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    John Denver 28, Arthur Gunn 6. He does sing better than me after a WVU victory in Mountaineer Field, though. So he’s not the worst at singing it.

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    Major’s shoulder out on 3rd play from scrimmage and the #1 part of WVU’s offense was gone. Wasn’t much chance after that. With healthy Major, would have been interesting.

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    Couple of things:
    1. Huggins has had 31 winning season in 35 years. I trust Huggins to decide who gets scholarships.

    2. Picking a player ONLY because he plays at a West Virginia high school is NOT wise. Jerry West, Hot-Rod Hundley, Rod Thorne, sure. But you only have 12 or so scholarships total. You have to pick the best possibilities whether than are from the Congo, like Oscar, or Cameron, like Routt. Would you have offered Routt over Oscar because he’s from West Virginia?

    I say this respectfully. I agree with Kevin. 2 equal players, give the edge to the kid from West Virginia. But don’t pass up on a talent because he isn’t from West Virginia. If you did then we wouldn’t have Culver, Haley, Matthews, Gabe and Sherman.

    It’s not like there are NO West Virginians on the WVU roster. Far from it.

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    McCabe probably saw the handwriting on the wall when it comes to where he would fit in next season. He had a very up and down season instead of the progress you usually see from year to year. I wish him well. Plenty of talent coming back, at the freshman and sophomore levels, too, so they’ll be around a while. McCabe probably assessed his dwindling player times chances. People change jobs all the time, even in sports.

    I second that emotion. When I heard “Country Roads” on my car radio while driving down my Ohio street I get a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. Fantastic place to grow up, particularly in the coal-mining town of Monongah. Great to sit in Section 105 of Mountaineer Field to watch a football game, if the coronavirus will ever let that happen again, and to sing “Country Roads” with 60,000 of my friends after a WVU victory. Bless you, John Denver! You give me a Rocky Mountain high that shoots me into Almost Heaven!

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    WVU beat Ohio State, which went into as big a tailspin as WVU, but Ohio State ends up #19 and the Mountaineers are #24? Life just isn’t fair.

    At least we stayed in the top 25 for the season. Yah-hooey!!!

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    My ESPN+ is no more of a problem than my laptop computer, my Samsung TV Internet connection, etc. ALL electronics have their moments because, like us, they are NOT 100% perfect. I even had trouble getting on the Blue & Gold News website for months. But Kevin and Greg and their geek guys finally smoothed out that problem, and used emails to us to get around some of the problems. Technology is great but it has glitches. Intermittent glitches, which are the worse kind. It doing A and then B always results in an unwanted C you usually can fix or get around the problem. But if it works on Monday, not on Thursday, but again on Friday, that can be aggravating. $4.95 to watch WVU play is the best bargain on cable, for me. Well, when they were allowed to play. Damn coronavirus! But let’s channel our energy from watching sports to praying for old people like me (I’m 87) and those with immune system deficiencies, primary targets of the C-virus. They need all the luck and help they can get. This supersedes sports.

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    Better safe than sorry is the right mindset here.

    No one wants WVU players or fans to die because they gather in one place for an event.

    I am not a medical expert so I’ll defer to them. The coronavirus rollout and its speed in Italy is enough warning to me that drastic action is better than wait-and-see or middling action. “Overblown”? When millions may get it and thousands may die from it? Not in my opinion.

    I’d rather not watch WVU on my TV or in person than die from coronavirus at my age, 87. I’m a prime target.

    Let the medical experts, not the politicians or sports authorities, decide what to do. You don’t ask a heart surgeon to give you a haircut. You don’t ask a barber to do your heart surgery.

    I’m disappointed because I really thought Huggins Heroes could make some noise in the Big 12 tournament and March Madness. But the health of the nation and the world is far, far, far more important. Priorities, guys!

    in reply to: NCAA Shuts Down All Spring & Summer Championships #114366

    Avoiding deaths is more important than a basketball tournament. Geez, priorities!!!

    in reply to: There’s Momentum Building… #114287

    Well, if a Baylor player and a Gonzaga player come down with coronavirus I don’t think there’s any doubt that March Madness would be canceled. Players sweat, breathe and bleed on each other during the game, and shower together after the game.

