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    You have to be committed to the run game to be effective in short yardage situations. If you watch Oklahoma, you see that. They obviously have talent, but they also run the power game, run the pin and pull game and run the inside and outside zone.  They even run some unbalanced stuff. In the second half of our game last year they wore us out putting the formation to the field and running back to the boundary. You can’t be that versatile in the run game without commitment.

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    I kept trying and they went away at about noon. I had a link from Twitter shortly before midnight so maybe I’m special after all. Thanks for responding . I am investigating the pop up blocker. By the way, good job on the story.

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    Greg I hate these ads that pop up. Been trying to get to CC interview for two days and can’t get past the ad loop. Why do I pay a premium for this aggravation?

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    Huggs needs to concentrate on the culture. In any organization, culture can overcome a lot. Lesser talent with good culture will usually beat superior talent with bad culture. That being said, good players win games.

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    Hats off to Mike and WVU for how they handled this.

    Having watched the man since junior year at WVU, one thing makes him different. He HATES to lose, whether it be basketball, golf or cards. That fear has driven him to greatness . Very few people have that drive. The best ever.

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    So Happy for all of them. Pete, Thunder, and the most charismatic Bulger. I still remember the BS charging call on Prue in the Duke game. Great class and great job by selection committee

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    Once again Greg you have crafted a nice article based on fact and your keen insight into the business . Having recruited WVU and Marshall as well as other state college kids for our business for over forty years, I often competed against firms in Charlotte, DC, Lexington, Columbus, Pittsburgh and Richmond. Along the way I learned some valuable lessons. First, some kids are predisposed to leaving the state. That didn’t mean that we didn’t recruit them hard enough, it just meant that they wanted to go to different area. In fact, we got many of those folks on the rebound. Second, I would rather have a kid who wants to be here rather than one who is second guessing his decision very day and not performing at the highest level. Many of the out of state kids we recruited became embedded in the community and remained in West Virginia for most of their lives. Finally I learned that when you produce outstanding results, no one asks where your team is from, they just compliment them for their achievement .

    We have hired our composer, let’s allow him to write the script, select the orchestra and see if we like how it sounds. The proof is always the butts in the seats, the eyeballs on the screen, and the cash in the bank.

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    Nice work Greg. Everyone who has been on any sort of team knows that culture and chemistry play a big part in success. The inspiration for a group of  individuals to move in the same direction is predicated upon one’s ability to adapt to change, and I don’t just mean a change in leadership . Many times any change in people, process or culture causes one to reassess his own position, opportunity, security and comfort and change provides a vehicle to exit whether voluntarily or otherwise. It is then incumbent on those who remain to buy into the vision, create small short term wins, celebrate those wins, and translate them into bigger and bigger wins. Usually a good leader can make that happen. Stand by.

    Happy Fathers Day

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    Kevin- You May want to look into Jones situation a bit further. There may be other things outside of football leading to this decision. Not sure but perhaps.

    You are welcome.

    I sense that people who are indifferent are young and have a much more narrow perspective . I started attending Mountaineer football games in 1961 and have only missed 5 home games since then. I saw us play in the Southern conference and lose to Richmond . We went independent in 1966 and still could not attract attention to our program. We ran off a Hall of Fame coach because he did not win enough. It was not until Don Nehlen arrived and started winning that we started to get national attention . Now we have moved up the food chain and are consistently in the top twenty. The ” if not now then when crowd” that we listen to on the talk shows (and yes Greg is included in that group think) are full of themselves but not objective. I can answer the ” if not now then when” question. When you get enough good players to match Oklahoma and Texas backups, that’s when. Don used to say that he could challenge Miami’s first 22, but 23 through 44 were problematic . You keep climbing by continuing to recruit better, which Dana has done, winning big games, which he has done and improving the brand, which he has done.

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    To quote Mike Tomlin ” we play with volunteers not hostages”. If he doesn’t want to get on the bus, leave him at the station so he can go some where that might not care about him being a good teammate

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    As the hills of West Virginia  resound with the sounds of Mountaineer football and the West Virginia University Mountaineers are on the air.

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    How’s it going Eisenhower

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    How can anyone listen to this young man and not be impressed? If we as a University are turning out people like this then we are one hell of an institution and fulfilling our land grant mission. This young man is a testament to that and he will be successful in life.

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    The run game improved when McCoy entered the game. He has a better understanding of where and when to make a cut when the defense plugs the predetermined hole. Not saying other RB’s aren’t good, just not as much game experience. That being said we have to be able to create space at the point of attack and we struggled with that yesterday.

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