Current, Former WVU Players Show Support For Tony Gibson

Tony Gibson

Current, Former WVU Players Show Support For Tony Gibson

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — How “tweet” it is, the feeling between those who have played for West Virginia and defensive coordinator Tony Gibson, who is the players’ choice to fill the vacancy that is expected to be created when Dana Holgorsen’s defection to the University of Houston becomes official.

While many of his current players expressed thanks to him, players from today and yesterday offered fervent pleas that the administration stay in house and take Gibson, who is not as popular with the public on social media after the Mountaineer defense was savaged over the last three games of the season.

West Virginia defensive coordinator Tony Gibson reacts to a play

Former safety Kyzir White wrote on his Twitter account:

”It’s only right coach @TonyGibsonWVU is the next head coach at WVU! The best to ever do it! Would run through a brick wall for him. Every player respects him and he brings the most out of all of us! Let’s do the right thing. Gibby deserves it. 💯

And his brother, Ka’Raun White:

”Even though I was on the offensive side of the ball, I have nothing but love and respect for coach gibby! @TonyGibsonWVU no one else is more deserving than him for the head job!”

Former fullback Elijah Wellman joined him in those sentiments after offering thanks to Holgoren for what he did for him:

”Thank ya to @Holgorsendana for believing in an ole Wayne County boy. Good luck moving forward coach!!!!

And then:

”I think @TonyGibsonWVU should be the next head coach at WVU. He’s a country boy from Boone County, he’s put in his time and hard work for this state and deserves it. I’d do anything for him and I know his past and present players would say the exact same, 100%. #GibbyTrain2019”

It went on with one his former players, Terrell Chestnut, who had lot to say:

”Coach @TonyGibsonWVU BLEEDS West Virginia and @WVUfootball through and through. A man that has the respect. A great recruiter, A great father, husband, mentor etc. @WVUADLyons @WVUfootball We don’t need to look too far for our next HC #hireGibby”


”When @TonyGibsonWVU came back to WVU, he inherited a defense that was last in every statistical category that year and changed our image into some fierce DAWGS!


”Being able to assemble a great defenses that displayed @K_DILLON20 @nkwiatkoski27 Karl Joseph, Daryl Worley, myself, @Shaqpett_36 Dravon Askew Henry.”


”With that being said, what we need for our next head coach is a guy who loyal, bleed WVU through and through and someone who can bring the best out each and every player and coach! We need @TonyGibsonWVU as the head guy!”

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Jarrod Harper had this to say:

”West Virginia is a place where you have to know the place, the people, what it means to put on that Gold & Blue! @TonyGibsonWVU bleeds the Gold & Blue. There is no one out there better suited for the head coaching job then Coach Gibby!”

Shaq Petteway noted:

”Nobody better for the job.. Gibby a Real one!!! Gave me the opportunity I deserved and changed my life!”

And it wasn’t only players of Gibson’s from the past. Some of those from this year’s team jumped on, led by the man who led the way for the defense, Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year David Long, Jr.:

”Come on now, y’all know the right guy for the job is already in the building!!!! I can’t think of anyone else more deserving! @TonyGibsonWVU let’s get the ball rolling ‼️‼️‼️”

And one of the young players that Gibson brought along, safety Kenny Robinson, a star waiting to be born:

”They better not bring no square in here man need somebody for the players fam”

Derrek Pitts Jr. let his wishes be known:

”I want coach Gibson as my head coach”

West Virginia defensive coordinator Tony Gibson makes a point

Even a former punter got into the act, Nick O’Toole:

”We appreciate you @Holgorsendana thanks for everything you did for this state! #HailWV @TonyGibsonWVU deserves the HC spot, West Virginia coal miner boy! He’d make the state proud!! #GibbyTrain2019”

And even some voices from the past were loud enough to be heard.

Star running back Quincy Wilson, a WVU hero and one of the greatest players the state ever produced, commented:

”Short list here Mountaineer nation. Only man for the job  @TonyGibsonWVU @WVUfootball #ProudAlum . #Dawgs”

And former quarterback Chad Johnston, who threw one of the greatest passes in Mountaineer history to beat Pitt, offered this;

”I certainly hope @TonyGibsonWVU gets consideration for the top spot. Over the last 20 years @WVUfootball no one has been more consistent or loyal, or has done a better coaching or recruiting. As a former player, he always goes out of his way to make me feel welcome. Not all do.”

And then he followed that up with this observation:

”To me, @TonyGibsonWVU is an edgy Don Nehlen. One of us, a gentleman. Would not give us uncertainty of whether he wanted to stay or looking for greener grass all the time. @WVUfootball @WVUADLyons Who knows what kind of O wins in Big XII better? Will find the right OC”

Finally, Will Grier’s father, Chad Grier, summed it all up on Twitter:

”Very cool to see WVU players supporting Gibby. I was at ECU when the players pushed hard for Kevin Gilbride. It doesn’t always work out but it speaks to the culture and connection within the program #LetsGo”

Unfortunately for the players, they won’t get the final word in this. They can only hope the big money in West Virginia, athletic director Shane Lyons and President E. Gordon Gee are in agreement with them.

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    Current, Former WVU Players Show Support For Tony Gibson MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — How “tweet” it is, the feeling between those who have played for West Vir
    [See the full post at: Current, Former WVU Players Show Support For Tony Gibson]


    Unlike others on this board I would not be disappointed if Gibby became head coach. And that is coming from an old Scott Skyhawks, but we can forgive him his old Van Bulldog heritage.


    Another emotional hire ?….will we ever learn?


    Another emotional hire?


    Easy catfish, he will unlikely get the job.


    In many cases I think its tough to separate emotion totally. If a coach interviews and is enthusiastic and impresses you with his determination and what he says, isn’t that emotion to some degree?

    I’m not trying to rehash the Stewart debate. Just thinking that it’s difficult to leave emotions out of it. To do that, I would think you’d review all the candidate’s info, then make a decision without personal interaction. And I am certainly not advocating that.

    Granted, making  hiring decision at 3:00 a.m. probably isn’t the best move. But it does say something for continuity, and for Gibson, as to how much support he has garnered. That’s far from the only aspect to consider, though.


    Like Nancy would say:  “Just Say No(to Gibby)”  I’m not concerned about him being our HC, if you can’t manage the D you’ll never be able to handle the whole team.

    Gibby’s 5 years at DC gave us 18 games where we gave up 30+ points, 7 of 40+, 4 of 50+ and 1 of 60+.  He coached for 64 games during that period of which in nearly half the games the defense gave up more than 30ppg.   Of those 64 games we played 10 games against teams like Towson, Ga. Souther, DE State and (10 games) against Kansas and ISO, who during most of that period couldn’t punch their way out of a wet paper bag.

    In five years his teams gave up 263 points to OU(45,44,56,59,59), who would be our Pitt of the B12.  That’s 53ppg!!!  This has to be the worst 5 years of defense in the history of the University.

    It’s great that some of his former players like him and think he’s a nice guy…which I’m sure he is…nothing personal Gibby, but I don’t think you are a good choice for Head Coach.

    A couple of words from Leo Durocher:

    “Nice guys finish last…”

    “Do you know a nicer guy in the world than Mel Ott? He’s a nice guy. In last place. Where am I? In first place. I’m in first place. The nice guys are over there in last place, not in this dugout.”


    After Bowden left his players supported Frank Cignetti.

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Home Page forums Current, Former WVU Players Show Support For Tony Gibson

Home Page forums Current, Former WVU Players Show Support For Tony Gibson