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    Your name is quite appropriate Jack.

    in reply to: ESPN+ is a blessing… #111660

    Sorry, not a blessing if you’re in all the way and do what is necessary to get the games, win or lose. I went too many years where I was located in areas I was lucky to find the score. Still paying what is required to watch all eers play.

    in reply to: Baylor Blasts West Virginia #111658

    May have been garbage time, but finally we had a shooter shoot. I actually was encouraged by the ending garbage or not.

    in reply to: WVU’s Rod Thorn Receives Number Retirement Honor #108851

    I was at the game Thorn got hit in the head. I believe if you check it out, you will find he got hit almost point blank by a throw from our catcher who was backing up Thorn at first. Many of those there feared he might have been killed. It was an ugly incident.

    in reply to: ATT Sports Channel – Pittsburgh #107674

    I felt similarly when I ponied up and paid for ESPN+ then I realized I could cancel all the sports channels I have been paying for out here in Arkansas just to get the Pittsburgh one. And that is $12 a month. Guess I’ve been paying your part. There’s a lot NOT to like about ESPN, but they have provided those of us who no longer live in West ‘by God’ Virginia the opportunity to watch the majority of our games. But, I feel your pain.

    in reply to: WVU Around The Web 10/18 #101388

    I wish you would eliminate any story that initially or ultimately require a subscription. For example, the Oklahoman article is not viewable without one and the Charleston paper lets you read three and shuts you out. I don’t believe you should be doing advertising for them. Just my opinion.

    in reply to: ABK #100389

    Hard to blame the QB when the ball is ripped out of a receiver’s hands or the receiver turns the wrong direction. Nobody should be happy with an interception, but maybe we should hold our criticism until “further review” as they say.

    in reply to: Stansbury/Field House Demolition #99876

    As a Freshman, watched from the “Peanut Gallery” as Jerry West and the boys put a beating on just about everyone. Had PE with Rod Thorn. Spent many hours with a basketball up on the balcony. Fun days you don’t forget.

    in reply to: Pooch on side kick #99452

    The “Pooch” was nothing more than a short kickoff.  KU player interfered with the receiver.  Pretty simple.  Fair catch has nothing to do with it.

    in reply to: Swing and a Miss ….. #94245

    Maybe some of those we do have scared some of the others off. Time will tell. Look at the positives and trust in Huggs.   Go Mountaineers. And God bless America!  (What’s really, really important. )

    in reply to: ‘Horns Down’ Ruling Inconsistent #94187

    So we do 3 fingers up on one hand and 2 fingers up on the other.  WV. But in Morgantown, everybody in the stadium does the horns down. I certainly will. God bless West Virginia!  Go Mountaineers!

    in reply to: Brown Returns To His Roots For First Commitment of 2020 #84910

    He’s a Junior. Has some time.

    in reply to: Game Thread: WVU – Oklahoma #84624

    Did it.

    in reply to: Game Thread: WVU – Oklahoma #84620

    And their streaming is no where to be found on my ESPN apps.  This really sucks.  I will call.

    in reply to: WVU Hoops Purge First Step In ‘Fixing It’ #82784

    Well Oldguyeer at least your generation fixed global warming.

    in reply to: Who's next? #82760

    “Hate” was a generality used in this lead post. A little strong don’t you think?

    in reply to: WVU Alum Shane Ennis Battling Serious Illness #81770


    in reply to: Huggins #81769

    I agree. Let ‘er rain.

    in reply to: Middling Grade Equals ‘Nowhere’ For Big 12 #80884

    Apples and oranges.  Oh, and how did Georgia do against Texas?  Yeah I know. They were down because they were left out of the playoffs.

    in reply to: WVU, Baylor Enter Match-up Off Big Wins #80778

    At WVU.

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