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    Young offensive line, young receivers, new quarterback with not much experience. Hopefully this is a big growth and learning year. We looked like boys playing against men at times this season. I’ve been rooting for them for 45 years. I’ve seen bad seasons before. I hope this dry spell doesn’t last long!

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    I think they will see some time in the games, but Kendall will still start unless he gets injured.


    This was Kendall’s 5th college start and going against a top 10 team. He will have his ups and downs like most first time qb’s. Against a top 10 team those mistakes add up quickly. He will get better as the whole team will with experience. We are playing a lot of young kids this year.

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    There were multiple long runs by the RB and QB. Missouri gave up a fumble on the 1 yard line when they were about to score.


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    I did watch the Wyoming/Missouri game. Missouri can pass, Kelly Bryant threw for over 300 with 2 bonehead picks. There defense has problems. They got tore up by the run. If we can get the blocking better there may be a chance to spoil their home opener.


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    I think they would like for one back to get hot and then spell him as needed or for certain play calling decisions. I don’t think they are looking for a back with 150+ carries but could get over 150 touches. We seem to only get production by committee. It seems like it has been a while since we’ve had a guy take that position and, pardon the pun, run with it.

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    Guys, I thought I had finally came to grips with those losses. I can see more therapy is still needed 🙁


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    I like it in that the two best defensive teams won last night. Virginia was very lucky though with the way regulation ended. I like the combination of team defense and good athletic players for the offense. That is supposed to be our blueprint. I hope we get better at that for next year. TT winning means more money for the Big 12 and consequently us. There are some Big 12 teams I wouldn’t want to win the national championship (Kansas), but for the most part I cheer for our conference teams in post season.

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    They played outstanding defense in the second half. Good win!

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    He will need a good Senior Bowl week and possibly the combine to get into the first round. Several scouts were not enthused about him not playing in the bowl. They are not liking that trend. I understand it’s a bet with their own future.


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    But do we really want to stay with the 3-3-5? Can’t wait to hear the defensive plans.

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    Unless Shane and Dana can come to some kind of an agreement on an extension I think he is out the door. Word is they couldn’t agree prior to the Houston vacancy on an extension. Houston has the potential to pay big bucks to get a P5 coach. They have fertile recruiting grounds. Dana still has some kind of a gig with a radio station that he has done for a few minutes each week. My question would be has this gone to far already to walk it back. I think Houston pays the $1 million buyout and it is announced tomorrow at 4 pm.

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    I agree with that Cuyahoga. A lot of times Allison wasn’t even looking to Sills side of the field. They weren’t double teaming him either! I would have liked for Lowe to get some meaningful snaps also. It couldn’t have hurt. They lined him up outside like they were going to try something but never did use him.

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    If Will Grier had decided to play, both Jennings and Cajuste may have played also. We would have had a much better chance to win. I would bet that attendance would have been higher. I would have given serious thought to going even with having family from all over the country at my home. Grier is a difference maker. For you to go it is a business expense. Totally different equation for me. Apples and oranges.

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    I do disagree with one thing from this article. Why should the fans show up when key members of the offense choose not to? Two losses to end the season were tough enough to swallow. We saw what happened in the bowl last year without Grier. Orlando is an expensive place to go when you are expecting a loss from the team. Hats off to the defense for keeping it close for most of the game.

    I understand Grier’s decision and don’t blame him. But this was not a bowl worthy team without him.

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    I thought the RPO on first downs were a waste. No one thought Allison was going to run it. It never looked like we had a pass option out of it. Allison barely ran out his fake after the hand-off anyway.

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    Not having 4 starters on offense really hurt. I was just glad we were in the game for most of it!

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    I thought McKoy ran with some authority. That was good to see. I think the bigger problem was that Spav took the game out of our best players hands from the 2nd quarter on. We ran more on first down with decreasing success as the game wore on. Then we got tired or were lazy and mistakes started happening. Th
    e next thing you know it’s 3rd and long and we didn’t make the play.

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