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    Oh, great comeback! No substance. Just name calling.

    Typical fascist!

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    If they’re not true why are you so threatened by them? Are you afraid they might be?

    The MSM has been lying for 5 years about Russia Russia Russia but the alternative media can’t be trusted? Bwahahaha!

    You’re Pathetic.

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    You mean like conspiracies like the US / state govts would never shut down the best economy the world has ever seen?

    Lock you down to stop a virus with 96%- 99.98% survival rate, try to force you to wear a face muzzle that’s doesn’t work, 6Ft SD that doesn’t work, then try to force you to take a experimental drug that hasn’t been through the total trials for longer side effects for “14 Days” that’s turned into to 2 years?

    😂 You are the rube. A sheep rube but a rube none the less.


    Amazing how we went from stopping virus first 14 days to you will accept communism or you will be starving and poor. Get your head out of your asses.

    This has nothing to do with a virus. If it ever did.


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    Talk about uneducated. Pot meet kettle.

    The point is the experimental drug isn’t working well if at all. Natural immunity works better but is being ignored, why?

    What’s in that drug they want in your blood so bad they’re ignoring natural immunity?

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    Both, deaths in vaccinated are up 26%.

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    I never said I was for the Merck pills. I was just posting the story pecker neck.

    You don’t understand the difference?

    Truth be told, Merck probably  just rebranded Ivermectin to sell it for $750 a pill.


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    WTF are you talking about. Are you really that freaking stupid? You always question the science. You challenge it all the time. It’s not set in stone. You are a freaking  sheep idiot.


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    August, I’m good!

    Im sure all they had were cloths mask in 1917 and I see cloth masks still. Especially in the pro-full time mask wearers.

    Paper mask even said on the box it would not stop the spread of CV19. They were designed to stop blood spatter and othe body fluids. Not viruses.

    Covid is an aerosol not droplets and aerosols are way smaller that will go through and around a paper mask very easily. That’s why the studies done showed that masks made no difference in the infection rate for the last year.

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    They’re not vaccines, these are experimental drugs. I’m not going to be a lab rat. And no, Pfizer’s vaccine was not authorized by the FDA and another lie.
    What the FDA approved and licensed is Pfizer’s Comirnaty Covid vaccine not the current Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine in use under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  The FDA has acknowledged that Pfizer has insufficient stocks of the newly licensed Comirnaty vaccine available but there is a significant amount of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine available under the EUA still on hand.

    There are no long term trials and for anyone to say they’re safe are lying. They don’t know that. Even short term many are effected with bad side effects and even die.

    We have tested and proven meds to help with symptoms and no reason why they can’t be used. Question is why are they dividing us when there are treatments including Regeneron’s Covid treatment, taken by Trump, for emergency use. That what my wife used and her symptoms were all buy gone the next day. That leaves us with antibodies and better immunity than the vaccinated even against the variants.

    Why can’t you accept that and leave us the hell alone? If your vaccine works then it shouldn’t matter to you or any other vaccined.

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    Psst, 88 and Jack, read this about the real deaths from the Asian flu by, no other than Dr. Fauci’s NIH.

    Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic

    Where did this bacteria come from? Their face coverings.


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    Why are you guys ignoring the 100 million that’s had the virus like me who didn’t go to the hospital, survived and have anti-bodies that’s stronger than the VAX, are not carriers, unlike the VAX and do not need a VAX? 🤔


    And denying people healthcare for any reason is evil!

    By that argument Dr’s should not see the obese, smokers, diabetics, coal miners etc becuase they knew the dangers and should accept their fate.

    That’s EVIL!

    WTF is wrong with y’all?! This virus still has over a 99% survival rate for most!

    in reply to: Green good, fossil fuels bad. The suffering begins. #158937

    Agree 88 but they’re taking those offline as well. PA took two off and Ohio took at least one.

    Greenie Weenies says no nukes also.

    So, less power already is being made and higher prices are coming and for many is already here. Then the brown and black outs are next. We see how it works in CA.

    in reply to: NYT caught in another lie. #158538

    Where do you get your info Jack, Communist News Network or PMSNBC?

    in reply to: Facebook whistleblower #158536



    NIH under the rule of lying Fauci paid for and created this virus in the first place and WHO covered it up from the beginning and you sheep follow your masters?

    You’re Pathetic. They’re all liars and misinformation, .



    Really? I’ve bern attacked since I came back to this sight. It looks Jack isn’t a “legit poster”.


    But hey, I get it, fascists hates hearing the other side of the issues. They can’t defend or debate their lies so they want them shut down.


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    how about the current Holocaust against the Palestinians?


    😂 You don’t know what that word “Holocaust” actually means!

    ‘Do You See Parents As A Threat?’: Marsha Blackburn Grills Kristen Clark… https://youtu.be/yjP2-jHOew0 via @YouTube

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    You are wrong Jack. Surgical masks / paper masks are made to stop blood spatter and other fluids not a virus. If you can smell a fart through three layers of closthing you will catch a virus through a paper mask and a cloth mask. In 1917 during the Asian flu the leading cause of death wasn’t the flu, but from the bacteria from wearing a mask. “Follow the science” 😂

    Ask Fauci himself!


    in reply to: CovIDIOTS #158322

    You’re wrong Jack. Take it like a man.


    Yes CC, that’s it. 🤦‍♂️


    in reply to: CovIDIOTS #158305


    Thinking a mask is going to stop Covid-19 is the same as thinking that your underpants will protect everyone from a fart.

    In life I’ve warn dust masks, chemical masks, coal mining masks, spray painters masks and to tell me that virus can be stopped with a paper or cloth masks is the dumbest foolish thing I’ve seen man fall for yet. Up until 6 months ago the manufacturers even said their masks were not designed to stop covid. Now, it’s seems it’s gone. Wonder why?

    Only think that’s stops a virus is fully self contained O2 suit. That’s what you see the virus people wearing when dealing with an actual virus up close and personal. Not a paper tool on their faces.

    No to mention ow the studies that have been done showing mask made no difference in transmissions of thr virus


    Times reports.

    “Researchers in Denmark reported on Wednesday that surgical masks did not protect the wearers against infection with the coronavirus in a large randomized clinical trial.” https://t.co/bKOENjCKVq

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