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    Last year doesn’t count at all, so a player who participated in 0 or 10 games last season, returns with the same eligibility status this year. And yes, a player who was a true freshman in 2020 can redshirt in 2021 and still have four seasons of eligibility remaining beginning in 2022.

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    Anderson will have to go through an acclimation period of a week or two before he is allowed to start practicing. He’s not on WVU’s official football roster yet. He’s expected to wear No. 28.

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    Butlereer – Glad you liked it. Kevin, Cam and I put a lot of work into creating the content for that magazine, and the design people at the Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram/NCWV Media do a great job putting it all together. It’s definitely a lot of hard work by many, but we’re proud of the product.

    Just to let you know about the speed of the USPS delivery, most of those copies went in the mail on Aug. 23. Fortunately almost all who subscribe to the print edition, also can access the e-edition through the “Magazine” link at the top of the main page at I’m old fashion enough that I still like to read a magazine and hold the actual paper version in my hands, but at least there is a much faster option to access that content if indeed the USPS delivery is slow.

    By the way, the glossy basketball preview magazine is slated to be mailed Nov. 15.

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    Don’t forget that the eligibility-free year the NCAA provided in 2020 has greatly impacted the number of seniors this season, not only at West Virginia but throughout college football. Kevin does a very good job in updating the scholarship chart, and his chart reflects their actual eligibility remaining. Without the eligibility-free year, 11 Mountaineers Kevin has listed as juniors would actually be seniors – Jarret Doege, Leddie Brown, Dante Stills, VanDarius Cowan, Exree Loe, Josh Chandler-Semedo, Taijh Alston, John Hughes, Jackie Matthews, Sean Ryan and Isaiah Esdale. So WVU’s senior class in that regard would be a much more normal 18 rather than the current 7. Many Mountaineer football rosters out there, including the official one at, list the eligibility of all the players as if the COVID year counted against them, but in reality, that’s not accurate. Now there is no guarantee all the juniors will return in 2022. In fact, I’d be surprised if people like Leddie and Dante do return, but all of 11 of those juniors do have the option of playing college football not only in 2021 but also ’22.

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    I haven’t heard anything yet, but as you said, with the schedule now finalized, I would expect to have announcements on the mini-packages soon. Certainly as soon as such mini-packages go on sale, we’ll post that info. Full season ticket packages are on sale now for anyone who wishes to purchases tickets to all 16 home games.

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    Butlereer, Yes, baseball has long been scheduled in a manner where you travel to a conference school for one three-game series each season with no return date that year. Then you flip the next season, so volleyball is following that format, other than it being two games instead of three.  Soccer does not feature home-and-home scheduling, as those teams meet each conference opponent just once per season. Tennis is pretty much the same. Gymnastics and wrestling are similar, though they don’t always face every league opponent in the regular season anyway. Basketball does a conventional home-and-home each season, and as you said, I doubt that changes.

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    Garrett Greene with a 13-yard TD run. WVU’s lead is now 59-0.

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    Keyser’s Shawn See playing right guard.

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    Another Doege TD pass – his third of the game – this to Sam James, gives WVU a 52-0 lead with 11:16 left in the third quarter.

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    Today’s announced attendance is 50,911

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    Sean Ryan scores on a 39-yard catch and run to start the second half, pushing WVU’s lead to 45-0.

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    Casey Legg drills a 44-yard field goal to end the first half, giving WVU a 38-0 lead over LIU.

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    True freshman Hammond Russell getting snaps at d-tackle.

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    Doege and Green rotating. Doege needs reps as well.

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    Official attendance hasn’t been announced yet, but my guess is around 45,000. The student crowd is especially good.

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    Jarret Doege hits a wide-open Sam James for an 18-yard TD. WVU on top of LIU 35-0 with 3:07 left in the first half.

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    Tony Mathis with his first carry of the year.

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    Ja’Quay Hubbard at left tackle.

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