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    No doubt Huggs is a good coach but we demonstrated repeatedly we COULD NOT stop the penetrating drives resulting in points for them and fouls on us. Should have zoned and mixed it with match up zone. Hard to drive against the zone. This also keeps our bigs where they are the most effective i.e. by the basket.Yes, Huggs can’t shoot free throws and he didn’t turn it over. That’s on the players. But that’s where the coaching staff comes in to try to make “chicken salad out of chicken crap”.This team is young and chemistry not there yet but we could have still reacted much quicker with their best players on the bench for a lot of the 2nd half by shutting down the drives with the zone. We tried it but too little too late. We gave this W away.

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    If you’re talking about tonight, OSU beat Indiana in Bloomington in 2OT at the buzzer. Dayton got blasted by URI at Rhode Island.

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    Sags has taken shot blocking to the “Russel-esque” level i.e. possession block. His blocks end up in our hands which is premium. The 2 handed block is just simply crazy. He is the vital weaponized rim protector that will help propel us through the season, Big XII Tournament and legitimately, the dance.

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    Kansas will still be in top 25 tomorrow with win at Nebraska. OU definitely top 25. OSU very close. And we haven’t even mentioned UT.
    Big XII, without question from top to bottom, toughest league in the country. 8 NCAA bids possible. Only downside is teams will eat each other.

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    Tevin Bush could very well be the X factor on PR and KR this year. Throwback to Billy “White Shoes” Johnson of Houston Oiler fame.

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    JC’s ranking will be much better if he gets some help from the wing to lessen the defensive attention he will invariably receive. His numbers  will also increase if he gets any offensive contribution from the bigs to again lessen the cheating on JC.

    in reply to: Another Hit for WVU WRs #18998

    Without getting into the usual arguments trying to explain such irresponsible behavior or condemning it, Dana/Huggs/Mazey/Carey et al should establish this policy. If you have been drinking, call your mentor (fellow player or designated non-player if mentor is also drinking) and get a ride back home.

    This avoids kids thinking they can drive under the influence and not wanting others to know what he or she has been doing. The stakes are simply too high and consequences too great to take the risk.

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    Thanks. I just made reservations for Sept. 1, 2 and 3. See you there.

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    On a tour of WV and east coast from Dallas/Fort Worth. If we end up there, we’ll look you up.

    in reply to: Holgorsen: Durante Dealing With Personal Issues #18228

    Durante is essential member of receiving corps. Hope he can resolve issues soon.

    in reply to: Excellent Lengthy Interview With Jake Spavital #18015

    Much more confident in his demeanor. Expecting bigs things from Jake.

    in reply to: Dana Holgorsen Press Conference Video #17742

    Dana sounding more and more like a HC of a P5 program. Also sounds very confident about talent level and depth. With stability in extended contract and assistants, this should translate into better and better recruiting. Let’s go……….Mountaineers!

    in reply to: White's a Big Part of Roster Rife With Family Ties #17597

    With Henry back and Gross’ experience, Kyzir should have monster year. Gravy would be if some of the Jucos can contribute for depth. Our chances of proving the experts wrong in the Big XII, of course, are greatly enhanced staying away from the season ending injury. Let’s go………. Mountaineers!

    in reply to: Safety positions this year and beyond #16798

    I expect the magnet power of players like Grier, both Whites, Cajuste and Henry to assist in attracting the kind of talent we need to move up the ladder. The best high schoolers crave the League and to cater to this, we must WIN and continue to produce high draft choices. Let’s go…………Mountaineers.

    in reply to: Full AdvoCare Invitational Bracket Announced #16608

    Interested in seeing how we fare vs. Missouri with their “ace recruiter coach”.

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    Too bad about Gwaltney; best benefit to the Program was the second kid in the Gwaltney package, i.e. Scooter.

    in reply to: Kyzir White Ascends Quickly to Leadership Role for WVU #16403

    Real good chance KW consensus AA and first rounder in draft. Let’s go……….Mountaineers.

    in reply to: Mazey’s New Contract Shows Baseball Important to WVU #16232

    Should enable us to attract higher level talent especially in the pitching department. Huggs, Dana and Mazey pretty awesome HCs for WVU’s majors.

    in reply to: Jayce Rogers Commits to WVU #16169

    Welcome to Mountaineer Nation. You’ll love it. Now, please help us recruit other Peach state brothers like your LB teammate and let’s go after Big XII titles and bigger titles.

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    edit: should read RBs before Avon.

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