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  • Has Marc Bulger even been in a coaching position?

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    Fantastic news! Welcome to WVU Jaylen!🏈💛💙🏈

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    Who was number 9 that didn’t block that Maryland player on the kickoff?

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    I hate the idea of Houston coming in. Another Texas school. Not fond of BYU joining but they are a school that brings in viewers from all over the country. So I can accept that, however more travel. Memphis is okay on the basketball side but football not a plus. UCF, like them. They are a school working their way up. It also is Florida so recruiting would be easier. I am at a loss to think of others schools that would help our conference.
    I would make these changes after we get as much out of the two traitor money hungry schools leave. ESPN and it’s big money has changed the college sports scene forever. Unfortunately, I think in a terrible way. They (ESPN) run sports not the NCAA or colleges. So sad! Lastly, I just want to be in a league that gives us the opportunity to go the the championship…

    I know when we signed Chris Mayo, a lot of people were excited about him. I noticed he was in a picture in this article. But no mention of him otherwise. He looks like he’s a big physical guy. How is be progressing!?

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    Bobby was a good man. Prayers for his family. RIP goid and faithful servant!

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    Yes and I agree, very annoying!

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    Good morning. You can contact the Mountaineer Athletic Club either by their web address or call 1-800-433-2072. Hope that helps

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    I hope if tbis happens we find a conference that we won’t fall into obscurity like UCONN.This being said, I hope that Oklahoma and Texas love traveling to Georgia one week then South Carolina, Tennessee etc.. Currently longest trip is to WVU every other year. Not just the stars of Oklahoma, Texas, and Iowa! Enjoy your frequent flyer miles and much more difficult schedule…I really worried about the last couple of shake ups. Not this time. Just going to watch and wait. I hope they get what they deserve….money greedy… You can imagine the rest….

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    Kevin, one question about the TBT rules. I know I saw 2 flagrant elbows thrown last night by D2. No calls were made. Do they not have that rule or chose not to enforce it? Thanks for any clarification.

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    Is that the same Walt Harris that was the head coach at Pitt? A few years ago…

    I say good! We always do better when people overlook us. I hope it make all of them mad. Play hard and as a team and within the legal limits. We will be okay. Team keep this in the back of your mind! Let’s shock the college football world! Let’s GO MOUNTAINEERS!💛💙🏈

    Unfortunately, he wasn’t selected. Maybe he should have stayed an additional year! I hope he finds a good team ri have a free agent contract…

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    I hate to see him go!I always liked his play. Good luck Emmitt! I wish you well! I will miss Emmitt and Jordan… I guess we just have to get used to this. Not a fan…

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    Not sure where Taz’s head is but the first half he’s not in the game. 3 turnovers that were absolutely awful. I hate that 2-3 zone. Its always gotten into our heads! Let’s go Mountaineers! Play hard the second half and stop turning the ball over.

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    As I watched the game again, he got bu with using his elbows to make space. He might have fouled out if they had called more of those. He played very well especially for a freshman.

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    I just hope the team doesn’t read this…we did a few years ago and didn’t make it through the first game. Comparing scores can also give a wrong impression. We couldn’t miss against the spiders. We also have had games we couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. Don’t drink the kool-aid team. Play hard and think they are Gonzaga or Okie State…

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    I think this is a really big loss, especially since he played here and could tell recruits his experiences. I was hoping to keep him for a few years! Dag gone those dogs!

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