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    Going to be a long wrestling season

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    See Ya

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    We should be able to beat Texas Tech and I think Stanford beats a overrated Notre Dame the Ohio State PSU game has great potential for and early season Brew Haha.

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    Notre Dame is way over rated. Yes they beat Michigan but that game was more of Michigan playing really bad vs ND playing great. ND barely beat Ball State and blew a big lead in that game and blew a lead against Vanderbilt. Both of those games should have bee I’ve at 1/2 time. BYU is playing way above their true capability similar to AZ State when they beat Michigan State. The OSU vs PSU has potential to be a barn burner

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    Just sa the kid on the news

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    Number 12

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    Moving up all depends what those ranked ahead of you do

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    Glad they didn’t with this storm coaches, support staff and maybe players from that area are going to want to be close to their families. Others need to get into safe areas

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    I like where we are at in the polls right now. The way last weekend went I expect more movement next week

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    It’s James Madison. That game should have been a easy big points win

    I do not see this as too much of a contest. Get a big lead and let some of non starters get some good playing time

    in reply to: WV Rifle Team to White House #68265

    Considering most of our kids can shoot better the their guys can

    in reply to: WVU Offense Wins With Some Old School Looks #68245

    Old school worked this week because Tennessee had no film of it won’t need it against Youngstown State other schools will look at film and their sets will look and prepare somewhat for it

    in reply to: Big 12 should do slightly better in 2nd week #68244

    Kansas is going to lose to CMU if they can’t beat Nichols State they sure as heck aren’t going to beat Central Michigan. Mississippi State will Destroy KState

    in reply to: Grading The Mountaineers: Tennessee Report Card #68219

    Ok gang here is what I saw. Mistakes yes but it’s the first game and timing was off at times. Remember timing in practice is one thing game is much different. Every game shows things that need to be worked on and make corrections. I was pleased with what I saw. Now Tennessee is not the cream of the crop in the SEC but they are more of a challenge then our next game will be. Is there work to be done yep but I see this team improving as the weeks go on. Play calling was odd at time but that is not a surprise because IMHO that has been a problem since DH took over is his predictable. Let’s see how the next 3 or 4 games go but November is a beastly.

    in reply to: Huggins After KU Loss: People Not Doing Their Job #46906

    DUH. Huggs statement is like walking outside when its raining and saying its raining. The key is how or when are they going to start doing their jobs.

    in reply to: Mountaineer Meltdown #46900

    I am hoping they do not do the Arizona State thing and keep losing. They need to turn it around starting the next game.

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    Kevin I 100% agree. Frustrating watching the last 3 games. Huggs and the Seniors got to get a handle on this somehow, Someway

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    Man I thought this was gonna be the year. Guess I was wrong again. Got to number 2 and the wheels have come off the bus. We barely beat Baylor, out played and out coached against TT and Kansas. More outplayed then outcoached. Huggins had no answers to keep this team from blowing a 14 point lead.

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