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  • in reply to: PAC 12 Is Happy #164742

    Happy that they’ll also be introducing Lincoln Riley to USC.  Oklahoma SEC move now looks choppy.

    in reply to: Grading The Mountaineers: WVU-Kansas #164706

    Kansas finally got into gear with the offense at the end of the year.  The Big 12 gauntlet did what it always does to them, but they improved by the end and beat Texas, lost to TCU on a last second FG, and played WVU down to the final minutes.

    I agree DocCrow – Kansas is not as bad as their record shows, fortunately they could not stop the WVU running attack last night.  Brown/Mathis and the Oline dominated.

    in reply to: WVU Men’s Soccer Advances On Golden Goal #164705

    Wow!  Just WOW!

    in reply to: Rivalry Week #164459

    The Black Diamond Trophy, Ben Schwartzwalder Trophy, Backyard Brawl, the Old Big East had some epic rivalries for WVU and the Big 12 really has not translated to any one team major rivalry from WVU.


    in reply to: Taz … #164458

    Jalen Bridges & Sean McNeil had rough shooting nights last night.

    Fortunately Taz was able to drain a lot and Curry was clutch down the stretch.

    McNeil is going to get his games, Taz will too, but I still think Bridges is the key to success for this team.  Getting him going consistently and being a focal part of this team is critical for WVU’s success.


    in reply to: @KU #164008

    I was thinking more of a -10.5 because WVU hasn’t been winning games by more than 2 scores.

    That being said, night game in Kansas with bowl eligibility on the line coming off a strong performance against Texas.

    Make it happen, would be nice to cover and win without blood pressure rising and heart palpitations.  Let’s be real though, we will have stress.


    No surprises with Kansas.  They bring it and if WVU has no mental lapses, they’ll be okay.  Right?

    in reply to: Huggins Ball #163960

    Defense won this game, still chuckling at Clemson putting 6 players out there to seal their fate.

    I hope we can develop some low post presence, we may need that option when low percentage shots aren’t falling.

    Curry going to the hole is a great weapon, he can finish, which means double help defense for the kick and splash.  Would like to see more of that with the right decision making.

    in reply to: I checked out Terry and Rich at La. Lemon-Monroe #163885

    The perfect storm happened for WVU in those days.

    Pat White – All SEC wanted was a CB from him, Trickett said let’s be the next Vick.

    Steve Slaton – Ralph Friedgen decided on another OL not RB, door opened.

    Owen Schmitt – Had he not sent in tape, he could possibly have been anonymous at Wisconsin River-Falls.

    WVU defense had some stellar players too, Casteel found a system that did enough and a strong balance with the 3-3-5 bend but don’t break to give the high octane offense time to rest between gashes.

    Best NFL player of them all was the punter/kicker – Pat McAfee



    in reply to: Grading The Mountaineers: WVU vs. Texas #163883

    Offense – B+ – Solid no turnovers, limited penalites, 100+ yards Leddie, Doege was disciplined even on some runs where there would be sacks and throwing the ball away when necessary.  Losing Ford-Wheaton for the second half was rough.  I will say that those major 3rd and very long conversions were super clutch.  Offense was clutch that fourth down call too.

    Defense – B-  – Solid, but the rushing attack of Texas gashed WVU at times which was a concern, however WVU defense did a good job keeping Texas out of the end zone for most of the game.

    Special Teams – C –   – Just cannot seem to kick it deep enough or tackle early enough, we give every offense massive field advantage which is a variable that’s been a crusher when you consider how close most WVU games have been this year.

    Overall – Solid win, WVU is one win from bowl eligibility.


    in reply to: Grading The Mountaineers: WVU vs. Texas #163856

    Maryland, Texas Tech were the two games that I was really frustrated with Doege.

    Baylor & Oklahoma State just hammered WVU, they were simply better across the board.

    We had the shots to do it against Oklahoma, that snap oh that snap!

    TCU, Iowa State, Texas – Doege performed well, Leddie ran the ball well.

    I see really only 2 games I want back, that’s the Texas Tech & Maryland losses.  WVU is better than those teams, they were just asleep at the wheel in half one vs Tech and were sloppier than a crunchy taco with nacho cheese sauce against Maryland.

    in reply to: Doege staying for 6th year? #163855

    Doege is now #5 all time WVU passing yards.

    At 5-6 this year, the turnovers and penalties were the achilles to this years squad.

    Simple really, limit turnovers and penalties and get Leddie 100+ yards rushing, WVU wins every time.

    Yesterday, 3 penalties for 20 yards, 0 turnovers, Leddie ran for 100.  That’s it!

    Let’s not forget how good the Big12 is this year.

    Oklahoma State & Oklahoma are national title contenders.  Baylor, Kansas State, Iowa State are all solid and watching Iowa State struggle at times actually was the indicator how damn good this conference performed.

    TCU, Texas Tech, WVU – They’re really not awful squads, they just ran into a top heavy powerhouse league this year.

    Texas faded into the abyss, Kansas even found some muscle (please don’t next saturday).



    in reply to: Brown is a “run-first” coach? #163774

    WVU offense played well today across the board.  Couple of drops, but no turnovers and penalties were minimal.  Then again, we played a doormat.

    in reply to: WVU Takes Down Texas #163773

    Win at Kansas next Saturday night and go bowling.  Finish strong!

    in reply to: Shooting Cools, Defense Collapses In WVU Loss To Marquette #163535

    Marquette now had 3 comeback games of over 12 points against Illinois, Ole Miss, and now WVU.

    They’re mostly freshmen too under Shaka, lots of questions coming in, but it looks like these guys adjust very well under pressure, it’ll be interesting to see if Marquette develops fast under Shaka.

    in reply to: Deuce McBride To The G League #163534

    Glad Thibs is finding playing time for him, Knicks are going to need him once the inevitable injury bug filters in after the holidays.


    in reply to: Marquette Reels In WVU To Score An 82-71 Victory #163532

    Marquette game planned well at halftime, adjusted like they’ve been doing and shot lights out.

    Tale of two halves, learn from it, and move on.



    in reply to: 2 commits are gone #163156

    Who knows, maybe when they get to their destination they decide to transfer too.  There’s so much uncertainty year to year that even if you land a top recruit, you never know if they’re going to stick around.

    Nice to see him able to play, much better than sitting on a bench with 17 players on a roster.

    McBride is going to see action with the Knicks later this year, this is a good place for him to get into a groove.

    in reply to: Oscar #163059

    If Oscar is going to make the NBA, think in terms of Ben Wallace.

    in reply to: Jarrett Doege is HORRIBLE, BUT… #162851

    Kansas State is the best of the middle of the pack.

    Oklahoma State is CLEARLY the top team in this conference.

    Baylor, Oklahoma, and Kansas State are the next in order.  Iowa State is a mystery, they were considered top dog, but have fallen into the middle.

    The bottom of the pack is Texas Tech, WVU, TCU, Texas, and Kansas.


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