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    Wow   Being played to a standstill by one of the worst teams in the country starting their 3rd string quarterback and their head coach’s home with Corona virus

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    No thanks  pass.

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    Issue is quality not quantity.

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    Kevin, well said:  “Players expect to get yelled out. It’s a huge stretch to say that’s the sole reason for this issue. Huggs, Mike Carey, and other WVU coaches yell at their players. But they didn’t cross this line. There are players that don’t take that well, but that has always been the case. Trying to paint this as the end of college sports of the end result of an overblown agenda is again, false.”

    Hopefully this will just be a footnote in WVU’s football history.  I remember the 60/70s when the VN war and Black Power were the concers…”things would never be the same again and black players won’t play for white schools and coaches.”  Right now WVU is facing a similar situation…it will works itself out.  I don’t see HC Brown leaving or WVU football blowing in the wind.

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    Vic brought it all on himself.  You don’t preach religion and politics(or money) in team meetings or anywhere else unless you are in different setting like a group discussion  on religion or politics.  His job in those meetings was coaching football.  This verdict was make by a 3rd party, I sure VK and KM had their says.

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    “This year Matthews will be helped at the small forward position by a pair of Mountaineers who has never previously seen game action for WVU – Jalen Bridges (6-7, 2120 lbs., RFr.) and Taj Thweatt (6-7, 200 lbs., Fr.).”


    So will Bridges be in shape if we have a season?  He seems a little over weight for being only 6’7″.

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    My freshman year, 1962, the OL ave. about 200# and the DL 220#…and that was only because we had a giant playing DL.  Joe Pabian 6’4″ 265#

    RR lines were built for speed…still they were in the 300# range.

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    I watched the game that we lost last year to the defending champs.  We were in the game until crunch time and then the big men looked like WVU big men and couldn’t hit from 3′ and the Gs shot blanks from the 3 point line.

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    Mediocre at best.

    Since we joined the B12 the main 3 bottom dwellers have been ISU, UK and TT, our record against those 3 is 17-7…almost half our Ws.   Against the non cellar dwellers we have a miserable record of 19-29.

    …medocrity sucks!

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    Any relationship to Noel who played FB for WVU in the late 50’s?


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    “West Virginia’s football program has long had success with transfers, going back to the days of Jeff Hostetler (Penn State), A.B. Brown (Pitt), Jake Kelchner (Notre Dame), Ryan Mundy (Michigan), Clint Trickett (Florida State), Will Grier (Florida) and many others.”

    It goes way back…WV greatest high school football/basketball player was a transfer to WVU (from pitt)and he wore #44 in BB.

    Greg, Give Joedy Gardner a call and ask him about Byrd.  Joedy lives out here in AZ.  You’ll get some insight to how tight the AD was with a dollar.

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    Meet Bob, the elephant in the room.

    The good, the bad and the ugly…it all starts and  ends with him.

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    “that much better of a coach than Huggs?”

    Yes.  Better bench coach and much better recruiter.

    This is Huggins’ 13 season at WVU…no  B12 regular season championship and no B12 tournament championship.

    Huggs’ last big NCAA run was in 2010,  most of today’s WVU players were in the 4th grade when that happened.

    Currently Huggs has one player in the NBA and Self has 12.  Check out the link:   https://basketball.realgm.com/ncaa/conferences/Big-12-Conference/3/Kansas/54/nba-players  We  are tied with TCU and OSU with the least number NBA players.  UT has 11 ISU has 8.

    Am I glad he is our coach?  Yes, it has been a fun 7 or 8 years.  Do I think he is overrated?  Yes.  Winning a lot of games is one thing, winning the big games is another thing.  Self had won many more of the big ones.  Does this team have the talent to win a NC?  Yes.  The only thing holding this team back is not the players…it falls on the coaching staff.  If we can keep all this years returning talent in house and with the addition of this years recruiting class there is no reason we shouldn’t expect a Final 4 again next season.  BUT, is this coaching staff up to it?

    (Kansas director of athletic Jeff Long, whose football program has been hit by attrition over the years, has suggested allowing 50 scholarships to be awarded over a two-year period. The math still works out to 25 per year, but a program could split those up in various ways – 35-15, 30-20, however they want.

    Some have suggested to up the yearly total to 30, and then there are others who have said there should be some ratio to add to the annual limit based on the number of transfers leaving – say, for instance, one additional scholarship for each two who leave.)

    The above is just adding more bullshit to the problem.

    Jeez, “keep it simple stupid.” Let’s just apply “Occam’s Razor” to the problem of getting to 85 scholarship:    Each year you bring in as many player as it takes to get to 85.

    Occam’s razor simply states that of any given set of explanations for an event occurring, the simplest one is most likely the correct one.

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    West Virginia’s football program expects to add one more early enrollee for this semester in terms of freshman defensive back Jairo Faverus. Reportedly Faverus is all set to go academically but because he’s a native of the Netherlands, he has a few hoops to jump through in terms of a student visa to the U.S. That is supposedly his hold up, though it’s expected the delay will just be temporary and he’ll be good to go soon.

    We’ve know for months that this kid was coming…does the paper work take that long?

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    RR “You’ll never play at WVU, give me your scholarship back.”

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    Code for Texas Hicks👍

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    Yes, will be interesting when the rest of the stories come out on those two.

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