Brown Taps Roots To Attract Transfer Jarret Doege

Jarret Doege

Brown Taps Roots To Attract Transfer Jarret Doege

West Virginia is  bolstering its quarterback room with the addition of another transfer QB, Jarret Deoge, who entered the transfer portal a week ago.

The brother of former Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege, Jarret started as a true freshman at Bowling Green in 2017, and played two seasons for the Falcons. In his first year, he played in seven games and started five,  completing 120-of-188 passes for 1,381 yards. included were 12 touchdown passes against three interceptions for an efficiency rating of 143.4. He was the first true freshman to start at game at quarterback for Bowling Green in 26 years.

As a sophomore in 2018, he took command of the QB job on a full-time basis, starting 12 games. He was 242-of-389 passing, which produced 2,660 yards and 27 touchdowns, both of which were tops in the Mid-American Conference. His interception total was 12, resulting in an efficiency rating of 136.4.

Doege’s older brother, Seth, was an assistant coach at Bowling Green from 2016-2018, but was let go along with the entire BG staff after a 3-9 season last year. Seth Doege was previously a standout quarterback at Texas Tech, where he ranks third in Red Raider career history in yards (8,636),  touchdowns (69), passing attempts (1187), and passing completions (819). Seth Doege played at Texas Tech from 2009-12, where he played under current WVU head coach Neal Brown. Brown was the Red Raiders’ offensive coordinator from 2010-12. Seth, as well as former Bowling Green head coach Mike Jinks, are now both coaching at USC. Doege is an offensive quality control coach, and Jinks is the Trojans’ running back coach. 

Jarret Doege has not redshirted and still has two seasons of eligibility remaining. As a third-year junior he would have to get a waiver from the NCAA to be eligible in 2019. Without the waiver, he would have to sit out the 2019 and then would have two seasons of eligibility remaining starting in 2020.

Jarret, who is 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds, is a native of Lubbock, Texas and attended Cooper High School where he passed for 3,363 yards and 33 touchdowns as a senior in 2016.

Doege’s transfer to WVU now gives the Mountaineers four scholarship quarterbacks – juniors Austin Kendall and Jack Allison, and redshirt freshman Trey Lowe – as well as walk-on Trent Jackson, who is a redshirt freshman.

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    Brown Taps Roots To Attract Transfer Jarret Doege West Virginia is  bolstering its quarterback room with the transfer of Jarret Deoge, who entered the
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    He’s got a good bloodline for sure.


    You have to have some skills to start as a true FR even if it’s in the MAC.  I would think they want him to RS.


    My belief is that if Doege gets the NCAA waiver, he’ll get a major chance to play right away. WVU’s coaches may not have given up on Allison and/or Kendall, but if they had great confidence in them, I wouldn’t think they would have taken Doege.


    So was that our final scholarship? I thought we needed a defensive lineman!


    IF Doege enrolls at WVU this summer, then he will take the Mountaineers final scholarship for this class. Obviously if he wins his NCAA appeal to be eligible for the 2019 season and Neal Brown wants him to compete for the job right away, he has to enroll this summer and start working out. If Doege doesn’t win his appeal, and thus will have to sit out the 2019 season, then WVU can push his scholarship back to start with the August semester which would also allow West Virginia to push his scholarship back to count as part of the 2020 class, not 2019. But my impression is WVU thinks he’ll win his waiver and thus be eligible right away. That means he takes the 25th available scholarship in this class, so there would be no room for an additional scholarship player in the defensive line or anywhere else.


    Wow, the quarterback situation must be bad! Or we didn’t get any bites with defensive linemen on the transfer portal. Wow, just wow! I think this could be a very long season, hope I am wrong!


    There is a lot of speculation here on my part, but if you don’t have at least two QB’s you think you can win with then QB will always be the biggest recruiting priority until you do.


    He brings something that none of the other three guys bring, and that’s two seasons of actual game experience.

    Who knows if he’s the best we have. But he won’t be folding under pressure because he’s nervous about facing live competition in front of a stadium full of fans.

    The MAC has put out some pretty nice QBs over the years. I doubt Brown takes him just for depth.


    Deuce has the measure of it here, I believe.  In addition, competition forces the whole QB roster to improve.


    So is Trey Lowe going to be another William Crest or is baseball impeding his progress as a QB?


    Trey is still young, so not ready to say he can’t play yet. But he obviously didn’t get much time in the spring game, and that’s an indicator of current status.

    He didn’t miss any football practices for baseball, so in that regard it didn’t impede him. IMO, he needs to pick one or the other and work on it — he’s too far away from PT right now to get by on just athletic ability.


    If Doege gets the waiver that will put 3 QB’s in the JR Class.  IMO unless Brown’s staff thinks Doege has a very good shot at the starting position they should Blue Shirt him and slot him in for the SO class, let him study the playbook for 1 year and see what he can do to push Allison and Kendall in their SR year.  In 2020 this would give us 2 SR’s , 1 JR, 1 SO and 1 FR schollies at QB.  Spreads them out a little and gives you a little room if one of the underclassmen decide that the portal is the way to go.


    What do we need more?  DL, WR or QB?  Then the question is can we fill the DL or WR if they are the biggest need?


    You can never have too many QB’s in my opinion. We will always need D linemen, especially playing a 4 man front.


    I agree on both.  Think about Lvlle a few years ago when they went thru 5 QB’s in one year.  Down to their 5th string QB because of injuries.  That’s a tough year.

    And if we are going to play 4 Down DL as some of our D sets we don’t have enough on the roster at this time.


    What do we need more?  DL, WR or QB?  Then the question is can we fill the DL or WR if they are the biggest need?


    All of them.  OK, I know that’s not an answer.

    I would rate it QB, WR, DL.

    Remember that while this is a four-man front in name, the bandit is as much or more of a linebacker than a lineman. That’s a generalization, but all of the players at that spot right now were LBs last year.


    Agree to disagree.  I would rat our needs in this order.

    #1..  DL  #2.. WR  #3.. QB.

    We are very thin at DL and a couple injuries will be hard to overcome.  I get it that this year’s D will be different.  But everything starts up front.  Then comes the WR’s.  We have WR’s but they are very inexperienced.  Talented but inexperienced.  With Allison and Kendall and Lowe, we have 3 QB’s that have talent.  May not have performed as well as expected in the Spring game, but they are very talented.


    My order for need:

    WR – If it’s a high end starter that’s added.

    DL – Depth admittedly is a concern, but at least there are three good ones for the two inside positions. The outside is fine.

    QB – It would be nice to have Doege available to compete this fall, but how ready can he be at the start of the season considering he’ll be so new to the offense. Even if he can workout all summer, he won’t have taken a practice snap until only a few weeks before the opener. I have my doubt about whether you can get a starting QB ready that quickly.

    So for me, best case is to add a very good wide receiver, let Doege redshirt (and blue shirt) and prayer that Donahue, Darius Stills and Dante Stills stay healthy in the d-line.


    Well, obviously I am in the minority here, and that’s ok.

    I’ll leave it at this: I have seen and heard little that indicates that QB is a settled position. Certainly hope that further events proves that estimation incorrect.

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