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    I hate to see him go!I always liked his play. Good luck Emmitt! I wish you well! I will miss Emmitt and Jordan… I guess we just have to get used to this. Not a fan…

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    Not sure where Taz’s head is but the first half he’s not in the game. 3 turnovers that were absolutely awful. I hate that 2-3 zone. Its always gotten into our heads! Let’s go Mountaineers! Play hard the second half and stop turning the ball over.

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    As I watched the game again, he got bu with using his elbows to make space. He might have fouled out if they had called more of those. He played very well especially for a freshman.

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    I just hope the team doesn’t read this…we did a few years ago and didn’t make it through the first game. Comparing scores can also give a wrong impression. We couldn’t miss against the spiders. We also have had games we couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. Don’t drink the kool-aid team. Play hard and think they are Gonzaga or Okie State…

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    I think this is a really big loss, especially since he played here and could tell recruits his experiences. I was hoping to keep him for a few years! Dag gone those dogs!

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    Tony, that 70-33 drubbing we handed Clemson made them change defensive coordinator and a few other changes and put into motion them getting a National championship. I  have cousins that went to Clemson. Dabo, is a really good coach.  Can’t say that about our previous head coach. They took us lightly because we we in the Big East. I am not a Ohio state fan so I will be yelling roll tide! I hope that an 8 team playoff happens.

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    First of all, I  hope that Oscar and his family are okay. I  hate to see him leave but if he wants to, we have to let him. That could be a  distraction. My hopes for a potential national championship  has diminished,  but I hope this team rallies around and proves me wrong! I  think we all had noticed that Oscar wasn’t playing with the zeal he did last year. So good luck Oscar! Let the team circle the wagons and regroup and play hard for each other and the Coaches! LET’S Go Mountaineers!💛💙🏀💛💙🏀

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    Why did Sumpter kick that field goal? I thought the other kicker was solid with FG’s?  Just wondering…

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    Wow, we getting play a team with 3 wins…may I say this really doesn’t excite me. I was hoping to get another opponent.  But I hope the team doesn’t have the same feelings..

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    Please keep us updated on this young man! Prayers for him and his family!

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    I would not say this is our worst performance in a decade. I  remember a very highly rated team going into Ames and we looked awful. I can also think of a couple of bowl games we didn’t show up to either. Was i disappointed yes, but we did keep working. Not with rhe desired outcomes but we just didn’t throw in the towel. We played the worst we had played all year. We got our bell rung. It’s one game. The only one this year we just couldn’t get anything to work. That happens. I  want to see how this team reacts next week. Have they thrown in the towel or ready to go knock Oklahoma off It’s pedestal? We will see.. I  still trust the climb and this coach. I have been a fan for a long time. This is a setback not a reason to jump off the bridge!!! And yes, I am still looking forward for basketball! Different reason. 

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    I hope this team remembers this drumming next year. They won’t have Purdy. Unfortunately I think they will still have talented tight ends. Wow, how embarrassing. They also played with fire there. If Purdy got hurt…..This game can’t end soon enough!

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    That makes sense! You’re probably right about how seriously the previous coach worried about graduating his players!

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    The football graduation rate seems low with the others.  How does this score rate with previous assessments?

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    WV..I  am surprised the coaches didn’t try you as a field goal specialist! That sounds like a good field goal attempt to me!

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    We did at their place. If remember there was a controversial call at the goal line that cost us the game. I  think that was the game… But my memory may not be accurate…

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