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    If all the players leave that could leave for various reasons, next year will be a REBUILDING year, yes in all caps!

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    To whomever manages this website:  WHY do you allow such digression from sports related information?   This is not the proper forum.

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    All that is true, but its time for the many receivers we have to stop dropping so many passes each and every game.

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    Ali Jennings in transfer portal

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    Breaking news:  Oscar to Kentucky

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    Poor team shooting doomed us again.  39% for the game and less than 30% in the second half.  We have a good half and a poor half:  the two games previously we had a good second half and won one.  Now we changed it up:  a terrible second half of shooting.  Against good teams we need to consistently put two good halves together.  Will it happen?  Still waiting for the team that can “shoot the ball” to put a total game together.

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    It must be a long standing toe issue.  In 5 games thus far this season, he has made just one basket and in 2 other games he has made only 2 baskets.  This great shooter is now scorching the nets for about a 33% rate, but he still starts.  Yes, he is a streak shooter and has about 2 good games so far this season.  Toe:  heal quickly.

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    Next year will be much like this year:  hoping for a winning record.  Realistically, how far away are we from the top teams like Oklahoma?  The gap is still a wide one.  We need a top line QB which is difficult to attract to WVU.  Offensive line must be better.  They are pushed around too often.

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    I fear we will be leaving the top 13 in basketball rankings very soon.

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    Maybe the great shooting team that Huggins keeps telling us about will now step forward and not leave their shooting on the practice floor as the lineup shrinks in size.

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    Remember when looking at QB stats, they need to sue for non support.  Twelve or so drops today is ridiculous.  Wow, just plain awful.

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    Alabama v Norte Dame

    Clemson v Ohio State

    done deal

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    McNeil gets the minutes for some reason.  Huggins praises McNeil’s great shooting ability which must be evident in practice but in games, other than one or two, he has been very mediocre.  I wonder what is McNeil’s shooting percentage thus far.  It can’t be good.  Last night 1-7 and that was a layup.

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    Oscar needs to wake up and do as advertised.  If his anemic performance continues, he will have no meaningful career at the next level.  No one would want him.

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    This was expected.  The only good news is that we can not have a losing season, which could have been the case with the loss to OU and a loss in the bowl game.  The worst we can do is 5-5 if we get to a bowl.   Thrilling end to the season.  Not really.

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    This loss was expected.  The margin of loss was unexpected.  Most likely a similar loss to OU, and a 5-5 season.  A bowl loss will give us another losing season.  Wow, I hope not but a 5-6 season will be very disappointing.  Still climbing with a long way to go to the top.

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    We win but Gonzaga will destroy us unless we find a miracle, and I believe they are in very short supply.

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    This video at 10:01 am November 21 will NOT play

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    Again a lack of discipline was manifest.  Oklahoma and Iowa State QBs

    are outstanding and their program appear to be miles ahead of ours.

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