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    While disappointed I guess it’s todays players, I do think elite players skipping bowls will be the eventual death of bowls. They won’t shell out the big money to watch 2nd stringers play. And if $$ does talk I could see the NCAA looking into this to save their pocketbooks by poor TV ratings. I’ll bet the network is fuming at these because their ad revenue will plummet because no one wants to watch a Greirless WVU team. I must admit because of the lower tier bowl and the fact that we don’t have 2 of our best players, I’m tempted to not watch as that fiasco bowl game in Dalla still resonates in my head.
    Just watching the Army Navy game makes me proud of “these” young men who sacrifice much much more than today’s spoiled athletes

    Agreed, particularly about the Army-Navy game. It exemplifies what college football ought to be about. Will Grier? Not so much. (It’s sad that Will can’t perceive the irony when he says that his teammates taught him what team means. Funny, but in a very sad way).

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    I know this is the norm. But that doesn’t change the fact that such decisions are selfish. There is NO other way to spin that. And although I could spend hours defending my position, there’s really no need for anyone that ascribes to being a “team member.”

    When I offer a handshake, it means something. It’s accompanied with a deep look in the eye. It’s intentional and I’m sending a message from my soul. I offer NO handshake to any player returning to Morgantown that deserted his teammates, school and fans on his last day on the job.

    Very well said. No matter how cynical the society I live in becomes–and it’s a very cynical society–I continue to believe that there truly are things that matter more than self-interest and money, and loyalty is one of those things. Sadly, though, even as I type these words I know that there are many who will roll their eyes and scoff.

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    OK does deserve a spot, OSU does too, and so does UCF in my opinion. GA my be better than all of them. They all deserve a shot. Four team playoff doesn’t cut it. Never didn’t. If you can’t go to 8, then go back to no playoff and a mythical champion.

    You are 100 percent correct, and I bet a poll of college football fans would find overwhelming support for an 8-team playoff. It’ll happen, but too late to prevent injustice this year. Some deserving team–and its conference–is going to get screwed. My guess is, it’ll be OU because the national media continues to regard the Big 12 as a weak conference. That’s wrong for a lot of reasons, but I won’t belabor the point. You guys understand. (I think the Big 12 should earn some respect for being the only conference where everyone plays everyone else every season. That’s a true conference in my mind).

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    Not sure how you can make that judgment, but ok.

    I understand that decoms are part of the landscape, and sometimes there’s nothing the school can do about it. But losing a coach is often a factor. Those that want Gibson to go might want to consider that, as well as the fact that he’s one of the top DCs in a conference loaded with more offensive talent than any other league in the country, and it’s not even close.

    Regarding the offensive talent in the Big 12, I’ve been going to Mountaineer games since the early 1960s. This year’s Oklahoma team was the most explosive offense that’s come to Morgantown in my lifetime. I have no idea what Gibson could have done to slow down OU’s offense. When you consider all of the injuries, I don’t think it’s fair to judge Gibson’s performance on what happened this season. It appeared to me that Gibson was trying all sorts of things to slow OU down, but to no avail. I don’t think anyone other than Alabama perhaps could slow down the OU team I saw play in Morgantown. Firing coaches isn’t going to get us where we want; we’ve got to take recruiting up a level and start landing some top 25 classes. That won’t be easy, but I’m not convinced it’s impossible to recruit as well as most of the teams in the Big 12 (although not OU and Texas obviously). We need to be somewhere around 3rd or 4th in our conference in recruiting every year. I think a lot of our fans are over-reacting (mostly on other sites). This season was far from a disaster. In fact, if we can win our bowl game and end up 9-3 with a Top 15 finish, I would consider that to be quite successful. We’ve got one game left to play, and I hope we get fired up to win it. There’s still something to play for.

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    Seider would be my choice. But I’d like to see Clint back at WVU sometime soon. From what I’ve read, Clint is very intelligent; he has a bright future.

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    Well said, Mr. Cobb.

    I hope he stays. But what worries me right now is the effect this could have on recruiting if the uncertainty about his status continues for a long period of time. Our recruiting class so far is pretty average. I’d hate to see it become less than average. If DH wants to leave, I hope he makes a decision soon.

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    Friday Night in Morgantown ,, ABC/ESPN National Coverage
    Senior Night / Traditional Uniforms
    Team will be Jacked Up for 4 QUARTERS.

    How can you NOT pick the Mountaineers.

    What a cynical bunch of woosies, this STAFF.

    As far as I’m concerned, when the Staff is predicting the outcome of our games, I want them to predict what they really believe will happen, not just something that will make me feel good. OU isn’t unbeatable, but when you consider the match-up of our defense versus their offense, the most likely outcome would be an Oklahoma victory. I’m glad the Staff aren’t a bunch of homers; I come to this site looking for serious journalism. FWIW, I think the emotion surrounding tonight’s game will elevate us to a 45 to 44 win over OU.

