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  • Thanks Greg, did not catch the difference in the 1st names.  I can accept that outcome, though I still think KU got off light.  But, if Weber did in fact instruct his players not to engage KU on that last possession, and Dejuan Gordon ignored those instructions and stole the ball, then I think there should have been some kind of “announced” disciplinary action against Gordon by KSU for ignoring the instructions.  with no action publicly taken it calls into question whether Weber did actually give those instructions.

    ok, I’ve thought about this for awhile and here’s what I don’t get.  KSU’s Gordon was suspended for three games.  KU’s McCormick was suspended for 2 games.  McCormick actively engaged in the fight, in fact it looked to me he was stomping on the guy from KSU who was knocked down next to the wall.  at least looked like he was kicking him, or at least trying to do all those things.  He certainly wasn’t over there to help up someone in a wheelchair that may have been knocked over by accident.

    Gordon was suspended for 3 games.  he is the player who stole the ball from Sousa.  so I ask, what rule did Gordon break?  How can you be suspended for breaking an “unwritten” rule?  If they want to make a rule that you can’t steal the ball, with less than “x” amount of time on the clock when behind by “y” or more points, then codify that rule.  But I say bullsh*t for a suspension that did not break an explicit rule.  And he did not do anything after the block to provoke what occurred from that point on.  He did not jump up and try to fight.  He simply lay there with a look on his face that said he sure hoped he wasn’t going to get his skull crushed by the crazy madman Sousa.  And he gets 3 games and McCormick only 2?  I think Bowlsby should be fired tomorrow but only because it’s probably too late to fire him today.

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    Thanks, was a little different than I recalled except for the violence.  Hard to understand why a winning team would react that way.  At least Minnesota was losing.  But I think they are similar and some of the Kansas players may be gone for the year.

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    Reminds me of the fight in a Big 10 game back in the sixties. Pretty sure it was between OSU and Minnesota. Some stomping occurred in that game as well. Pretty sure it was Minnesota players stomping on OSU players and not sure it was at the end of the game. Well covered by Sports Illustrated at the time but photos only, no video. Don’t remember what the outcome was but there were more fights back then and more acceptance of them. But that one did cause quite an uproar because it was so violent, even for that time.

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    has to be enough suspensions to impact this coming weekend’s games. More on Kansas I would think. No reason for the KU player(s) to go that ballistic with such a large lead. It was just an inconsequential steal.

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    To me he is so smooth on the floor, so athletic looking, that I cannot understand why his progress has been as slow as it has been. The only thing I can think of is the level of competition this year has been much better than what he faced in JC. I think he would see much more playing time if he could only cut down on his turnovers. And if he is on the floor all aspects of his game would improve. Maybe by March.

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    it was frustrating for this fan. just when I was thinking we had some talent on this team they looked completely devoid of talent against KState. Only Gabe played well in my opinion. After that it is only a matter of who played worse. And you can make the case against everyone and anyone on the team. the idea is, when you have 12 players with not that great a drop off in talent from 1 to 12, you should be able to find at least 6 in any one game that aren’t totally stinking up the joint. Not the case on Saturday.

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    Glad you are enjoying it CFE. I think we all are, but if it turns out to be even a bit more special for you I think we could all live with that.

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    That loop begins in Chicago (depending on your perspective), goes to Indy, then Cincinnati, then onto Charleston, and finally to DC. In Alderson there is Camp Greenbrier for Boys. It is the oldest boys camp in America. I sent both of my sons there more than once each. When my oldest son was going to Camp Greenbrier the train came thru Cincinnati on Sunday (about 5 in the morning), which coincided with the start of camp later that day. Camp Greenbrier would send a bus to the station to pick up boys on their way to camp. Camp ended on a Wednesday and the same train that was going east on Sunday passed back thru Alderson going west on Wednesday. So my son was able to ride the train to and from camp, Alderson to Cincinnati. I thought it was cool then and I still think it is cool now. My oldest son had a cousin who lived in Charleston who also went to Camp Greenbrier. so they would ride the train together for that part of the journey.
    Just a little something to add to your story with a West Virginia connection even if not a WVU connection. Martha Stewart was at the Women’s Prison while one of my sons was at Camp, but I don’t remember which one it was now.

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    I’ll play devil’s advocate on the “go to” question. Assuming “crunch time” is the last 5 minutes or so of the game, then, traditionally, a coach is going to go with his “best” 5 out of an already shortened line up of 7-8 players. and if you have a star then that player will be on the floor.
    But I do not think this team is a “traditional” team. so, depending on the circumstances and the match-ups, I can see different lineups on the court. As Hugs had to do against Ohio State when Oscar was limited, down the stretch he was shuffling players in and out, whenever there was a game stoppage, to protect players on defense or to add offense if we had the ball. So, if we were on defense and were playing a really large team, I could see him having Harler, Haley, Gabe, Oscar, and DC on the court, maybe even Matthews instead of Harler, depending. I could imagine a different grouping if we were on offense and different groupings even there if we were trying to overcome a deficit or, conversely, trying to protect a lead. if these guys can reach their potential, as individuals and as a team, this roster was made for both Huggins and crunch time.

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    while his offensive production has fallen off substantially it seems to me that he is still playing hard in all other facets of the game. hope he can maintain effort and efficiency in the other aspects because discouragement over one part of your game can impact the other aspects if you don’t maintain super focus. There is such a thing as a sophomore slump. the good news is we do not need him to break out of it tomorrow, we just need him to break out of it this year.