    Sometimes sports takes a back seat to common sense and public safety.

    I would be disappointed, but would have no problem with it. The pandemic must end, whatever it takes.

    in reply to: Where is the Tournament Seed Ceiling #114131

    With almost 200 losses by the Top 25 teams this season, March Madness seeds have become almost irrelevant. Anyone from #1 to #68 team could win the damn thing no matter where they are seeded.

    This should be the zaniest March Madness ever! I can’t wait to enjoy the carnage (as long as it’s not Huggins Heroes)!!!

    Meanwhile, let’s start with WVU’s men beating Oklahoma and WVU’s women beating Texas. That has a nice sound to it.

    Wreck the Soooner Schooner and horns-down the guys from the second largest state in the union (Texans will NEVER get over losing their largest land mass status!).

    in reply to: Post Season Rotation #113980

    For the zillionth time I’ll leave the rotation, the starting lineup, the substitutions up to the guy who has more victories than Adolph Rupp.

    The secret WVU’s success with a team that depends primarily on freshmen and sophomores to win is the mad scientist on the stool.

    His tsunami of substitutions during the game is amazing. And it frazzles and dazzles the opponents.

    Hell, Huggins spotted #4 Baylor a 9-0 start because he gave the 3 seniors starting jobs for Senior Day, then roared past Baylor with the regular lineups and a zillion-to-nothing run, or so it seems.

    Why can’t people just enjoy the ride instead of analyzing every twitch and cough and sweatdrops by Huggins Heroes and the Pitbull Defense?

    Did you watch the Baylor game? WVU gave the Bears a lesson on how not to poke the Mountaineers.

    Oklahoma better hope the Sooner Schooner’s wheels don’t come off, too, starting at 9 p.m. Thursday. When WVU is playing its “A” game there isn’t a team in the country than can beat them.

    The Big 12 tournament and the zaniest March Madness in history are going to be incredible entertainment. Why not enjoy it instead of whining and moaning and pissing your pants like girly-guys?

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    Oscar 16 points, 12 rebounds, 8 of 9 free throws!

    WVU 70.6% free throw shooting! Guru or God teach them overnight?

    Matthews 18 points, 4 of 5 free throws!

    NOBODY missed more than ONE free throw, except for Culver’s 0 for 6. But Derek had 8 points, 9 rebounds.

    THREE Baylor players fouled out trying to guard Huggins Heroes.

    Out-rebounded Baylor, 42-28!

    17-16 turnovers in game, pretty even. Despite Pitbull Defense.

    Ready for Big 12 tournament and March Madness!!!

    I guess the trolls will have to sulk and take the night off.

    in reply to: Teddy Buckets #113783

    Teddy Buckets played 12.1 minutes per game for WVU as a freshman.

    He left for Wichita State, had to sit out a year, then was dismissed before playing for that team after a domestic violence/petty theft arrest.

    At Western Nebraska Community College in Scottsbluff, Allen is averaging 31.2 points per game, making 51.7% of his field goals, 37.4% of his 3’s, 88.2% of his free throws (WVU would love a player who could do that this season) and averages 7.2 rebounds a game.

    He is the National Junior College Athletic Association leader in about every category.

    Maybe he’s found his niche if he can stay out of trouble. The Mesa, Arizona native did play high school basketball in Boys Town, Nebraska. Maybe he needs a Father Flanagan.

    I wish him well.

    in reply to: 3 things I think I see #113342

    Can’t argue with the main points.

