Corner Experience Gap Big Challenge For WVU, Addae

Josh Norwood
West Virginia secondary coach Jahmile Addae (l) makes a point to cornerback Josh Norwood

Corner Experience Gap Big Challenge For WVU, Addae

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — There couldn’t be a bigger dividing line between first and second units anywhere in the country than what West Virginia has at its cornerback positions heading into the season.

“I have older guys that have played meaningful football here. They have had some success. I have some younger guys that have not played meaningful football, but are very willing to learn and are willing to take what we are giving them as coaches. It’s a fun mix of guys to work with.”

West Virginia defensive back Keith Washington scores on a fourth quarter interception

That’s the take of WVU secondary coach Jahmile Addae, and it is a start in describing the experience gulf between cornerback starters Keith Washington and Hakeem Bailey, both redshirt seniors, and freshmen Tae Mayo and Nicktroy Fortune, neither of whom have taken a snap in a collegiate game. While the younger duo has talent, the gap that exists is a challenge to overcome in teaching, at the very least. Concepts and techniques that the senior duo have seen and executed many times can be quickly explained or put into place , while the first-time nature of such lessons might require more patient tutoring for the youngsters.

In ordinary situations, the gap wouldn’t be so dramatic. However, departures from last year’s team, along with position moves to help cover those holes, have left the Mountaineers with the odd senior-freshman situation at this point. In addition to the moves of Josh Norwood and Sean Mahone to safety, Addae has also seen his on-field depth hampered with the absence of Dreshun Miller, who has not been dressed for recent practices.

Addae, ever pragmatic, hasn’t bemoaned the lack of numbers, or the resulting big gap in experience.

“This is college football so there’s turnover every year. Basically the next guy has to pick up the rifle and go,” he said, evincing the attitude that helped him earn all-conference honors while a player at WVU. “The younger guys may not understand like what it’s like to play in this environment, to play on this stage, but what I can tell them is that the work they put in has to be consistent, and be done with intent.

WVU’s Hakeem Bailey breaks up a pass intended for Iowa State’s Allen Lazard

To that end, Addae also puts his players through practice situations to help develop their confidence and familiarity with playing when the lights on on them, and to see how they respond to those challenges.

“We’ve tried every different avenue, whether it’s putting them in competition drills or one-on-one, or going scrimmage with all coaches off the field,” said Addae, who knows something about getting ready early. As a four-year starter for West Virginia, he understands what the freshmen are going through.

“Anytme you put guys in a one-on-one situation, I think that brings out the best in them, because it’s ‘all eyes on you’. Those things really spotlight two guys, where it’s me against you,” he explained. “I think the more we can put them in that type of situation, the more they become comfortable with it.  There’s been some growth and there’s been some failure.”

It’s not often you hear a coach discuss the f-word, but the straightforward Addae understands that it is part of the growing and learning process.

“You have to fail a little bit to grow. If it didn’t work this time, you have to go back and assess and fix it, and try it again. It’s been a fair amount of both. None of these kids are dogs. They are going to give you what they have. It’s on us to to train them up and get them the way we want them to go.”

Addae figures to rely heavily on his veterans while the newcomers gain more experience, but he knows he can’t go through a game, let alone a season, in the pass-happy Big 12 with just two corners. The return of Miller would be a big help, but he knows that Mayo and Fortune will likely be called upon at some point. In no way is he viewing their development as a finished process, but there’s room for optimism.

“Right now we have done a hell of a job [in putting in the work], in my opinion,” Addae sums up. “Not everything is clean, but they are working their tails off to get better every rep.”

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    Corner Experience Gap Big Challenge For WVU, Addae MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — There couldn’t be a bigger dividing line between first and second units anywhe
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    The report that Dreshun Miller “has not been dressed for recent practices” seems more concerning than hearing he is at practice but in a green jersey.  He seemed to be in the mix during spring practice, perhaps even in a starting role.  Anyone have additional insight into that report?


    Second that, cinci.  Inquiring minds want to know . . .


    Shake up in positions, assignments along with the loss of players this year is going to try our patience at more than just the CB slot.   It’s going to take a couple years for Brown to get this boat turned around.  You can already see what he’s trying to do with this year’s recruiting class.  First time we’ve seen this many DL and OL commits this early in the recruiting process.  FINALLY……. a coach that values the line.


    Mid-week, he was in his jersey and shorts, watching the rest of the DBs. No apparent injury, and later he was riding one of the stationary bikes along with the others that were held out.

    Checking again on his status.


    While their is no substitute for experience skill can compensate for errors in coverage.  Also, some players learn faster than others.  We won’t really know much until the games start.

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Home Page forums Corner Experience Gap Big Challenge For WVU, Addae