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    I’m going to piss off a lot of folks but you gotta hang some of this on the coaches, kids not improving during the year, kids not mentally ready, no hustle, stupid mistakes, can’t shoot foul shots, players in wrong positions.  This team is definitely a one and done on the Big XII tourney and for sure one and done on the dance.

    then again no one expected the early success of this team coming off last year so that’s a positive, but pure plain and simple these guys paid too much attention to their press clippings and they outright suck

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    “Huggins Heroes” are more like “Keystone Kops” the way they’re playing

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    Gotta love leaving shooters all alone at the 3 point line…. these kids didn’t learn anything this year WTF is wrong with this team AND coaching staff????

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    I’ll tell you one thing McCabe is terrible

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    OMG… I haven’t been able to catch a game in a while, this cant possibly be the same team I saw play about 3-4 weeks ago.   These guys well they’re not good……

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    I didn’t watch or listen to the game.  Did they stand around on offense and watch the guy who had the ball?  It’s almost like 5 guys defending, 4 watching, and one guy dribbling every time we have the ball.  Seems to always be the case when we get our clocks cleaned…..

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    Club companies will have relationships with different schools where the kids can either get a VIP account or Personal Use Discount from them so even though it may be on their own dime (or the schools) they can get their equipment fitted to their swings for a substantial discount.

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    Proof on Harler is the fact that he gives up 1-2 backdoor cuts by his man every game. There were two that I clearly remember against OU where he just got caught napping and even the commentator called him out on a play where he didn’t get in position to help out where he was the closest defender, he’s simply not athletic enough to deal with some of the opposition, great kid but he does get torched in every game

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    Is the clown car parked outside the gym?

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    They couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a handful of rice today….terrible shooting team

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    We are no way a 2nd seed for the tournament….way too inconsistent and immature.  They play much better as underdogs and when they don’t read their press clippings.  It’ll come eventually but not this year

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    eer85 and CFE …. it must be just you guys. Only problem I’ve been having recently is slow response. Respond in a thread or just click on another item and it takes 15-30 seconds almost every time. And that’s after I clean the cash.


    Uh no, there have been a bunch of us experiencing the same thing now for months…. I know Kevin’s trying but somethings wrong and it’s not “us”

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    Hate to say I told you so, but typical with our football/basketball teams they start reading press clippings of how great they are and they take it for granted and then get their asses kicked by an inferior team…. I hope Huggs uses this as motivation that they aren’t as great as they think and their are plenty of teams out there that are hungry enough to smack them upside the heads with a 2×4

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    i think the K State game is a trap game today especially after the blowout win against TCU

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    Isn’t that the old Pierpont private apartment building from the late 70’s early 80’s?

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    Where oh where are you Emmitt? He’s joining McCabe in that slump

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    I like how the tandem of McBride and Knapper have been lately

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    No energy from these guys tonight…. hopefully they haven’t been reading press clippings again

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    I’ve tried google, duck duck go, bing, and yahoo on both my devices, updated all operating systems where applicable, cleared my cache multiple times, logged out and back in so many times and it’s the same thing, blank white pages and sometimes up to and over a minute. I even upped my WiFi and internet speed with att and bought a WiFi extender. Every other site I browse is great and faster than ever except this one.

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