    But — there’s always a but because nothing is 100% one way or the other, is it? — the #1 problem I see is that the players are so traumatized that they are afraid to make a mistake so they DO make mistakes. Bad passes. Fumbled catches of good passes. Major falloff in rebounding (they don’t know whether to go left or right when the ball is in the air). Inability to rattle the opponent’s ball-handler, rather than the other way around (early in the season). It’s all gone to pot. One miscue just leads to a miscue in another area. It’s like trying to win the skirmish in a war when your troops are scattering in all directions in a panic. And Huggins can’s slap them in the face to shock them back into reality and sanity because that isn’t allowed any more. I don’t have a solution. I just feel so bad for the players because I KNOW they are hurting more than I am. I get up with my family and friends the next morning and the sun is shining brightly (well, in Ohio, not every day). My empathy and sympathy is with the players. They are in far more agony than any poster on this board, including me, and I’ve been wearing my heart on my sleeve for my alma mater for 82 years (before it was my alma mater, obviously).

    in reply to: out of the top 25 wk 18 #113299

    No surprise. Just resurrect the shipwreck, beat Iowa State, get into March Madness and see what happens.

    in reply to: Bob Huggins #113256

    If you blame Huggins for the losses then I think you will agree that you should credit Huggins for the victories, which are more than Adolph Rupp won. Would you then say “dump Rupp” because he lost to Jerry West?

    To be fair, you have to give the head coach credit for BOTH victories and defeats. So, yes, Bob shares the blame for 6 losses in 7 games. So do the players. But Bob also gets credit for the 19 victories with the youngest team in the Big 12 and one of the youngest in America.

    That’s fair, wouldn’t you say?

    Look, I am as dismayed at you are at this team going from Huggins Heroes to Huggins Zeroes. They are the Barney Fife of the Big 12 because they have no bullets in their shooters. They are Zombies who make bad passes or fumble good passes. They have lost their rebounding edge that at one stage of the season had them near the top nationally. They ARE like deer in the headlights these days.

    But I’ll be damn if I’m going to throw an eventual Hall of Fame coach who has had 31 winning seasons in 35 years under the bus. It’s only fair to credit him for the victories and blame him for the losses. He’s the CEO of this time.

    And he’s a far better coach, in his twilight years, than Gale Catlett was in his twilight years. In fact, I put Huggins with Fred Schaus, Red Brown, Clarence “Doc” Spears (1942 national champion team) and Dyke Raese as the best WVU basketball coaches ever.

    I saw this respectfully because I understand your anger and dismay. I share the dismay. Not the anger. Let’s hope somehow this team can stagger to few victories in March Madness. For their sake. Can you imagine how much pain they are in? Neither you nor I want to add to their anguish, right?

    Let’s start the resurrection in Ames against Iowa State on Tuesday. We’ll both feel better if Huggins Heroes and the Pitbull Defense rise from the ashes and climb back to the mountaintop that I saw in Cleveland in the upset of then #2 Ohio State, whose fans by now also probably want to cast blame and aspersions on THEIR coach for their fall off the cliff that rivals WVU’s.

    in reply to: Game Thread: WVU – Oklahoma #113097

    This is the worst disintegration of a WVU team ever. I know last season was a calamity but that was from start to finish.

    This season was holy hit glory in midseason to oh, shit stretch in the second half of the season.

    It’s a puzzlement.

    in reply to: Final Turning Point As WVU Hosts Oklahoma #112977

    Noon Texas at #22 Texas Tech, ESPN
    1:30 pm #1 Kansas at Kansas State, CBS
    2 pm #2 Baylor at TCU, ESPN
    4 pm Oklahoma at #20 West Virginia, ESPN2
    4 pm Iowa State at Oklahoma State, ESPNU

    in reply to: Starting 5? #112955

    It doesn’t matter who starts. With Huggins’ tsunami of substitutions, trying to find the hot hand, the best rebounder, the best defender for this particular game. It’s a skill that has brought him 31 winning seasons in 35 years. His resume is fine. But the Barney Fife Zombies need to stay home Saturday and the Huggins Heroes Pitbull Defense needs to arise from the grave. Time is running out.

    Let’s wreck the Sooner Schooner!!!

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