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  • I worry about the TCU game.  We should win by double digits, but playing a game against a team you should beat after a heart-breaking loss is, well, you know, a perfect scenario for an upset.  We can afford a loss to Baylor, but we need to win the next two games.  No time for pouting.

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    I forgot to add:  administrators at our colleges and universities earn salaries that are ridiculous.  Not much you can do about that at private schools, but for state colleges and universities, it’s time for the state governments to step in with direct controls on administrators’ salaries.


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    Tuition at public four-year colleges should be free (as well as all community and technical colleges and school).  Investing in human capital will enhance our competitiveness with emerging powers like China and India.  As for loan forgiveness, it should be means-tested.  Not everyone who went to college got a degree and now are saddled with debt they can’t repay, and a lot of people with bachelors degrees aren’t high earners because the value of a bachelors degree is much less than it was 20 to 30 years ago.  As for people like me, who paid off their student loans long ago, why should I be entitled to anything?  I’m not suffering financially, but there are a lot of young adults with staggering debt.  They are suffering financially, and it would be good public policy to assist them.  Why is it good public policy?  The 1.6 trillion dollars in student debt is a drag on our economy.  It’s making if difficult for people to buy homes and other goods and services.  The debt is depressing aggregate demand, and it would help the economy and all of us if some of this debt is forgiven.

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    If you’d do a little research, you would discover that the Daily Wire has a strong right-wing bias and its factual reporting is questionable.  And by the way the plural of wacko is wackos, not wacko’s.   And also if you want to find a lot of wackos in America, the right wing seems to have many, many nutcases, such as The Proud Boys, The Oath Keepers, Alex Jones, QAnon, and so on.  You know, the kind of folks who attacked the Capitol on January 6.

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    The tip play at the end almost worked.  I’ve often thought that the most likely way for me to die is while watching a Mountaineer basketball game.  After we won, I didn’t celebrate.  I started breathing again first.

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    Chris was powerfully built and quicker than expected for a man his size.  The Catlett years might not have been as successful as WVU fans would have liked, but he brought in a lot of memorable players that I really enjoyed watching.  Chris was one of those players.  Sad news.

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    We’ve never been afraid to play the best in football and basketball during the entire history of those programs.  We’ve never been afraid to take on Duke or Kentucky in BB or Penn State or Ohio State in FB.  (But I still believe in scheduling for success.  A game now and then against Robert Morris or one of our old Southern Conference nemeses gives you chance to get PT for guys who need it, and a rest for guys that need it).

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    Well, our best player CAN pass.  He had 6 assists. I don’t know if he’s a true PG, but when you score 88 against a Top 10 team, your offense is doing something right.  Official stats show 12 turnovers against a very good defensive team.

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    I love Big 12 basketball, but it’s not impossible it might give me a heart attack someday.  Entertaining game last night for a national audience.

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    All of us saw improvement.  We had a winning season and a bowl win.  Bowl wins aren’t appreciated as much nowadays of course.  But I went from birth to 1969 before I saw the Mountaineers win a bowl game and still remember an embarrassing Liberty Bowl loss in 1964 to Utah.  Getting a Liberty Bowl victory over a good (definitely well-coached) Army team was an excellent way to end 2020. Our guys played with enthusiasm in the bowl game and looked like they were having fun too.  I think Brown is building something.  It’s a slow, gradual process which kind of reminds me of Jim Carlen’s gradually building a good program, winning 3 games his first year, then 5, then 7, and then 10.  In other words I like the trajectory we’re on.  I think we win 7 or 8 in 2021, and we continue to climb, and I’m not an optimist by nature.

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    Good to read that Carey was not pleased.  As a fan, I’ve come to accept all wins with thanksgiving, but I like a coach who isn’t happy even after a victory.

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    I’m not too surprised that we won, but I never expected a blowout of this magnitude.  Helps ease the pain a little.   Nice win, ladies.

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    The political implications of Jesus Christ are set forth very nicely in Pope Francis’ recent book Let Us Dream and in his recent encyclical Fratelli Tutti.  Both are short and easy to read.  My own view (not the Pope’s) is that Jesus was a subversive.  A peaceful subversive, but a radical challenge to all power structures.  Jesus’ special concern was for the poor and the marginalized.  He was a pacifist (deal with it if that bothers you).  True Christianity never gets cozy with the rich and powerful; it challenges them prophetically.  This is also true of the Jewish scriptures (I don’t call it the Old Testament; it’s still the Word of God).  There is one Lord, and that Lord is Jesus Christ, not Caesar, not the President, not military leaders, not SCOTUS.  The Romans and Jewish Temple authorities understood how radical Jesus was and consequently killed him.  But he rose again, and he is Lord, not Trump, not Biden.  Go ahead and render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, but Jesus is Lord of all that is, so actually Caesar is entitled to nothing except what God permits him to have.  A great book that spells out what a Christian is supposed to be is Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship.  Bonhoeffer had to choose between Christ and Hitler.  He chose Christ, and it cost him his life.

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    I agree.  Not only great talent, but excellent coaches.  If you finish above .500 in Big 12 play,  be happy.  Any team in the Big 12 can beat any other team in the Big 12.  And I don’t mean the “on any given night” cliche, I mean there are no bad teams so far as I can tell in the conference. Gotta win some road games, and that will never be easy.

    Kevin summed up my feelings.  RR was within his rights to move on to another job, but the way he left was inexcusable.  He tried to drag WVU through the mud (and ended up making himself look like a fool).

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    The old site on the premium board is in meltdown, but I can’t determine what the rumors are based on.  Hopefully, it’s much ado about nothing.

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    I have to admit I underestimated Army.   I knew they were disciplined and would battle us, but I thought our talent advantage would result in about a 2 touchdown victory.  Wrong.  They are very well-coached.  Having said that, NB and his staff did a great job preparing for this bowl game.  Such a refreshing contrast to you-know-who.  Our guys looked pumped up (for what some would call a “meaningless” bowl game).  Both coaching staffs should be congratulated because that was a very good college football game.

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    I’m very happy for Kendall.  He stuck with us, never quit, and led us from behind to a bowl victory.  A story book ending. Impressive young man.  I hope he has nothing but success in the future.  He’s not the kind to pout, and his work ethic must be amazing. So he will have a very successful life, I believe.

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    We’re going to win this game.  I admire Army’s fight and discipline, but we’re bigger, stronger, and more talented.  It’s been a while since we finished a FB season on a positive note, but NB isn’t DH.  I think we’re going to be ready for this.

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    Playing in Europe (and getting paid to do it) seems like an ideal situation for a young man.  Have some fun, see some interesting places, and get to play the game you love.  Good for him.  Thanks for the article, Greg.

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