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    Why don’t you just argue with yourself, Jack?  That way, you won’t be forced into your normal hyperbole and rants.  You can be chill.

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    Give ’til it hurts.  🙂

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    Imo B12 is much more stable now. May not have the elite OU and TX is overrated. 4 coming in are very good teams. Wish Memphis and USF were also in.
    BB is stronger.

    I’m fine with Memphis, but I’m not sold on USF.  I admit I’m struggling for another suggestion, but USF is just not a good fit, IMO.  Like you and others, I really think that overall the Big XII improved it’s stock with the “trades”.

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    Merry Christmas to everyone!!!  Hoping for a late Christmas present with a bowl win for us on the 28th.

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    Late March 1925, Jack.

    In thousands of years of Earth’s climate cycles between Ice Ages and Warming, how do you know the frequency of the catastrophic weather events were not the same as we see now?  And in those past events, I think we can safely rule out any sort of human caused actions.

    You folks just cannot get it through your heads that old mother earth is highly resilient and that she’s been here before and came out the other side just fine.  If we did not have the recorded cyclical events of eons past as a reference, it might be plausible to attribute this sort of change event to human influence, but scientific past history studies calls all of this discussion into question.

    The bottom line is simple – over its entire existence, the earth has warmed and cooled multiple times and because of this cycle, it clearly reasonable to say this is a “normal” chain of events in the earth’s climate.

    As you can see, in no way do I deny warming.  What I deny is that in this cycle of earth’s eons long history, that the humans have somehow now caused this warming cycle to be a world ending event.

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    Or the 1925 EF-5 tornado that ran from Missouri all the way into Indiana on the ground with a destruction path a mile wide in some places and killing well over 600 people?

    What about the multiple Ice Ages followed by multiple global warming events going back well before the human species evolved on earth and continuing ever since?

    in reply to: Leddie Brown Opting Out Of WVU’s Bowl Game #167305

    I wish Leddie well.  He has been a great Mountaineer.  Just as I mean what I just said before, I am profoundly disappointed in his decision to opt out of the bowl.  I view Leddie as a warrior on the field and now that vision is tarnished in my mind by not going to war one more time with his battle brothers.

    in reply to: Why not? #167055

    With all due respect, my first thought when reading this was of a clusterf__k.  Sorry, but this would be an unworkable mess.

    in reply to: WVU Analyst Could Be On Minnesota Sideline For Bowl Game #165835

    The solution is simple – Kirk stays in WV and on WVU’s staff until after the bowl.  That would be the “gentlemanly” way for Fleck and Brown to handle this.

    in reply to: WVU Reveals Its 2022 Football Schedule #165496

    I like the idea of playing 2 P5 schools in the non-conference.  You become the best by playing the best.  Or to put that old saw into context, you become stronger by playing stronger schedules.

    in reply to: Palm’s bowl projection #165044

    Orlando would be nice.

    in reply to: LSU’s next coach #165027

    And Riley had a better shot of doing something in the SEC than Texas.  Poor Sark – they’ll crucify him in the SEC and Jimbo will reign supreme in the state.

    in reply to: Who stays for their Covid extra year? #165006

    Something just doesn’t feel right about Rattler.  I have nothing solid to base that on except “gut”.  What I see in that situation at OK was something came unglued.  Rattler was basically entrenched as “the man”, until he wasn’t?

    in reply to: LSU’s next coach #164999

    Well, I’ll be damned.  Like Vulash, I sure as hell didn’t see this coming.

    in reply to: Domino’s Falling Now #164341

    Well done . . . AGAIN, Deuce.  Of course, you really don’t want to confuse the discussion with facts.

    in reply to: Concerning HCNB…. #164340

    I’ll just go ahead and say it.  Neal Brown was a quality hire and a job well done by Lyons and Gee.

    That said, I too would hate to lose him to Kentucky, but the SEC and his alma mater might be too strong a pull.  Let’s hope that Stoops stays put.

    in reply to: Brown is a “run-first” coach? #164129

    Here’s the ugly truth.  Our OL lacks two high quality tackles.  Millum may grow into that, but he’s a true freshman that needs more experience.

    We can run up the middle because we have very good guards and an NFL quality center.  But off tackle and stretch plays to the outside only go well when we catch the defense napping.

    Doege’s biggest single issue is poor judgement and panic when under pressure.  Although we have occasionally seen that pressure come from the middle (OK State), more often than not the pressure is coming from rushers overpowering or out maneuvering our tackles.  When Doege has time in the pocket, example Saturday, he can and will pick a defense apart.

    More than a Rick Trickett type OL coach which is a rare bird indeed, we need better tackles.

    I’d like to know why Austin Kendall walked after he saved the team in the Liberty Bowl win v Army.  Despite his slow start under Brown, he was the only other QB w experience in the qb room and the red flags over Doege’s play were flapping in the wind high above Puskar Stadium well before Army game.  I would’ve hoped the message to Kendall (a 4 star qb recruit in a long line of potential OU Heisman candidates) was that the qb competition is wide open and yours to win.   my gut tells me Doege was Brown’s pick from the start and the writing was on wall.    Help me understand why inexperience is the only backup to Doege,  thanks

    Now that is a question that has been quietly dwelling in the back of my mind ever since Austin entered the portal.  Any insight to that, Kevin?

    Of course, Austin had his issues too, which many might forget.  Jared DID replace him as the starter.

    in reply to: Realism, not criticism #164126

    One or two.  We don’t have the final decisions with which to apply the math.

    in reply to: I checked out Terry and Rich at La. Lemon-Monroe #163980

    Wasn’t disputing his coaching prowess. Was supplying the reason he was fired while gently ribbing you, Butler. 😎😉

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