Culver Dominates Off The Bench In WVU’s Win Over URI

Culver Dominates Off The Bench In WVU’s Win Over URI

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia sophomore Derek Culver may not have been on the floor for the start of Sunday’s game, but he was certainly a major factor by the finish.

It was the second time in WVU’s seven games this year that Culver was on the bench at the tipoff. The other was against Northern Colorado a couple weeks ago when he was reportedly tardy for a shoot around.

West Virginia forward Derek Culver (1) outbattles Rhode Island's Jermaine Harris (0) for a rebound
West Virginia forward Derek Culver (1) outbattles Rhode Island’s Jermaine Harris (0) for a rebound

This time West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins indicated the decision was based more on rotation.

“We thought it was the best thing to do for this game,” explained WVU’s veteran coach referring his substitution patterns for his big men. “It’s hard to play Gabe (Osabuohien) and Logan (Routt) at the same time. We just don’t get any offense, and we’re not as effective around the basket defensively.”

Culver entered Sunday’s contest at the first media timeout and immediately went to work. He had 12 points and seven rebounds by halftime, and finished with a double-double, which included a career-high 25 points to go along with 11 rebounds in helping the Mountaineers hang on for an 86-81 victory over the Rams.

“He played well,” said Huggins of Culver, as West Virginia improved to 7-0 on the season. “He’s able to handle a lot of physical play because he’s a big, strong guy. We ended up going to him more than we probably wanted to initially, and then he didn’t do a very good job of throwing out of doubles, which we have to spend some time with.”

The Mountaineers’ other prominent big man, Oscar Tshiebwe, added 11 points and nine rebounds.

“Any guy you can throw it to two or three feet from the hoop and can put it in the basket is a big piece on the team,” noted WVU senior guard Jermaine Haley, who scored 18 points himself. “Oscar can do the same thing, but D.C. had a great game today. Each game it’s one or the other, or sometimes both. They are doing a good job of working with each other. Having both those guys in there rebounding and being able to throw it to them and having them score is great.”

Culver, who was 9-of-17 from the floor and 7-of-7 from the free throw line against URI, is also trying to mentor the young Tshiebwe, the talented true freshman from the Congo who has only played a few years of organized basketball.

“I’m telling him constantly, constantly, constantly, keep going, they’re going to break, the wear and tear,” said Culver of his in-game advice to Tshiebwe. “It was the simple fact that he needs to stay aggressive.

“I’m trying to show him the ropes,” added the 6-foot-10, 256-pounder from Youngstown, Ohio. “I wish someone had done that for me last year, because I kind of got thrown into the fire.”

After West Virginia’s many struggles last season in stumbling to a 15-21 record, this year’s undefeated Mountaineers feel they are on an entirely different path.

“We just want everything to play out as it’s supposed to,” said Culver. “We know the work we’ve been putting in, from the bigs to the guards to the coaching staff, even the film staff and the managers; everyone has bought in.

“We started off as one little snowball, and now we’re huge,” he concluded. “We’re just rolling and rolling.”


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    Culver Dominates Off The Bench In WVU’s Win Over URI MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia sophomore Derek Culver may not have been on the floor for the s
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    Can’t get too content. Much tougher games ahead


    In nearly 50 years of following WVU BBall, I cannot think of anyone to compare Culver with at the foul line (among big men).  Stan Boscovitch comes to mind, but Bosco was more of a 3 than a 4 or 5.  When Culver allows himself to get out of his own way, he is just about unstoppable.  We saw glimpses a year ago, and he seems to be gathering momentum as the season unfolds.  To  make things even better, Oscar, Gabe, and Routt are right in there with sharing the work.  Looking forward to getting the taste of last season out of my mouth.


    First thought at the beginning of the game was …… Culver in the dog house again ….. WTF did he do now and if and when he gets into the game will he respond. My new friend sitting next to me and I almost simultaneously said Culver needs to have a break out game if he gets in early or he may lose confidence. Welp….. Derek gets in around the 14 min mark and he responded almost immediately. After sitting for over the first 6 mins, He was on the floor almost the rest of the game. 25 and 11 in 32 mins. THAT is the Derek we need.


    Yep, Culver came in and dominated. If his head is in the right place, he is quite capable of repeating this consistently. I’m still bothered by the fact that he and Oscar still don’t seem to have the spacing worked out down in the post on offense. With Derek’s passing ability and if he keeps putting up these numbers, he’s going to draw the double teams and Oscar MUST be where Derek can dish it to him for the slams.

    And because Oscar has the same potential to dominate a game, it is crucial that this spacing gets worked out for when it’s Oscar drawing the double teams.


    I don’t know that the spacing is as much the fault of Derek and Oscar now knowing where to go as it is that when they are spread out the D doesn’t follow either of them outside. The D knows neither are a threat past 7 ft. So they just pack it in and let both move outside at will. Both are going to have to show that they can shoot it from 12-17 ft before the spacing issue can truly be fixed.

    That being said …… Oscar still doesn’t know where to be on the floor. That will be fixed with more time talking to Eric.

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