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    Am I looking at this right?
    On the current roster page
    6 seniors. 73 freshmen

    What page are you looking at? The 2021 roster or the Scholarship count?

    The scholarship count page shows 75 total on scholarship, including 7 seniors.  Please clip the link to the page where you see 73 freshmen.

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    Solid agree on those points. They both catch the ball very well too, which is another big plus.

    Several issues in play here.

    Availability of drivers (have to have a CDL, it’s not like just anyone can hop in and drive a bus.

    One area transportation service has closed its doors, and another does not have the lower end buses nececssary to make it cost effective.

    Also liability – those that do have some buses are not making them available due to Covid.

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    Does the NCAA have any type rule or other means to prevent “poaching” by schools? It almost seems conceivable that a school, as part of their recruiting strategy, and aware of future needs, might have a built in function to monitor the
    portal, identify possible targets, and…….then what? Could be done both above board and/or otherwise!
    Not sure how the NCAA would control this in a manageable manner?

    Yes, there are rules against poaching. However, before we go any further, monitoring the portal is NOT poaching. Once a player is in the portal, he/she is fair game to be contacted/recruited by any other school.

    Poaching would be contacting/recruiting a player before they are in the portal. There is no way for this to be controlled up front, any more than any other crime can consistently be controlled up front.

    in reply to: The Film Room: West Virginia Mountaineers – LIU Sharks #155327

    cinci, At this point, no, because they are WVU’s best tackles. If a couple of tackles push up the depth chart and pass them, then perhaps, but I don’t see that happening in the next year or two.

    in reply to: The Film Room: West Virginia Mountaineers – LIU Sharks #155307

    cc, It was difficult for me to decide whether or not the good things were the result of good scheming and execution, or to LIUs personnel. Fair points on your part.

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    I keep getting different times from WVU.

    Most recent I am now told that it’s at 9:20 – 2:40 before kickoff.

    in reply to: WVU – VT Game Information #155253

    This is not our article. It is a press release written by WVU and its sports information department.

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    I would hope B12 would schedule WVU away Sat/Mon or Sun/Tue every trip.

    The Big 12 does this at least once, and sometimes twice, per season for WVU. Look at past schedules. However, other factors, including television windows, do not allow all of them to be scheduled in such a manner.

    In the future, it will be interesting to see how schedules are done. Will divisions be used in basketball and other sports also? Volleyball, due to Covid, modified its round-robin schedules last year and continued that practice this year. Teams still play each other twice, but not home and home. League schools travel to an opponent and play two matches on back to back nights. The next year the host team travels and returns the games.

    I think basketball coaches would scream about such an arrangement, but it does save money and travel.

    There will definitely be many scheduling issues to be considered.

    If you provide a service, I think it has to be adequate to meet reasonable demand. If you say a shuttle is available but it isn’t sufficient to get everyone to the game and back in a reasonable time, that creates a lot of anger, even if you warn up front that it’s going to be limited.

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    That’s a very broad question on the portal. Basically, anyone in Division I can now transfer one time in their college career without having to sit out a year. All the player has to do is request that his or her name be entered into the portal. The school has two business days to do so. Players still have a five year window in which to complete four seasons of on-field competition.

    There are a couple of limits to transfers, most notably that in order to be eligible to play immediately the next season, the player must be in the portal by a deadline date. For fall\winter sports, that date is May 1. For spring sports, that is July 1. So, for example, if a football player playing this year for WVU decides he wants to transfer, he has to enter the portal before May 1, 2022, in order to be eligible to play in 2022 at another school. A baseball player (Spring sport) has until July 1, 2022.

    This covers any player who has not transferred during their career. If a player has transferred once, he/she can do so again, but would have to sit out a year as was the rule previously. However, they can apply for a waiver to avoid that, and that gets decided on a case by case basis.

    Any specific questions, please reply.

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    The Big 12 does not sponsor men’s soccer. A list of the Big 12 sports:

    Men’s Basketball
    Women’s Basketball
    Cross Country
    Swimming & Diving
    Track & Field

    in reply to: WVU a favorite ?? #155201

    Note my response to CFE’s similar post

    in reply to: Basketball Scheduling #155146

    The 2021-22 Big 12 mens basketball schedule has not been released. Therefore, you are just seeing the list of conference games WVU will play this year. No dates are listed, so the order there right now is irrelevant.

    in reply to: Virginia Tech is #15. Why is WVU the favorite in Vegas? #155145

    Because point spreads are not made solely based on who is the better team. They are made to attract an even number of bets on either side, which is the way that guarantees the house makes money.

    Of course the better team is often the favorite in betting odds, but not always, especially when closely matched. And using rankings by writers who haven’t seen either team play is just as likely to not compute.

    in reply to: Last Long Island question #155114

    He starts.  Ben Waibogha. Had five tackles. The full stat book for each game is available as soon as we get it as a link on the final score on our schedule page.

    in reply to: LIU Postgame Quotes #155076

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    in reply to: Game Thread: WVU – LIU #155012

    So . . . We have no running game?

    Hate to speak in absolutes, but run blocking is a big concern at this point.

    in reply to: Texas QB #154995

    I was surprised Thompson didn’t win the job after his bowl performance last year.  Will be interesting to see who gets the start this week.

    in reply to: Running game…..or lack of #154964

    WVU’s run blocking is a major concern for me right now. Will have more on that this week.

    Goose really zips the ball throwing it. Excellent arm strength and had good accuracy on his couple of throws. Greene’s strengths were obvious, he was faster and quicker than just about every LIU defender, and thus could avoid pressure and run around people. That would not occur with such regularity against Big 12 defenses, IMO.

    The decision to be made is whether his mobility helps offset some of the blocking deficiencies enough to move the offense better than Doege. At this point I don’t think so, because defenses would adjust quickly by crowding the box, playing contain and keeping him bottled up, and I am not sure if he could win a game where he had to throw it 35 times.

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