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    Jeff, I’d be in favor of that too — if WVU is included.

    However, it’s not the conferences driving this – it’s ESPN/Fox (And whatever streamers decide to pony up money, and if CBS gets back into college football. They’re only going to drive invites to a certain number of schools. If that number is, say 48 (24 per league) is WVU one of them? Would it have to get to 60 to ensure WVU is in?

    I know most of us have sketched out plans for common sense conferences that would achieve what you are saying, and I’d be in favor of it. But theres 130 FBS teams right now. How many would be included?

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    I don’t think you can overlook the influence of Nike here. Major supporter of college athletics in many ways, so there’s money toalking there.

    Also, Oregon football has been the best in the Pac 12 over the last 15 or so years. 9 ten-win seasons and a national title.

    Don’t overlook the name factor. That’s why UCLA is being added to the Big 10 – it’s not like they’ve been tearing it up in FB or hoops over the same span.

    Now, is OU a better “fit” for the B12? That’s a different question. I think the B10 is at the point now where adding more schools decreases their per team value, and that’s why the halt before adding UW and OU. But the B12 should take OU in a second if it indicates it will join.

    WVU usually has 10 on the roster. Not all are on scholarship, and with only 3.6 to divvy up none are on full schollys either.

    10-11 seems to be an average # of athletes per roster in a quick survey I did. There’s no minimum number that a school has to have to have a team.

    In NCAA regular season and championship competition, five athletes are designated as the “Counters” for each match, meaning their scores can be used for the team score. The low score in each discipline (smallbore and air rifle) are dropped, so the top four scores per team are added up to yield the team score.

    Outside of those, others on the roster can compete in the match, but their scores aren’t eligible to be counted on the team score.

    Doc, that’s fine, but you are changing the argument from media market to fan support.

    Also, using your argument, who is more of a pro area than Los Angeles? Yet, USC and UCLA were gobbled up by the Big 10.

    I’m not arguing with your assessment that fan involvement might be more passionate in many other areas, but even a small percentage of the market total from the areas I mention far exceeds the total of the Ptt/WV market. And the actions of the Big 1o prove that.

    IMO, the schools would receive a greater contract than they would receive as a 12-school conference.

    While the total amount of a contract would be greater with more schools, it’s the payout per school that is much more important.

    That’s why the networks make available revenue estimates and rights fees estimates for how much more the addition of each particular school would make to a media rights contract.

    As of now, Oregon and Washington would be the most valuable by a significant amount from the Pac-12, which is why they are apparently in play for the Big10.

    Can’t see any other Pac-12s  being of interest to the Big10, but the four corner schools UA,ASU,Utah,Col  I think would be enough to entice the Big 12 and be something that could bump up, at least a small bit, the overall payouts per school.

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    Evans practiced this spring and is on the roster. He is a transfer from Robert Morris. Wilkerson was from Delaware State, and at one point said he was coming to WVU, bt is now going to Jackson State.

    First, really good discussion here. Good thoughts and perspectives!

    Second, one thing I’d strongly disagree with is the notion that LA is the “only real TV market in the PAC”.

    SF/Oak/San Jose is #6 nationally, and that’s Stanford and Cal.

    Phoenix is #12, and that’s  Arizona State.

    Seattle is #14, and that’s Washington.


    Man, I wish I was as confident. I think this is the better choice, but with so many different moving parts, it’s tough to figure out what the right moves are.

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    Thanks for the local perspective, Doc and CA.

    I think those four schools are the logical targets if the B12 decides that expansion is the best route.

    As far as Memphis and USF, they didn’t make the cut on the last B12 addition list. Were they the “first two out”? Probably so. But any four of those Pac12 schools would also be ahead of them in desirability, I think.

    Couple of things to keep in mind – distance and competitiveness aren’t big factors in realignment. They may not be factors at all. And if your media rights money is going from $35 million per year to $80 million per year, increased travel costs probably don’t ean a lot.

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    Yep, that hurts. They did everything they could to get him in the lineup and get him ABs this year. Not sure what else could have been done. Would be interesting to figure out how much scholarship/NIL/Alston money he will get at FSU, but none of that is FOIAble.

    in reply to: Harrison Thinks WVU Has Found A Bunch Of Gym Rats #184450

    Agreed, dawg. That’s a skill that has been on the wane in recent years – too many players rebound and then bring the ball back down or dribble it or do something else instead of getting it back up on the rim. If this is something he is strong at, that’s a big help.

    in reply to: Can it happen???? #184415

    No snickers from here. While I do think that younger generations pay less attention to the constant sniping on the web, it can be a factor. The flip side is that if there is great fan support, can that help with the other factors you mention?

    One school I’d watch in that regard this year is Iowa State. They’ve had great fan support, but last year the team didn’t meet expectations. Does that have a rebound effect this year?

    You bring up many good points/angles, and for WVU to be successful it needs to have support in a number of those areas. Without getting too far off track, I think that’s the same sorts of questions that apply to many societal issues/questions right now. Those that can band together, be respectful when opinions/views differ, and keep the goals in view are going to have an edge.

    Along with, of course, those that come up with a lot of money. Get 1000 people supporting CRT at the highest monthly level and WVU can do that.

    in reply to: WVU Hopes To Spell ‘Success’ With A ‘J’ #184411

    Excellent!  Reminds me of A. James Manchin and his REAP program, which was aimed at cleaning up trash and debris:

    “Let us purge our proud peaks of these jumbled jungles of junkery!”


    in reply to: WVU Football Notebook: Comings & Goings #184405

    Can’t speak to what Lyn-J was thinking. But, the pattern appears to be the same as what happened at Clemson. Didn’t get as much time as perhaps he wanted, was unhappy, so he acted out, and then left.

    Sometimes people take advantage of their second chances, this one appears to be the opposite.

    in reply to: WVU Adds Experienced Outfielder Via Portal #184383

    His profile is incorrect. If you go through the stats, you will see he was not a a catcher. He was primarily an OF in Y1, then was a DH/1B occasional OF in Y2.


    in reply to: Quick Question #184347

    Greg reported Dixon was in the transer portal back on June 24, three days prior to MetroNews.

    He was on scholarship this semester. Schools have the option to immediately remove a player from scholarship status as soon as he/she enters the portal, which I am sure has been done in this case, so WVU again has that scholarship available for use.

    Football and mens’ basketball scholarship status is listed under the Football and Basketball menu sections.

    That’s the important point to me, cc. Agreed with everyone here that fostering the legacy angle is important, and can help with program building even if sons and daughters don’t get offered scholarships in the end.

    The flip side is that WVU (or any school) can’t offer scholarships with family ties being the biggest item. They have to be at the level of other potential recruits.

    I’m not suggesting that’s the case here. Have to trust the coaches and evaluate after to see how many of them are successful. As always, I’m just a bit cautious in looking at things like this, but clearly WVU generated some buzz with the Legacy Day approach, and for sure managed a splashy day of announcements quite well.

    Across two different sports, of course, but the Bulger family with Marc, Meg and Kate.

    No, they don’t. But if that is your measure of success, then no complaints about results on the field.

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    Jaylon Shelton tells me he is scheduled to come to WVU on July 6.

    Maurice Hamilton says he has arrived:

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