Already stoked for Thursday night. We parlayed those thursday night appearances into a gold mine of recognition and relevance. Hope that atmosphere is back. I’ll be there….who’s with me?


    I’ll be there.


    We will, of course.

    Have to wonder how many will be there. Students should, of course (and not trying to reignite that debate) but it is definitely difficult for everyone that can make the game on Saturday to also do so on a weeknight. What’s an acceptable figure? More importantly, will the support be good after the disappointment of the ISU game?


    Excellent points and whether or not our fanbase is mentaly tough enough to have a conerback’s mentality about the Iowa State game is my biggest concern. I have told my lovely wife a million times that the true difference in teaams like Alabama, Georgia, and even Tennessee and us is that if they were 0 and 11 and their 12th game was a home game….the place would be packed.

    People love to ask the question “why” in regards to our beloved Mountaineers not being an elite program and the challenges are many….lack of instate division 1 talent, playing in a conference that is a huge geographical challenge, national image, overcoming the fact that some prior administrations were fine with being in the stone ages and on and on and on.

    But surely undoubtedly, our fanbase and it’s over all lack of true passion and support certainly doesnt help matters. We can fill a bandwagon up with the best of em but sadly we can also leave you out there to pull your own little blue and gold wagon by yourself.


    A 7:00 game with the parking lots not open until 5:00 will make getting to the game a bit of a task


    Unfortunately, chilly weather will also tend to keep the fence sitters at home.


    Thursday night games are NOT for the fans at the game. Solely for TV. But television money controls big time college sports.


    Agreed POW. The working class gotta work.


    As the hills of West Virginia  resound with the sounds of Mountaineer football and the West Virginia University Mountaineers are on the air.


    I’ll be in Mountaineer Field because I’m not dead yet.


    Even if they’re playing The Little Sisters of the Poor.

    That’s called being a fan, not a bandwagon climber.

    I know there are people who work and can’t make a Thursday night game, so don’t get your riled up fingers typing a response.

    But those who can, should be there. And, yes, those who can afford it should be there.

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    O verhelmed drenched Youngstown, 52-17
    U nable to play North Carolina State because of Hurricane Florence
    N asty defense against Kansas State, 35-6
    T errific, then timid on offense against Texas Tech, 42-34
    A ntsy time for fans, vs. Kansas!, 38-22
    I ncomprehensible insanely indescribably inept offense against Iowa State, 14-30
    N ail Baylor
    E rectile dysfunction Texas
    E lectrify TCU
    R eam Oklahoma State
    S laughter Oklahoma



    Takes me back to the days when the radio and Jack and Woody were the only way to experience WV football for me.


    Jack Fleming was the best of the best. That clip will be around forever.


    I’ll be there……. but the last L cost me big time. Have 2 tix that would have sold for big bucks but are still on Stub Hub. Oh well. I’ll find someone to give them to.

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