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    CFE don’t always agree especially in the top 10

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    Man seen rankings and Penn State tanked

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    Tech don’t play didn’t even get 3 seasons.

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    The guy has a nice set of wheels and seemed to catch the other team off guard with his run

    in reply to: Here for Crow #160393

    You can’t rate the win over Cal. Cal has been so inconsistent. We got the win hopefully this gives the team and coach’s some confidence and maybe getting the feeling of kicking the monkey off their back. We still have to battle through a lot of really good teams.

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    Happy with the win hoping it continues.

    in reply to: Good win ….. Still Concerned #160391

    Ok gang we finally got a win in conference. No we didn’t beat OU or Texas. We got the win and there was improvements. Improvements are slow and goes from week to week. Season is long we have had lots of downs hopefully we will get some more up.

    in reply to: INCENTIVE???? #160306

    I believe we will win a title in Basketball before anything. Basketball seems to be an easier road than football not sure exactly why. I mean look as Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, and North Carolina they all have been or all traditional basketball powers. I think they only have football is to do something till basketball starts.

    in reply to: Top 25 cages rattled again #160305

    CFE this season has been a bit odd but I think it’s typical every year just not sure to the same degree. This season is similar to basketball that is constantly in flux once conference play starts

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    Butlereer not sure those independent programs are going to want to be part of a sinking ship. I could be wrong but CUSA is really looking like it’s in trouble at least as a FB conference

    in reply to: Here for Crow #160285

    An ugly win is still a win

    in reply to: Kansas #160159

    Kansas looked good today

    in reply to: OT … Other game results. #160157

    Being retired Navy you can guess who I was rooting for. I honestly thought Cinci would blow us off the field

    in reply to: Game Thread: WVU – TCU #160156

    Damn blown coverage. For the Love of God Stay with your man

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    Well reading CBS sports it appears a conference is going to be gone. The Titanic is sinking fast and the lifeboats are loading really quick.

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    I am kinda liking this mid week games but I know schools and fans aren’t because people who go to games have to work the next day and may not pack stadiums like usual. I can’t watch pro Thursday night games most suck plus I am much more of a college guy than pro. It the same in basketball 🏀 pro Basketball is a joke they only have to dribble the ball to 3/4 court then run to the basket and shoot. Been watching FCS games when I can some of these dudes are really good

    in reply to: Neal Brown bandwagon …. Your Thoughts? #159940

    Man this thread went to hell in a hand basket quickly. Come on guys chill. There are folks I listen to more here than others. Kevin is in all odds more knowledgeable than all of us IMO, Deuce, mexman, oldguy and several other I have a lot of respect for their opinions. Do I always agree nope but that’s life. Down grading someone for their opinion is crazy. This thread turned in a Washington DC Republican vs Democrat post. This is a damn sports team we are talking about. We agree to disagree hell we are rabid half nuts hillbillies. We love our university sports we argue, yell rant and rave but geeeezzzzz back up take a breath. We all want these guys to win. They win we win we just see different ways of doing it.

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    SMU QB has a nice set of wheels damn great arm

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    was Thursday night college football night in the crow’s nest tonight. Watching SMU Tulane game. Maybe we need to snag the Pony Express in the Big12. Talk about explosive offense. There are times I just like a barn burner game with little to no defense do much fun. That was tonight at least for a bit. Have to admit though Texas talks crap about be Football crazy couldn’t prove it to me. I have seen more at a tractor pull. Maybe because it’s was Thursday night game.

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    Only $400,000 😮. Holy Bat Crap talk about not being able to negotiate contracts. I never realized any football TV contract was so small

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