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    Doesn’t really matter if its true or not.  Schools are capitulating everywhere in favor of the students whether there is anything behind it or not.  Days of a coach running a program are gone.

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    Please respond with:

    The device you are using: iPad Pro, Multiple Windows 10 boxes

    The web browser: Chrome, IE and Firefox

    The page you are accessing: The entire site

    What happens. Blank screen? Cant access?: The login times out and I get nothing but the outline of the page. I select Forums > Forum List, wait 45 seconds, select which forum I want to look at, wait 45 seconds, select a thread to ready, wait 45 seconds (see the pattern here?) Ads everywhere. I updated my membership and I still see ads everywhere. Slowness everywhere regardless of connecting mobile, work, home.

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    D, not grading on any kind of curve.  It’s just where I think we are right now.  We’ve won games we should have.  I know a ton of talent was lost and we have a new coaching staff and scheme. When you put it all down on paper we have a lot more kicks in the nuts then we do attaboys.

    To be frank, I thought we would be 1 – 3 at this point.  The one win coming against JMU.  The NCST win really is not that impressive when you dig into their record.  Quite frankly I’m not sure what to think of KU.

    Neither the offense or defense are consistent yet. If a C is “average”, I don’t think we can compete with the middle of the pack P5 football teams yet.  I think we fall just below that.

    That being said, I am very excited about this coaching staff. I like seeing the excitement and effort in this team. Previously what you saw from WVU in week 1 wasn’t much different than what you saw at the end of the season.  I love seeing the team grow week to week now.  You can literally see the progress.  You can see the staff actually making adjustments during the game. I love seeing the freshman get a chance to shine rather than sticking with individuals who aren’t.  Forgive me for not knowing this kids name (WR), but I can still see him taking that handoff and running around the edge.  He looked like a stick figure with a helmet on.  I loved his effort.  I love watching Sam James. I see a tremendous amount of potential.  I see excitement.

    I don’t know if we will be bowl eligible but I look forward to watching them play because I never know what they will pull out of a hat.  I can’t say the same thing for the majority of the last few coaching staff’s & teams.














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    This subject is irrelevant for the most part.  He did not play in the bowl game, nothing to be done about that especially now. The reason he didn’t play doesn’t matter either (once again it’s to late). If people think he is an upstanding young man they will listen to him.  If people want a reason to doubt then they will doubt regardless of why he didn’t play.

    Personally, I like to believe in the character the man portrayed since he has been here.  I hope he does well in the draft and goes to a team I don’t mind following.

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    My only concern for Fickle is OSU. If Day steps in it, does OSU come calling if Fickle is successful at WVU.


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    Since no one else is going to post it. Please hire Rich Rodriguez back! 1. He’s a great recruiter. 2. He knows the school and the East Coast (recruiting) 3. We can get a Great coach at a steal. 4. Players never quit or gave up under Rich they always had a fire (WV against the Rest). We have all made mistakes it been long enough “BRING RICH BACK HOME”

    slap yourself until common sense wakes up

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    Much better now Kevin. Thanks for the hard work over the holidays.

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    I actually like Herbie. I watched him play at OSU (getting old) and have always thought he was a calm presence. He was indeed ran out of Columbus, his family harassed and threatened because he was talking negatively about tOSU on ESPN.

    Regarding his comment on WVU winning the B12, we have not played like we should win the B12. I can’t fault him on it.

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    At worst, you should be able to download InTune and listen to the game. I did that a lot last year.

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    I read in one of the papers that it was a possible concussion but no other word.

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