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    Part of the team found some confidence tonight, but what does that do to the attitude of those who spent more time on the bench than they’re accustomed to? Does that affect the overall team chemistry?

    in reply to: Holgorsen Sued For Back Rent, Damages #101933

    $20,000 in damages and cleanup… that’s a lot of damage.  Maybe Dana should have gotten his guys at Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration to clean up after his ex before he left.


    in reply to: Be honest… #101176

    I think Riley will sub early out of respect for Brown and to prevent injuries.  With that said, I still think they’ll put up 48 points.

    in reply to: West Virginia vs. James Madison prediction #96550

    I think we’re all so used to the 3-3-5 defense, and how bad it is when run with inexperienced players, that we’re underestimating what a young but athletic defense can do when it has the talent advantage to go along with good coaching.  I think we will stymie their offense and register a defensive score as Kendall posts an efficient day passing to complement a grinding ball-control running game.  JMU registers a late touchdown to make it a two touchdown game, but we’re all left wondering if we’re better than expected or if JMU was overrated.

    WVU – 31

    JMU – 17

    in reply to: Scholarship / Walk On Question #92193

    Thanks for the explanation Greg.  I figured there had to be a rule like that to keep programs from cheating the system but had never seen it discussed.

    in reply to: Movement Continues On WVU Transfer Front #92191

    Are the “Academic Situations” a matter of misconduct (aka cheating) or inadequacy (aka failing)?

    in reply to: WVU’s Konate To Seek NBA Evaluation #88097

    Actually, if what I read is correct, he can keep his name in the draft and, if he isn’t drafted, terminate his relationship with his agent and return to school.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him try that route.  Of course, then he would run the risk of getting drafted as a late throw-away pick, nullifying his college eligibility, with no real route to an NBA roster.

    in reply to: WVU Feels The CBI Can Be Helpful #87081

    If WVU wins its next game against Coastal Carolina, would they host the next game?

    in reply to: If I told you… #86309

    The fact that we have different people stepping up to score from one game to the next is what makes this team so promising.  An opponent can’t key on one guy and shut them down when any of the starting five can go for 20+ on a given night.

    Depending on what happens with Sags, how well Oscar adjusts to the college game, and how successful this team is at maintaining the chemistry they’re demonstrating right now, next year could be the best WVU team we’ve had under Huggs.

    in reply to: Defections Likely Coming For WVU #85247

    I think Press Virginia is a thing of the past.  When Huggs went to the press years ago, it was because he had a team that couldn’t shoot or create offense.  He needed to get more possessions, and that’s how he accomplished it.  This team, and presumably next year’s team, will be able to get those extra possessions by rebounding, just like they did last night.  They also have a good group of offensive players and can score inside or out, on spot-up threes or off the drive.  If you’re running non-stop for the press, you have to sub often, taking those offensive threats off the floor and disrupting continuity.  I think the style of play we saw last night, with basically seven guys seeing the floor (Routt was barely in the game as an eighth man), is what we have to look forward to next year.  And I for one am excited to see it.

    in reply to: March Madness Begins Early For WVU #84567

    What does it take to qualify for the NIT? If we were to win out in the regular season and win a game or two in the tournament, is the NIT a possibility?  I think any extra games we can get would be good for this team.

    in reply to: WVU Walk-on Commit Spencer Macke #82973

    How does a 6’2” guard pull down 27 rebounds in a game? Something seems a little odd about the stats from this and some of his other games.

    in reply to: The Wrong Route #82164

    Short of Routt coming out and talking about it, we will never know what was going through his mind in that instant.

    I think what the refs did and many who watch the video are doing is assuming Routt saw everything from the same perspective they’re seeing on the video, and with the benefit of slow motion. I can see where maybe he was trying to get out of the way by pulling his legs back under the chair. When you’re almost 7 feet, how do you fit your legs under your chair? You cross them at your ankles. Did he recognize in that instant that pulling his legs back would entrap the guy’s leg? From the perspective of the video, it’s obvious, but from his perspective, who knows?

    He’s never seemed like a dirty player, so I’ll give the kid the benefit of the doubt.

    in reply to: Dana's biggest achievement wihile at WVU? #80971

    I think one thing people don’t give him enough credit for is the number (and quality) of his players who ended up in the NFL.  Recruits for years to come will see that a path to the NFL can run through WV.  That helps the program immensely.

    in reply to: Tate Martell #80068

    I read an article about Fields that said his petition to play immediately is based on a incident in which he suffered verbal abuse of a racist nature. I believe a member of Georgia’s baseball team was the culprit and was dismissed as a result.  I don’t think Martell will be able to use that excuse.

    in reply to: Gibson out #79889

    Gibson has been reported as co-defensive coordinator and safeties coach at NC State, so hopefully that will offset some of the money owed to him.

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