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    I hope the ACC gets as much out of ND being in their conference as the old Big East! Maybe the ACC will go down in flames as well! Or maybe ND will finally be made to join a football conference! Not sure who I would like to see go down in flames….how about both! Win win….not going to happen…

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    Kevin, could they ask the athletics department or basketball office? I think they would be glad to help especially with those circumstances.. it’s definitely worth a try.

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    Is Urban retiring because he has to? Any chance the great (note sarcasm here) OSU could be about to get in trouble with the NCAA? I know, fat chance…but a girl can dream right?!

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    Since this happened prior to the early signing period…any chance we could steal a couple recruits?

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    I really dislike playing an ACC school. But NC State would have been better…Syracuse yuk! Now I don’t even want to go!

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    I was there last night…on many occasions we had players in the correct position to make tackles but they whiffed on then. Tackling should be a skill we work on more intensely. Gibby can’t make the tackles. I hope next year we have a healthy defense… unfortunately, we lose a lot on offense. I was hoping this was the year. Once again, so close but didn’t happen.

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    I say, let Notre Dame not be eligible since they are not in a league… Yes,I dislike Notre Dame immensely. Why, because they have always been elitists. I think they are worse than the blue bloods! I disliked them prior to our National championship game a few years ago. But, alas unless they lose they will be there.

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    Slow start! Hope they wake up soon!

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    If it was old gold I would like it more. They do look like bananas. It is always reminds me of that awful game…not to be mentioned! I would like us to wear the traditional uniform from time to time! I like all the helmets, but would like to qear the traditional blue helmet with the flying WV logo more often. My opinion.

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    The game is available on You Tube…. i think WVURxman usually puts the game there. I just looked it is available.

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    Too bad UNC is not going to be punished in an appropriate manner! SMU got the death penalty from the NCAA but the schools from tobacco row will never be dealt such a harsh penalty. Even though UNC probably deserves it! Until the NCAA deals with everyone the same way from UNC, Notre Dame, USC, Alabama, Ohio State to the smaller no name schools the NCAA is a joke! My opinion. I think the rules should have penalties associated with it and if you do something to violate it you get whatever penalty the rules say.If it’s scholarship reduction to the death penalty if school A (big name school) gets the same penalty as everyone else! Have it spelled out for each infraction then enforce it, no matter the school! When the NCAA does this I might respect them more! Not holding my breath!!!

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    Kevin, is this the poll that decides the final 4? Or is it another poll/group? I can’t remember….

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    65% chance for rain by 8pm! I hope the weather channel is wrong.

    I think the correct decision was made. The resources needed to conduct a football game is a lot of people, to include EMS, police and so many more. Those resources shouldn’t be pulled away from hurricane responsibilities period. Also, not sure we want our team and fans in harms way and also the same for NC State. It is a game… Prayers for all in Hurricane Florence’s path!

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    It’s cancelled!

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    So when will the decision be made? Tonight or tomorrow or are they going to wait until the last possible moment?

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