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    If you watch every Steelers game, as I do, you see what a powerful weapon the TE is. Of course, WVU’s TEs aren’t as talented as the Steelers’, but they are big targets, are often forgotten by a defense that focuses on the WRs and can get you a nice 10 to 15 yard pick-up from time to time. Every Sunday, the NFL demonstrates what a significant weapon the tight end is. I hope Dana continues to give them a more significant role in our offense.

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    Just a thought, and I haven’t thought it through, but wonder if Nebraska might be interested in rejoining the Big 12 in the future? They just seem like a poor fit for the BIG or whatever the hell they call that conference. I don’t see any movement in conference realignment in the foreseeable future. But sometime in the next decade I could imagine a Big 12 that is actually stronger than it is now. The conference plays an entertaining brand of football and basketball that TV moguls like. Anyway, maybe sometime in the next decade, Nebraska and–who knows–Missouri-might see an advantage to being in a conference with Texas and Oklahoma. I know there are at least 50 reasons why I’m wrong, but I think the Big 12 might not only survive in the next decade, but get much better. And, I’m not an optimist.

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    I agree basically with most of the above posts. It was a great win and our defense was amazing. I’ll just say this and not mention it again: I’d be searching right now for a new OL coach. Not formally searching, but putting together a list of candidates. I did like the adjustments we made on offense last night to compensate for our problems blocking people. But I don’t think those adjustments will be enough against Texas. I’ve been praying that some day Dana would start throwing more to our tight ends and hope we continue to. Lots of positives though, including the fact that we played a lot of people and gave our starters some rest in the second half. Give a lot of credit to Dana and staff; they learned a lot from the Iowa State game and made necessary adjustments. Nice work all around by players and coaches. (The fans, however, continue to underwhelm me. We need to get louder and more involved; the atmosphere is just not the way it used to be).

    in reply to: Blocking and Tackling At Root Of WVU Loss #72097

    Well, other than minor things like blocking and tackling, this is a fundamentally sound, well-coached team.

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    I agree; he has no answers. Fire him this week, and let Dana take over the offense. I’ve been following the Mountaineers since the Gene Corum years. We have the least imaginative and least creative offense I’ve ever seen at WVU. People often think of Don Nehlen as being very conservative, but his offense was much more creative and unpredictable than Spavital’s. I truly don’t think it would be difficult for any defensive coordinator to pick up on our tendencies–they’re obvious–or to exploit our weaknesses. They’re obvious too. I was very discouraged after the Kansas game because I could see that our offense has been figured out. Kansas just didn’t have enough athletes to completely stop it, but they did enough to send a message. In my opinion, the message was: we know what you’re going to do before you do it. Go back and look at some films of Nehlen’s teams from the 1980s and 90s. Offensively, we were much more creative. I’m pretty angry right now, so I probably shouldn’t be posting anything. If we would have gotten thumped by Texas 30 to 14, I could just say, well they get the top recruits in the country. But Iowa State doesn’t get the top recruits in the country. Their recruiting classes have been ranked lower than ours since we joined the Big 12. So, last night was not about a difference in talent; it was about a difference in coaching ability. If Dana doesn’t act on the coaching problems that all of us can see and about which there can be no real debate, then the AD must act. I’m not very goddamn happy about being humiliated by Iowa State. It is not acceptable, and I imagine Lyons understands that.

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    I’m older than dirt, and I’m old-school. The coaches I would hear on TV and the radio in the 1960s when I was growing up often stated what is needed to achieve success in football: (1) run the ball effectively, (2) stop the opponent’s running game and make them one-dimensional, and (3) win the turnover battle. Not a perfect formula; there are never magic formulas in sports, but a formula I still believe in. We cannot run the football effectively on a consistent basis. Our OL is horrible, either because of a lack of talent (our recruiting still is nowhere near where it needs to be to compete for a Big 12 title) or because Wickline is just awful. I would fire Spavital and Wickline tomorrow morning if I were the HC. The jury is no longer out on them. They’re terrible.

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    Keep the political crap off here.  And by the way, the word is border.  Geesh.

    No change. It’s been unclear to me before the season started how good this team is, and it’s still unclear. Few, if any, of the questions I had prior to the season have been answered one way or another.

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    I listened to the game with my dad. We didn’t get ESPN then, but watched it later that day because my brother-in-law got ESPN and taped the game. I remember the embarrassing loss in 1978 all too well, and I had zero confidence we could beat the Sooners on their home field. The game taught me two things: (1) humility when it comes to predicting what will happen in college sports and (2) when you have a coach like Don Nehlen, all things are possible because good athletes who have been taught the fundamentals of the game can beat great athletes. I try to never forget those lessons. Curlin Beck’s TD is one of the most beautiful moments in Mountaineer sports, such a beautifully designed play.

    Good news indeed! Looking forward to seeing this man play!

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