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    Vitale’s non-stop talking detracts from my enjoyment of the game. I just mute the sound and watch the game; he never says anything that adds to my comprehension of the game I’m watching.

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    If we continue to shoot free throws as well as we did last night, we are going to win a lot of games. A lot. Every conference game is going to be close, and free throws decide close games (most of the time anyway).

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    Winning conference games on the road is big! Pretty good TCU team based on what I’ve read. Our ladies could have wilted last night, but Carey’s teams are like Huggins’. They aren’t going to quit or be intimidated. It’s a cliche, but teams do tend to mirror the personality of their coaches, and we have two basketball coaches who are damn well determined to win.

    Kevin, depth is a problem. Is Tynice Martin going to be able to play at all this season? Also, the 6 foot 6 transfer, when will she be eligible?

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    I hope our coaches take prudent steps to protect Grier next season. It’s a violent game, and you can’t avoid getting hit. But the play he was injured on this year was a brain-dead call. No more designed running plays for Grier, and when he scrambles, order him to slide or get out of bounds and avoid big hits. Basically, treat him the way the Steelers are treating Big Ben this year. You have running backs to run the ball, and we have some good ones. Will’s job is to throw the ball, not dive into the end zone. Let’s be different next year, Dana. Let’s be smart. That would be nice for a change.

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    The reason you don’t see the optimism on here is because of the offensive line, as discussed in another thread.

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    I’m not sure the future is all that bright because our offensive line is bad. They do a good job of protecting the QB usually, but in the run game this year, they have been average to awful. There is no offensive surge at all on most running plays. Our RBs have had nowhere to go all season long, and the OL actually regressed as the season went along. Unless the OL improves greatly next season, we are probably looking at 6 or 7 wins.

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    As much as I hate to see the season extended even longer, I think an 8-team playoff is the only answer. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t expand to 8 teams. But, man, these are still only college kids. Most of them aren’t going pro, and we need to give some thought to academics. The season is already too long (10-game regular season when I started following college football), and these kids spend too much time with football and not enough time in the classroom. Spoken like a dad, I know). Still, money matters, and we’ll have an 8-team playoff before long.

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    Actually, for the players, I think going to Dallas ought to be fun. Agree about the date though, day after Christmas. The match-up with Utah is kind of interesting. I’m still mad at them for kicking our butts in the Liberty Bowl in 1964. (yeah, I’m old enough to remember that).

    I hope our coaches learned something, namely, that throwing the ball to the tight end is an essential part of an effective offense.  Most NFL teams understand this, but Dana, strangely, apparently does not.

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    I’m here! And I’m happy. What an effort by the Mountaineers! This will give us a confidence boost that should last for a while. Beat a very good team.

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    I doubt if Spavital is out, but I don’t think all the blame is on Wickline and the OL. Our offense this year lacked imagination and creativity. It was what Don Nehlen would have called “vanilla.” I don’t think Dana will fire Spavital, but I think Dana has lost confidence in him. He should fire him if that’s the case, but I think he’ll give him more time to prove himself. So, if next year we have a HC and an OC that are not on the same page, the result could be very bad. Our offense regressed as the season went on. I think defensive coordinators could easily decipher our tendencies on offense, and, consequently, they were stopping us in our tracks. Only Grier’s outstanding ability saved us from a losing season.

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    If we ever re-discover the value of passing to the tight end, a play fake and a short pass to the TE works well near the goal line. On third and short situations a 5 to 10 yard to pass to a big tight end has worked well for decades, but now we won’t even consider it.

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    Kevin, does it appear to you that Bolden’s defensive play has improved much from last year? He’s a great shooter, but I’ve read his defensive skills, particularly foot work, still need a lot of work. He seems to have excellent athletic ability, so you would think he would eventually turn into at least an adequate defensive player. Just wondering if you’ve noticed any progress.

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    Put me on the “I don’t get it side.” It was dumb. Period.

    Wow, great news!

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    I know Martin injured her foot. Any idea when we might get her back? Is she able to practice at all yet? I haven’t been following basketball news too closely yet since it’s still football season.

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    David Long is rapidly turning into one of my all-time favorite Mountaineers.  He not only brings a lot of energy and toughness, but I think his play inspires his teammates to take their game up a notch too.  It’s definitely been fun watching him.  Quite a season for him, and it’s not over yet.

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    Carey is amazing.  His team deserves more support from our fans than it has gotten.  I’ve got some women’s games marked down on my calendar.  I’m very proud of our women’s BB program.  One heck of a recruiting class!

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