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    4:30 at the Jerry West Lounge?  But it’s not Tuesday….

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    Great thanks for the clarification

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    Am I wrong but have we not made FL an area of importance with no primary responsibility and only secondary?  Did I miss something in that we’ve always been successful in FL and there is much more talent there than in some of the areas that are assigned as primary areas?

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    Txeer…… don’t they play or practice FB 12 months. That makes a big difference. When you take into consideration the number of people living in the state it’s huge. Houston alone has more people than WV. And their metro area is 3X the population. Same for Dallas. Then again, it’s much easier for us to get kids to come to WV from neighboring states than from TX.

    no they don’t play year round but I know a lot of the kids do train year round, could also be a difference in the quality of coaches down here as well.  population is definitely a factor (155,000 here in McKinney) plus new facilities, they just built a $70 million stadium here when Allen H.S. spent about the same for theirs a few years ago.  So there is a definite advantage/ more opportunity down here as opposed to WV in many ways in producing athletes.  Just goes to the history of having to coach up average talent over the years and many of our kids over achieve.  I still remember Paterno answering the question as to when WVU would be competitive with Ped State “when they recruit better players”. It’s also a little easier than the old days when SPitt and Ped State would recruit up to that old level of +100 schollies just to keep each other from getting the better players

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    Fascinating. And a much more reasonable approach than tapping into the Texas market that the past regime failed miserably at…

    It’s really a shame they couldn’t tap the Tx H.S. market.  Allen H.S. just put 11 into div 1 programs, the three McKinney schools together put 28 into div1 teams for next year.   It’s a different environment here in tx as the competition level is off the charts, even the 7 on 7 teams place a bunch of kids on scholarships.   I hear everyone harping to keep in-state players but does it really matter where they are from?  I’d prefer the best talent we can get and don’t give a flip where they are from…..

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    Turn out the lights . . . What would be the total cost if Huggs pulled them off the floor besides forfeit? Suspension? Trouble with Shane or E. Gordon?

    This team had the lights turned out during the first game against Buffalo…this season can’t end quick enough for us AND Higgs…let’s hope he stays for the future as this team would demoralize anyone

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    NIT?   OMG that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week.  I think your time is better spent praying for Huggs not to stroke out this year during a game with these knuckleheads

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    Esa is by far the dumbest player on this team, such a waste of talent.  He better get a passport as the only pro basketball  he ever plays will be in outer Mongolia

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    These are the uniforms I love, and always will. But what I want more than anything is a return of the stripes on the pants. Major and CraigJA-71516-2Major-Harris

    I’m with you 100% on these….they marked a return to relevance under Nehlen bringing us out of the dark ages of 76-80.  Besides that, they just plain look great and classic

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    My problem with this team is that it might delay Huggs getting into the hall of fame with their shitty ass effort this year

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    This team is just not………………any good

    Time for “wait till next year”

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    I am not buying that. I think he’s trying to cover the fact he wasn’t loyal to his team. And maybe that is not coming across well with the pro’s! Not a cut on Will, absolutely loved him being a Mounataineer, but he left his wingman. If Will was hurt it would have been better received by Mountaineer nation if he would have just said that prior to the bowl game. So I still hope he impresses and is selected very high in the draft…but not believing this story. Everyone gets hurt in a season. If he was hurt my apologies for making this statement to Will…

    I’m inclined to agree with you.  Torn ligaments in an ankle is a little more than a simple sprain and we all would have noticed a change in his mobility, and even a pronounced limp.  That being said I could be wrong but it’s a little difficult for me to buy.  Y’all will have to make your own decisions on the validity of this, but something sure seems funny about this….when in doubt follow the $$$$$$$$

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    More class in JC’s little finger than in the sum total of our current team.  These guys could LEARN from him

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    I really thought Holgs was the coach that would propel WVU into a whole new era of excellence–much as Clemson has enjoyed of late. Especially with Big 12 ties. I also placed more faith in then AD Luck than maybe I should have, in retrospect. Too, there was what had just gone down with Coach Stewart, and I admit also in retrospect that I was off course about all of these men, not in character or their purpose(s), but in my expectations of all of them. And that’s on me, as it really should apply to all of us who really care about the program in any form. Coach Brown though, has me more intrigued than any other choice to take the reins at WVU in my memory–especially in the age of instant gratification. I just have a feeling that this guy is going to truly be a “WVU guy” and take this school to places we’ve not been before (which obviously is a NC), though oh so close in the past. I realize this will take some time, but I’m totally on board, full steam ahead. And confident.

    I think that all involved had the best intentions of taking WVU to the top, I can’t fault Luck as we are in a much better place than we would have been without him.  Let’s hope Brown does that as well, but in this day and age I only hope that if he does take us to the top we can keep him rather than be the perennial stepping stone program that gets coaches to their “dream job”.   Just sit back and enjoy the ride

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    Eh nothing to see here….

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    I know some disagree, some I respect. But I thought the 3-3-5 was a smart adaptation to the kind of athletes WV could recruit. WV won’t often go toe to toe with the blue bloods and recruit the guys to beat the Alabamas, Clemsons, Ohio States and Oklahomas at their own games. But they can recruit the tweeners that can play safety/linebacker hybrids. And their best chance might well be to run a defense that is built more on deception than pure raw talent. So I was and am ok with Gibby scheme.

    Maybe time for a change? I am OK if we never see the 3-3-5 from the Gold and Blue again.

    we heard RR first say we can’t recruit the DL to run another scheme, but Nehlen did pretty well in his years and put out some NFL talent (Fox, Thornton to name 2) So what is the real story?  Coaching limitations, philosophies?

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    Doesn’t the Big XII have a transfer rule prohibiting going to another school in conference?

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    I’ll just say it…. Harler is a mystery to me.I just get the impression he’s more worried about his appearance than his level of play.Nate Adrian he is not.Huggs sees value in him that I do not.

     I was criticized in another post for making the same observation

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    I’m sorry but Harler is a waste, can’t shoot, too slow on defense and if you watch close he doesn’t give much effort to stop guys on drives or rebounds he needs to sit at the end of the bench with Knapper who is clueless but at least tries, I hope this team doesn’t put Hugg’s over the edge

    Can we leave the player bashing to the other site?


    Im not on the other site.  I’ve seen your frustrations taken out on players/coaches in the past so let’s call it even but when I see piss poor effort I’m afraid I have to call it out.  No one on this team can escape that and you know it, if not we’re not watching the same game.  Not wanting to get into a pissing contest with you but this team is awful and players who have been around Huggs program for 3 years should step up, case in point the benching of Harris and Esa, I’m just saying they aren’t the only ones at fault

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    I’m sorry but Harler is a waste, can’t shoot, too slow on defense and if you watch close he doesn’t give much effort to stop guys on drives or rebounds he needs to sit at the end of the bench with Knapper who is clueless but at least tries, I hope this team doesn’t put Hugg’s over the edge


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