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    Every time we are watching a game and Karl makes a play or even just a tackle, my wife will say, “Karl Joseph just killed a man in Texas.”  Makes me so very proud of her.

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    Sark at Texas is gonna be a big problem.  They may have finally found the guy to maximize all that talent into on the field success.

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    So the Big10 governing body and officials helped you be eligible for their title game and helped you have all your players for the Clemson game.  Thus allowing you every advantage to get to the CFP Championship Game.  Yet they couldn’t strap on helmets and take the field to help you against Bama.

    Hahahaha….way to go Buckeyes!

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    I just asked my wife, “Where is that incredible team that beat up on Clemson.  I thought they were supposed to be playing in this game.”

    She laughed and said dont jinx em.  Pretty sure Ohio State has no chance of making up 18 points on this Bama team.  That offense is the truth and Smith has lost his mind tonight.

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    No doubt there is more to the story and it probably wont ever surface.  Either way, to fire a guy who has been a consistent winner either means personality conflicts or problems within the program.  And that could be any of a million different things.

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    So I personally cannot stand ole Mr. Holliday.  At the end of his tenure at our beloved University I have often heard he was a cancer amongst the staff.  Bad mouthing Bill and telling anyone and everyone how he is the one who should have gotten the job and blah blah blah.  Gripe and moan and sew dischord.

    Be that as it may, this will absolutely not bode well for Marshall.  How are you gonna convince an upgrade of a Coach to come take your job when the last guy had multiple winning records including this year and was your Conference Coach of the Year?

    I would think that would make most candidates unwilling to touch that gif with a ten foot pole.

    And as for all the blabber about Bob….what is he now, like close to 90?  That shop has more than likely already sailed.


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    Ok fellas here is the tie in with SVP.  Super good dude and yes Maryland grad.  Has attended several WVU games before hit the big time.  Used to party with WVU students when Sunnyside truly existed.  Always speaks favorably of us and our beloved University.  Often chants Let’s Go Mountaineers, Let’s Go Drink Some Beers when doing highlights of one of our games.  Also used to hang out on various message boards to see the goings on and had a fake username but did at times openly communicate with us.  Super nice guy who has true respect for our Mountaineers. Take it for what its worth.

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    Butler, I’m sure you and some others remember October 2, 1999 when the Naval Academy came to Morgantown.  I am a veteran of the Unites States Army and I served my county with honor and pride for 10 years and I have the ultimate respect and love for those men and women who chose to “Support and Defend”.  And absolutely root like hell for the Black Knights every other time they take the field.  But no way do I want to feel that way again after this game.

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    1.  DeVonta Smith

    2.  Trevor Lawrence

    3.  Mac Jones

    Speaking as a person who was not blessed with great height, tremendous speed and athleticism nor the body of a Greek God….I bring you this one thought.

    I long ago lost track of how many times I have been absolutely furious at an athlete who was blessed by the good Lord  with the aforementioned traits.  “If only I had them I would not know any of you cause I would be in the NBA, NFL or MLB” is the recurring thought.  Point being, at 5’7″ and not having the speed of a Cheetah, I had to work triple hard for every little sniff of playing time in every athletic endeavor I attempted.

    Easy to forget that for those lucky ones who were born with those traits, everything athletically has generally came very natural and easy for them.  They never had to work for it like the short, slow kid to achieve some measure of success.  Often quite a large measure of said success.

    The issue then becomes, how do you get a talented, highly successful young man to understand that if he works at it like a short, slow kid, there are no limits to how great they could be.

    Being content with really good is the biggest enemy of being the best.

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    Hey Kevin.  I am so right there with you.  I watch every game that I possibly can.  My Father would always say that if butterflies and cockroaches could wear pads and helmets, I would pick one and root for them like my life depended on it.  I guess as I grow older I have come to understand the importance of appreciating the journey.

    Maybe the Lord won’t allow me to live long enough to see my beloved Mountaineers win The National Championship but I can still root for them every game as if this year and this team will be the one who wins it all.  So I do!!!!

    And once again, yes to the Bowl Games.  Bring em all on.  Will watch every one and love every second.

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    Right there with ya.  I too, see the world thru old gold and blue glasses.  That being said, our lack of a true point guard, which even Dakich pointed out, and I dont like that guy at all, is a glaring weakness.  Plus, I dont see the growth out of Oscar that I was hoping for.  Granted he hasn’t even been playing the game for long at all but his progress is much slower than desired in my opinion.  And as everyone knows, we still cannot shoot the rock.  I’m tired of hearing about how great they can knock em down in practice, cause if you cant do it in a game when it counts….then you really just cant do it.

    Love our team and love our kids and always proud of them.  First to point out we are way better than a few years ago after losing all that talent.  Just not quite at that elite level yet.

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    Sad to me, that here we are dissecting all the possible ways, formations, plays and data on how to gain One Single Yard!

    Which is actually the point of my post in the first place.  It is a yard we are talking about.  Thirty six inches.

    I am not dropping it is HCNB’s lap entirely.  Heck, the Hair Meister certainly could not accomplish it either.

    Yet I stick to my point.  It is less about the playcalling or design and so drastically much more about our lack of a mash you right in the mouth when we need to offensive line.

