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    They are look at 5 Level 1 violations including

    Among the Level 1 violation accused Miller of failing to promote compliance as well as U of A for lack of institutional control charge against the school.

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    This has been coming all season U Of Arizona is going to get hammered

    in reply to: Dimon Carrigan #144037

    CFE you are taking it over the top Brother. There is nothing wrong with a year wait. Yes there can be exceptions but they must be extenuating. I have been saying all year this transfer crap is crazy. You could have had players entering the portal of the eve of tournaments because he felt screwed on playing time or his girlfriend decided to transfer so he has to. It’s nuts. Now if we can use it fine but it’s nuts

    in reply to: WVU’s 2021-22 Men’s Basketball Roster A Mystery #144035

    This NCAA transfer every time someone gets a burr in their saddle they can transfer just because has to stop

    in reply to: NOW does everyone believe my numbers and my eyeballs? #144033

    CFE is just stating facts. I have found his insight valuable and informative this entire season. It’s made me think of things many times and look at what my thoughts were from a different view point. He has to me been the Huntley and Brinkley and Walter Cronkite type sports writer. It just covers pretty much the facts. While his opinions may not agree with mine all the time or others to that fact he gives you the whole story not just the what he wants to glean out of the whole story and you gotta respect that.

    in reply to: Baylor — Zags #143854

    Zags welcome to the bigs league. Join a real conference not the West Chicken S$&t Conference

    in reply to: NOW does everyone believe my numbers and my eyeballs? #143853

    I love the Zags got hammered.

    in reply to: Kansas vs EWashington #142209

    EW played an awesome game. Glad Kansas won but took a while

    in reply to: For Any Folks in Indy #142208

    Dropout be careful.

    in reply to: WVU NCAA Tournament Notebook #142207

    Nice  write up Kevin

    in reply to: CFE to Doc Crow #142206

    Let’s take 95% of yours and 95% of mine so that give us a score of 83 WVU 60 total score 143 the over under is 147

    in reply to: RIP: Fred… #142205

    Thanks for the Memories Fred.

    I remember our WVU Alumni association here in Phoenix 2 of our members were Jody Gardner for WVU head coach snd the Great Hot Rod Hundley. Rod was awesome even got him and Jody to sign my basketball jersey. when Rod passed it left a big hole in our hearts out here.

    in reply to: Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas … finish the sweep! #142204

    Had to work today so just now saw a lot of these scores. Needless to say this has been a crazy year and it’s gone from crazy to someone shaking the crap out of the black walnut tree. Trying to remember when there has been so many big upsets in March. The number of Cinderella’s out there keeps growing. Have a 11 hour day tomorrow but working for a buddy so hoping I can get time to watch my beloved Mountaineers.

    in reply to: Only game in town!!!! #142137

    One of the best in history that’s for sure.

    in reply to: Mountaineers 0-2 in March Madness in 2021 #142135

    Real Mountaineers win

    in reply to: Hoping Refs Are Better #142134

    Officiating doesn’t seem to be better in any of the games I watched. Either guys are getting mugged no call or a guy looks at someone and they call a foul

    in reply to: CFE and Doc #142133

    Good prediction though

    in reply to: 900 #142132

    Makes me wonder who BH pissed off along the way

    in reply to: Nerves Up #142048

    I can sleep now this time it’s nice being in Arizona not even 10 yet

    in reply to: Game Thread: WVU – Morehead State #142047

    MHS just didn’t have the horses

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