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    Sounds like a pretty good performance.  Is there any reason WVU can’t eventually have a Top 10 or Top 15 golf program?  There is no shortage of talented golfers in WV and western PA.

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    6 foot 6, great hands, and athletic.  I like that.

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    The sweep of Texas was sweet.  Thinking of it brings a smile to my face

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    This sounds like very good news.  Carey keeps bringing in talent.  I don’t know how he does it, but I doff my WV cap to him.  He has a lot of highly-rated newcomers next year also, so, who knows, maybe someday he’ll get past that Round of 32 roadblock.

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    I guess you don’t realize that NAFTA was supported by a large majority of Congressional Republicans.  The most vocal opposition to NAFTA came from Democrats.  I was personally opposed to it because it did not contain adequate labor and environmental protections.  Clinton was a center-right Southern Democrat.  I never liked him.  I never vote for him in a democratic primary race. He was no friend of labor.  Neither is Donald Trump or the Republican Party.   They continue to be what they have been for generations–the party of the rich and powerful who use social issues to dupe working people into voting against their own economic interests.

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    Kevin is right of course and I’m definitely old school too.  But one of the joys of being a fan has been watching players develop over a period of 4 or 5 years and coming to really care about them.  Desean Butler, Jevon Carter, Joe Mazzula.  I also think of some of the guys I admired when I was a kid, many of whom have been forgotten.  Ricky Ray, John Lesher, Dave Reaser, Carl Head, Bob Benfield.  So many Mountaineers that seemed almost like family to me.  There’s no going back, but I feel sorry for younger fans who will rarely have the chance to have heroes that they love and admire.  It’s all about money now and it’s just not as much fun as it used to be.  I know I’m guilty of idealizing the past but something has been lost.  And it’s never coming back.  Maybe college sports has always been big business but there was a time when at least it seemed to be more than that.

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    Kevin and Butlereer both make good points.  If DC doesn’t have his degree, I think he should stay.  If he’s a very good student getting a Masters degree would be great for his future after basketball.  This is the dad in me talking.  I mean if he were my kid that would be my advice.  His basketball career will be over when he’s in his 30s and there’s a lot of life left to live.  I’m a big believer that all of these athletes should make damn sure that they have their degree.  On the other hand everything Kevin says is persuasive.  I don’t think one more year of college ball will benefit DC.  His destiny is to play overseas and who could blame him if he decides he wants to start making money?  My guess is he will go.  Whatever he decides I wish him well.  I think he matured as a person over the last couple of years and I respect that.  Taz is another story I think.  One more year of college ball and he might attract some NBA teams’ attention.  He could work his way into being a late first round pick.

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    Thank God for some good news.  I guess I can lock up those arsenic pills in a safe place for a while.  LOL.  Seriously, we’re overdue for a stretch of good news.  The sports gods owe it to us.  Let’s sweep Kansas.  And go WVU women’s soccer.  Big game today.

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    I’m beginning to wonder if WVU’s overall athletic program is in trouble.  We don’t seem to have any team that’s capable of succeeding, or at least succeeding when it really matters.  The women’s basketball team continued its long history of NCAA futility under Carey today.  Hell, even our rifle team is going downhill.  Happily, as I get older, I care less and less because major college sports is just a business, and why should I care which business succeeds or fails?  But mediocrity is a kind way of describing where our athletic programs are now.

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    No optimism for me.  We had a disappointing season while competing in a mediocre conference.  I will be shocked if Derek comes back because I can think of no reason why he should.  And even if everyone returns, you simply have the same guys who were a disappointment in a mediocre conference.  I think Huggs understood that this season had to be THE season we’ve been waiting for, and it wasn’t.   He has taken WVU basketball as far as he can.  Perhaps no coach can win it all at WVU.   And that’s the most depressing thought of all.

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    Catfish expressed my feelings perfectly.  I hate, hate Syracuse.  They ARE arrogant.  I could deal with the loss much better if someone else had knocked us out of the tournament.  But not Syracuse.

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    BTW Culver won’t be back, and I don’t blame him.  The future of Mountaineer basketball is grim.  Several players will leave, and rightly so.  Huggins has taken this program as far as he can take it.  He should retire.  But the bottom line is we truly are poor, sad, pathetic West Virginia and we’ll never be more than that.

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    When one looks at Huggins’ failure to develop Culver into an NBA quality talent, one begins to understand that Oscar’s decision to leave was the right decision.  I’m disgusted tonight.  This is the year that we should have reached the final four.  Instead we lost to an average Syracuse team.  If you think next year is going to be better somehow, you are a fool.

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    My father and Fred were friends.  I grew up hearing about the accomplishments of Fred Wyant from my dad.  My dad was from Weston also.  For Dad the days of Fred Wyant, Sam Huff, and Pappy Lewis were the Golden Age, and Dad never tired of telling me about the great Mountaineer teams under Pappy Lewis. My dad introduced me once to Fred in Morgantown as were heading to a game.  He seemed to me like a warm, classy guy.  A legend.

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    This is my biggest worry for next season.  I think Derek will leave, and he probably should.  He’s not an NBA player, and one more year at WVU won’t make him an NBA player.  Cottrell might not be fully healed up based on what I’ve read.  Seny looks athletic and could be the rim protector we need.  But the big man situation for next year worries me.  Very little experience, very little depth.  We’d better heal up and make a nice run in the tournament because we might not make it back to the Big Dance next year.

    That was absolutely astounding.  I’ve rarely seen anything like that comeback in all the decades I’ve been watching WVU basketball.  Those young women have heart, courage, and, above all, the will to win.  So proud of them.

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    I usually mute the sound when I’m watching a game on ESPN.  The announcers are usually awful (there are some exceptions).  With Dakich I mute the sound 100% of the time.  He is loud and arrogant.

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    Bridges Over Troubled Waters.  That’s excellent.  I tip my cap to you.

    My guess is that TCU is going to be very physical.  If we hit our free throws,  we win easily.  Our guys need to be in this game mentally.

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