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    We had a pretty challenging ooc schedule, especially when you consider how many new additions we were trying to work in, especially with everyone playing. That’s a lot of combos to give experience to.
    Those results in your post above show you how important it is to come ready to play every game. We need to take care of business over the next few weeks but I am also hoping we can start to put a little shine on a team that has shown great potential but has also looked a little rough around the edges at times.
    Also, just saw that #16 Wichita State lost at Temple tonight. Doesn’t help us but reinforces the notion that there is much parity in today’s game. Can’t wait to see what KSU brings.

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    we have 4 games left against KU, BU, and TT. I would like us to go 2-2, or better, in those games. In our other 11 remaining B12 games I really hope we can go undefeated. Difficult, not impossible, always possible to let one you should win slip away. I’d like to at least get to the finals of the B12 tournament. And I want them to be playing their best ball of the year during the 2nd half of March. A lot to wish for but not impossible. We need to improve our shooting from the floor, improve our foul shooting, and reduce turnovers. If all that happens I will not care what our seed is or what region we are in. I’ll simply say let the games begin.

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    I think, and this is probably so obvious as to be ridiculous, but our best combo of guards at any specific point in time is a function of who we are playing (what are the talents of their guards) and how are our players playing that particular game. Bottom line is, while everyone strives for consistency, some games you play better than other games. we have 6 guards who I think can play: McCabe, McBride, McNeil, Knapper, Harler, and Sherman. we have one guard (Halley) who has a really nice skill set that can present match up problems for the other team, at least for periods of time depending on who the other coach has in the game. And Haley can bring guard like skills to the small forward position as well.
    We need McCabe and Sherman to match the improvements that the other guards have made, and I think they will, and we need McNeil and Haley to improve their consistency, and I think they will. But we have some damn good players and I think Hugs has coached his whole career to finally have this group of players show up on his roster. I am going to enjoy watching these players, and also watching Hugs help this group reach their full potential.

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    I have to think our “smaller” guards (McCabe, Knapper, McBride, Harler) will hold their own, at least, with the smaller guards of TCU. And I think our bigs will be better than TCU’s bigs. Seems the game will come down to how our “swing” size players (Haley, Matthews, Sherman, McNeil) perform against the swing size players of TCU. If this last group can come thru it will be 3 strikes your out for TCU.

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    12 total players.
    2 have played more than 49 games together, almost exclusively as role players.
    5 have played up to 49 games together, actually less as some of them have missed time last year (and this year to a lesser degree) due to one reason or another. They are mostly the younger players.
    5 more have played up to 13 games together, actually less considering Gabe was not declared eligible immediately.

    Offensive efficiency is, at least to some extent, dependent on familiarity and cohesiveness, not exclusively on individual skill. And familiarity and cohesiveness become better, not just with the number of games played, but with the types of teams you have faced (ability wise), venues played in, schemes faced, coaches faced, game importance, etc.

    When the season began I was hoping they could be a pretty good team by the end of February/beginning of March. They had a little better beginning than I was anticipating. That being said I don’t think, at least for me, that the beginning of March time table is or was unrealistic. Time will tell but I think this team will have ups and downs as they work out the kinks, polish the edges, however you want to look at it. Their defense is already good, their offense will get better. And with all that they may still be a year away. But I am not ready to concede that yet.

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    I didn’t but my youngest son, who was at the game, texted me 73-68 WVU just before tip off. But he is hopelessly optimistic when it comes to WVU.
    I was hoping we would keep it close but had my doubts since this team can be inconsistent not only from game to game but within the game as well. and that was true again today. But my sense is that OSU simply ran out of gas as the game wore on. They play hard on defense but today they had to play hard on offense as well. The final 10 minutes they were gassed, imo. Lastly, we got really good minutes today from our guards. Everyone knows about McBride and Harler but I thought Knapper was solid for his minutes, as was McNeil. And McCabe was just what we needed down the stretch.

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    Congratulations to all the Mountaineers who stayed the course and battled right to the end of the season when some of their teammates couldn’t, or wouldn’t, make the same commitment. They certainly improved over the course of the season and it is a shame they could not squeeze out another victory. I think they would have been a worthy bowl opponent relative to all the other middle of the road teams that will make bowl appearances. They weren’t that far away from having a much better record, which would have been a nice reward for how hard they played.

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    WVU played all 12 last night. Only Sherman, at 4, did not see the court that much and that is only because he is struggling so much. You can tell just by how he moves on the court that he has ability, just has not relaxed or adjusted to this level yet.
    WSU had 4 players with 26 or more minutes, WVU had 2. WVU had 9 players that averaged almost 15 minutes of playing time each. Those 9 players contributed 28 rebounds and 43 points.
    WSU had 5 players who played similar roles for them as did our 9 in terms of average minutes played. They contributed 12 rebounds and 14 points.
    WVU is deep and pretty talented that far down the bench. at least it seems that way to me.

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    Man to man defense for WVU is excellent, only McCabe on the weaker side. Haley struggles a bit when he gets switched off on a smaller, quicker guard and ends up outside the 3 pt arc. but the help defense is so good that doesn’t seem to be that much of a problem and then you have Culver and OT guarding the basket if the help defense is late in arriving.
    Regarding the shooting, I think the team is pressing a bit right now to prove they are good shooters. As Huggs said in his post game show last night, this team wants to be recognized as good on the national stage. That they think they are good and want to be good. They can rebound and they can defend. If they start hitting their shots, young or not, they are going to be a handful. So I just think they are pressing in that area a bit. As they continue to improve and have success, which I am sure they will do, they will begin to press a little less. Anyway, that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.

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