    One thing has struck me the very most, and should not have been a surprise to anyone.  When Holgy boy left, we were as depleted talent wise as we have been in a very long, long time.  Coach Brown realized this immediately and warned everyone as best he could without publicly saying…”We just ain’t got no Jimmies and Joe’s.”  Thus the Trust The Climb mantra.


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    Never been a big fan of taking a player completely out of scheme to “spy” the QB.

    Disciplined chaos with your front seven and pass rush.  Don’t let him get outside the rush and make sure inside gaps are filled as well as bringing the occasional delayed blitz up the middle.

    He has enough experience that we probably can’t fool him too often by disguising coverages or with pre snap movement.  A lot of teams will try and simply lay back, not blitz too much and keep everything in front of you against a guy like him for fear of giving up the big play.  I think that is an absolute recipe for disaster against Texas.  Sam has enough patience and smarts to take what you give him and engineer long, time consuming scoring drives.

    Most may disagree, but for my two scents:  All out calamity and constant pressure.  Blitz often and from different angles.  Make sure he gets hit a lot.  One thing he has shown in the past is to make bad decisions every now and then when trying to take team on his back and make big plays.

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    Love it.  If you have seen the football movie The Program, there is an entire scene about that very thing.  Fabulous movie.

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    So, here are my thoughts, which are many, so I will try to be somewhat brief.

    As for #2, my wife says to me during the game….”No wonder he struggles so much, he grew up there and his big bro was quarterback and they still didn’t want him.  Think maybe they were better judge of his talent than us.”  Very smart woman.  I mean, she married me didn’t she?  Her comment made me think and even saw same in a column later on that they passed on him not once, but Twice.  Seems like a good kid and I will continue to root like mad for him but I think he and #12 are both temporary bandages.  Limited arm strength and talent, one has limited mobility, the other a statue.

    As for #13, yes he needs to have a seat on the bench.  No, we should not give up on him or belittle him or destroy his confidence.  Yet this also isn’t one of those kiddie basketball leagues where they don’t even keep score and everybody gets a trophy.  A good benching can be quite productive and motivating.  If I were his coach, he would be willing to fight a grizzly and sasquatch himself for a catch when he stepped foot back on my football field.  And it would be largely up to him as to how long that would take, but even so, it would be longer than 1 game.

    On to #20….like most of you, I follow the recruitment of most of these kids and tend to be a homer who believes the hype of their high school tape and things that are said about them by Coaches and “recruiting gurus.”  Only until of course, they get here and it becomes obvious that they may have a ceiling lower than hoped for.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want all of these young men to be superstars and go realize all their NFL dreams.  But I also have….even thru my old gold and blue colored glasses….seen a lot of “Here is our next All American Heisman Candidate” become another example of the reason some folks get only 2 stars instead of 5.

    Now….HCNB….love this Man’s principles and his care for his players and approach toward understanding our State and our love for this team.  I truly believe he is completely the right man to be in charge of our program.  I also can admit that his play calls have had my blood pressure off the charts quite often this year and last.  And sure, there seems to be a lack of timely in game adjustments.  Furthermore, as Head Coach, I believe your Defensive Coordinator is just like the long term true saying about your Starting Quarterback:  If you have two, you have none.  Whole lot of talent on that side of the ball.  Should be more dominant with the right scheme and gameplan.

    In summary, it will take a while, and the Global Pandemic certainly did not help.  Yet I think overall, HCNB deserves our patience but not blind faith and some individual players could benefit greatly from some pine time.  Give me two full recruiting classes with no Pandemic obstacles, two full spring, summer and fall camps and workouts.  And at that point, we should see marked improvement in our beloved team.  Prior to that, it may not be entirely fair to judge the fate of our Head Coach or Program on such a limited and small sample size.

    While agreed that 10 and 30 yard gains are certainly not a bad thing, getting caught from behind is not the desired result by any means either.

    As for playcalling issues whether redzone or anywhere else on the field, until you can get consistently solid play from your offensive line, backs that can run over or make the first guy miss, seperation from your receivers and timely throws and execution from the QB position….doesn’t matter what play is called.  Not saying I am not left scratching my head at some of the play calls, cause I am, but our offense as a whole is no doubt a work in progress.

    My longstanding complaint and thought is that good ole Dana left our pantry quite bare.  It will take some time to get those quality “kitchen staples” restocked and ready to dish out some gourmet recipes.  In the meantime….ramen and peanut butter sandwiches can be a win win if you are hungry enough.  N’est-ce Pas?

    Don’t in any way think Mathis is a speed guy but Sparrow’s high school film is just sick.  However, blazing past a bunch of high school kids is one thing, and doing that to a bunch of D1 ballers….different ballpark all together.

    You are very right about Noel.  His first several yards were absolute fire but he didnt sustain it for extreme distances.


    Oh how I long for a TB who can hit a crease and take it to the house.  Been complaining about that for years.  I used to get so mad watching Crawford get tracked down from behind.  Same same with McCoy, Pettaway and everyone else.

    So frustrating.  Of course, having White, Slaton and Devine does set a pretty high standard to live up to.

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    I am sure you are right.  Coaching LSU where recruiting is as simple as throwing your logo and tradition out there versus getting top notch kids to come to Kansas….totally different ballgame.

    His teams at Kansas also make costly mistakes at the most inopportune times and as Greg said, QB position is average at best.

    Guess all we are left with is that he seems to be a likeable fella.  Of course that is the same thing the neighbors always say about serial killers.

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