A Little WVU Bowl Quiz

A Little WVU Bowl Quiz

MORGANTOWN, W.Va — West Virginia’s date with Syracuse in the Camping World Bowl game in Orlando is two weeks away now so we thought it might be fun to test your knowledge of Mountaineer bowl history.

We are well aware that much of it, especially recently, you’ve already erased from your mind but there have been a number of great moments, too, over the years.

We’ll bring you a little bit of both. Answers follow at the bottom

1. What quarterback accounted for the most passing yards for the Mountaineers in bowl game? Bonus points that you can cash in for free lasagna at Giuseppe’s in Milan, Italy, if you know how many yards and against whom.

2. In consecutive years, West Virginia beat Georgia and Georgia Tech in bowl games. What was the most unusual aspect of this?

3. While WVU has a losing bowl record at 15-21, it has found a way to score victories over three schools who have won more than 60 percent of their bowl games. Which schools were they?

Dana Holgorsen and Geno Smith with the 2012 Orange Bowl championship trophy

4. Everyone knows that when WVU beat Clemson, 70-33, in the 2012 Orange Bowl it was the most points the Mountaineers ever scored in a bowl game. But what were the second most points scored in a bowl game by WVU?

The game featured a Hall of Fame coach and a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Might as well name them, too.

5. The same wide receiver holds the record for the most passes caught in a bowl game and the second-most. You have a lot of great receivers in WVU history to pick from, but I’m betting you don’t come up with the right answer.

6. While we’re talking about receivers, how about coming up with the WVU receiver who caught the longest touchdown pass in WVU bowl history?

7. Speaking of long plays, two WVU players had 99-yard touchdowns in bowl play, but here’s the tricky part of the question. Neither played offense. Who were they?

8. WVU has always been able to run the ball with the likes of A.B. Brown, Garrett Ford, Pat White, Steve Slaton, Amos Zeroue and Avon Cobourne among so many other during the years, but the record for most rushing yards in a bowl game by a WVU player is held by someone who never rushed for more than 589 yards in a season. Can you name him?

9. In that 70-33 victory over Clemson in the 2012 Orange Bowl, WVU broke many records, including the largest margin of victory at 37 points, but of special note was a record broken by Geno Smith who not only threw for a bowl record six touchdowns but also for a BCS bowl-record 401 yards at the time.

Whose record did he break?

10. Final question, 1,000 point bonus if you can get it. Here’s a record for David Long to shoot for against Syracuse this year. Which WVU player recorded the most solo tackles in a bowl game?


1. WVU has sent lot of great arms into bowl competition but the man who lit it up the most was … no, not Geno Smith but Skyler Howard, who passed for 532 yards against Arizona State in the 2016 Cactus Bowl.

2. West Virginia not only beat the two top team in Georgia when they beat the Georgia Bulldogs in the 2006 Sugar Bowl and topped the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the 2007 Gator Bowl, but they won each game, 38-35.

3. WVU owns wins over Ole Miss, which has a bowl winning percentage of .643, Florida State which has .630 winning percentage and Georgia, which is at .603. They also own a win over Oklahoma, which is at .590.

4. In the 2000 Music City Bowl, WVU scored 49 points, a figure topped only by the Clemson rout. As for the Hall of Fame coach, that was Don Nehlen’s final game coaching WVU.

And the quarterback they beat that day — who actually didn’t start but came on as a freshman replacement and showed the kind of greatness that was in store for him, was Eli Manning, who won two Super Bowl titles.

And get this, the man that couldn’t rally his team to beat WVU’s Brad Lewis won both Super Bowls against the New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

5. In 1997 Shawn Foreman caught 12 passes against Georgia Tech the Carquest Bowl then caught 11 the next year in the Insight.com Bowl against Missouri. None, however, went for touchdowns as Marc Bulger threw two TD passes to Jerry Porter against Tech and two to David Saunders in the Missouri game.

6. When WVU stunned Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl after being upset by Pitt in the final regular season game and losing coach Rich Rodriguez to Michigan, Pat White threw 79 yards to Tito Gonzalez for the longest scoring pass in a bowl game. Long scores were the modus operandi in that game as Owen Schmitt scored WVU’s first touchdown with a 57-yard run, Darius Reynaud caught a 21-yard score from White and ran for a 30-yard TD, Noel Devine rushed for 17- and 65-yard TDs.

7. In that 2000 Music City Bowl against Ole Miss, cornerback Shawn Terry took a kickoff back a record 99 yards for a touchdown and in the 70-33 victory over Clemson, the game changed when safety Darwin Cook came out of a scrum at the goal line with a Clemson fumble and ran it back 99 yards for a touchdown.

8. In 1969 West Virginia went into the Peach Bowl under Bobby Bowden against South Carolina and Bowden showed some of what would make him a Hall of Fame coach as he installed the wishbone offense for that game and gave the ball to fullback Eddie Williams 35 times and he rushed for 208 yards, four more yards than Slaton rang up in the 2006 Sugar Bowl game against Georgia.

In that game Mike Sherwood, the Mountaineer quarterback, threw only two passes, completing one for 3 yards as WVU rushed 79 times for 356 yards in a 14-3 victory.

9. Never thought we’d ever get a WVU story with two mentions of Tom Brady in it, especially since he never played against WVU, but here it is for Brady had owned the bowl record for passing yards in a BCS bowl with 369 yards in the 2000 Orange Bowl.

10. Hopefully you remember his name, but Eain Smith recorded 12 solo tackles against Clemson in that 2012 Orange Bowl game.

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    When did we beat Florida State in a Bowl game?


    I don’t think WV ever beat FSU in a bowl


    I’m guessing he meant Florida.

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