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    From where I was sitting I thought it might have been near 20K as well.

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    My daughter plays 4 instruments. But played piccolo in the band. At age 30 she still performs in a community band here in the Winchester Va. area. Your son will have a great time if he is in the Pride.

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    No I was not a POW. It is an acronym for Pride Of West VirginiA. My daughter played in the band. It has meaning to her. Absolutely no disrespect intended to anyone that was a prisoner of war.

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    NoPitty, thanks for your response. I am a JMU grad. Not a WVU alumnus. So you need to take pity on me. My daughter is the lucky Mountaineer.

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    Nopitty, your hate for Obama is really over the top. I was not a fan of his. But this sounds like some of the insane nonsense coming from the far reaches of the internet. Or Fox News on a daily basis. I enjoy your sports posts and agree with most of them. So I assume that you are probably a good guy. I get my news mostly from reading. The local paper and the Wall Street Journal are my two main sources. Most of this board probably agrees with you. The majority of this country doesn’t. Every person that is not a far right conservative is not automatically  a Socialist.As every year goes by I miss Ronald Reagan more and more. I am a terrible writer so thanks for bearing with me.

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    Right wingers were against everything Obama tried to do. Democrats are against everything Trump wants to do. And the beat goes on. As a side note. Wait to a liberal Democrat declares a national emergency on gun violence and global warming. Moderate politicians in both parties should do whatever it takes to stop this ill considered action by Trump. No one wants a fascist or a socialist emperor.

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    Well, there’s a pretty good example of their proficiency in Israel by people that want to exterminate them–so much so that they’re building more. But then for saying that, I may get called out for being called a termite by upstanding Democrats like Farrakhan.

    Republican David Duke wants Israel to pay for the southern border wall. Just sayin. Not all walls work. Look at John Wall.

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    Past social media posts.

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    Not blatant trolling on this site. Other sites have meltdowns whenever the wind changes directions.

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    Well deserved. I hope he makes it.

    An exhibition game doesn’t count on your final record or impact your national ranking. Just sayin.

    Hetzel’s comment about it being meaningless is stupid. Win against an old rival and WVU is ranked in the top 15. I think that is a lot to play for. Congrats to Sills.

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    Great commentary. I detest the lack of loyalty in today’s game. That goes for players, recruits and coaches. Sad really.

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    If I was a general manager I wouldn’t select any player that walked out on his teammates. Character counts as well as skill. Particularly for someone that had problems at his previous stop. This is neither childish or uneducated. It is common sense to look at all issues of someone that you are about to employ and pay a large sum of money to.

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    Never leave your wingman?

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    If you are in the top 15-35 each year you are by definition ABOVE average. Just not elite. It never hurts to be self aware. If we beat a ranked opponent that happens to be an old rival we should be in the top 15. Not a bad thing to be playing for after a couple of disappointing losses.

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    Great analysis Jeff. You are spot on.

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