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    I still believe that had the 2016 Final Four been in Cary, NC, rather than San Jose, CA, WVU would have been National Champions.

    Stupid NC politics cost their state millions in championship revenue over several sports, and, possibly, a Championship for the Mountaineers.

    If nothing else, many more Mountaineer fans would have been in Cary, cheering them on.


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    March Madness reminds me of the Little League World Series.

    Nothing is a given, and there are always Cinderella teams that give us joy.

    And heartbreak.

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    Amen, John O.   Amen.

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    I look at the contrast in attitudes within a 24 hour period, Austin Kendall’s and Oscar Tshiebwe’s.  Both are great, intelligent young men.

    Kendall waited, patiently, and made the best of his opportunity, in one final 30 minute half.  For his performance yesterday, he will forever be a Mountaineer hero.

    Oscar’s only failure was his impatience.  He should be remembered for his strong performances last year, as well as a few this season.

    Both have played their last games as Mountaineers.   But they will always be Mountaineers, and we wish them well.

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    The previous game, the 1981 Peach Bowl win over “Lock of the Year” Florida, Oliver Luck’s last game, got the media’s attention. 

    Underdogs to Oklahoma, and starting down 14-0, in Jeff Hostetler’s first Mountaineer game, the 41-27 win in Norman let everyone know that WVU was thereafter to be reckoned with.   Don Nehlen calls it his most important win.   I call it the most important win in WVU history.

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    Austin Kendall deserves the same appreciation that we gave Darren Studstill when he saved the 1993 undefeated season, subbing for Jake Keltchner, at Boston College.   Mountaineer Heroes, both.

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    I’d likt to know how we, at 5-4, go to the lesser Liberty to face a 3-7 team while Kentucky at 4-6 goes to the Gator against 8-3 NC State.
    I’m guessing because UK plays Tennessee every year.
    But Clemson and Notre Dame faced each other TWICE this season, and now have the possibility of a THIRD game.

    Still @#%$es me off.

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    Florida banned the chomp because it discriminated against alligators.

    I’m in Lexington with tickets for the Rifle Championships that I’ve looked forward to for a year.  Even if there’s no changes I’m inclined, being almost 80, to stay home and watch on my laptop.  Just watched WVU Baseball beat Liberty, mirrored from the tablet to my 50″ TV . 

    Technology is great for us geezers. 

    Let’s Goooooo, MOUNTAINEERS!

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    Thin.    I want to taste pizza flavor, not ingest more bread.

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    Ditto.   My Dad and four uncles were in the Navy and another was in the Army (WWII and Korea).    I attended two of my Dad’s USS William P. Biddle shipmates’ reunions and was honored to be in their presence.    Dignified gentlemen all, with genuine camaraderie and humility.

    Heading for Japan in 1987, the Army uncle suggested I go to Suehiro’s Restaurant in Tokyo for a great steak, where he’d eaten during the post-war occupation.    My Dad said, “@#%$, that restaurant won’t be there after 40 years.”

    LOL.   It was, and the steak was outstanding.

    FYI, after nearly 75 years, Suehiro’s is still open in Tokyo.

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    Biggest heartbreak (because of the sudden swing) was losing to Miami after going ahead after Quincy bulldozed that ‘Cane DB. Toughest, though, was losing to ND in the Fiesta Bowl. That was a national championship if Major doesn’t play the game with a dislocated shoulder. 13-9 was weird because it felt like the Twilight Zone all night.

    I agree on the heartbreaking Miami loss. And on the Notre Dame loss as toughest, in a tie with the 1959 NCAA loss to California.

    Many tough and heartbreaking losses, but we’ve also enjoyed a few where WVU snatched victory from the the jaws of defeat (1994 Pitt) and several huge upsets that we glory in (three BCS games) (Kentucky 2010).

    If I was going to contrast disappointments of Football, both Basketball teams, and Rifle against pride in success of the Baseball team, I believe I’d have mentioned a pretty good showing by the Golf team, making the NCAA Regional and missing the Finals by just two strokes.

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    Good for him. He and Darius Hill have been Co-MVPs this season.

    Looks great to me.  Someone remarked that the flying WV was too large.   It’s perfect. 

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    Umps should have reversed that last reviewed call at home plate. I think they just stubbornly refused to admit they could get that many calls wrong. Idiocy. That’s what reviews are for.

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    Agreed. Well Said.

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    in reply to: Radio broadcast of blue gold game #89093 provides best options.  Excellent video for all home baseball games and many away games, audio for every game.  Technology is much appreciated by ex-pats like myself. 

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