Fearless Picks: West Virginia Mountaineers – TCU Horned Frogs

Fearless Picks: West Virginia Mountaineers – TCU Horned Frogs

The Texas game was a separator not only in the Big 12 standings, but in our race as well. Jane remained in first place, but Jeff jumped up to cut her lead to nine points. Andy and Bill took game honors with misses of ten and 11, respectively, but last year’s champ remains stuck in the basement after picking a UT win.

This week, the score predictions are back in the spotlight, and there’s a wide range of outcomes that are forecast by our panel.

Jane Donovan

Last Week: W      Season Record: 7-1      Point Differential: 136

Mountaineer Nation has spent a lot of time and energy reliving, rejoicing in, and continuing to breathe the fumes of the victory over Texas. It’s been fun. Some of the memes have been hilarious. My personal favorite is probably the label on the longhorn beef roast from The Country Store in Seth, WV — or maybe the menu offering Longhorn beef medium rare roasted over a burning couch. However, I hope the team had a nice celebration and then got back to work Monday morning. WVU is now well-positioned to make good things happen but giving in to distraction, no matter how much fun, could destroy it all. Focus, gentlemen, focus. One game at a time. TCU almost always gives you fits. There is no need for them to do that this year, but only if you keep your eyes on the ball, literally and figuratively.

West Virginia 35-17

Jeff Cobb

Last Week: W      Season Record: 7-1      Point Differential: 145

Whooooo, boy howdy! What a game last weekend. So where do the Mountaineers go from here? TCU is having an off year, but is this a trap game? No, I don’t think so. But I do think that teams in general cannot keep up their intensity level every single weekend. There is bound to be a let down after playing such a high profile game in front of 100,000 fans. West Virginia has come home and heard how great it is all week, so the Mountaineers are almost guaranteed to come out flat. But the team has great senior leadership and they know how much is on the line. I think they’ll be flat, but loose enough not to get completely tight when the game ends up being closer than it ought to be. Gary Patterson will have his defense ready to go, and they’ll keep the WVU score down but the Horned Frogs’ offense is very inept this year. A little will be enough.

West Virginia 29-18

Chris Richardson

Last Week: W      Season Record: 7-1      Point Differential: 151

From the big runs by Martell Pettaway to the “Sunday throw” from Will Grier and the biggest two-point conversion in WVU history, the win at Texas will go down as one of the best since joining the Big 12 – for now. While the win puts the Mountaineers in a great position to grab a spot in the conference title game, it doesn’t clinch anything. WVU must take care of business down the stretch, and next up is TCU. Let’s hope the Mountaineer defense can get back on track this week after a tough outing in Austin, and that the offense can continue its high level of play from the past two games. It may not be a blowout like Baylor or a thriller like Texas, but come Saturday it’ll be Horn(ed Frog)s down in Morgantown.

West Virginia 44-27

Bill Gleason

Last Week: W      Season Record: 7-1      Point Differential: 153

The Mountaineers cleared a huge hurdle in spectacular fashion in Austin. Now they must avoid the letdown this week against a talented but underperforming TCU team that can still lock anyone down on defense. I think this Mountaineer squad is well-motivated.

West Virginia 48-17

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Brian Jolliff

With an emotional win last weekend over Texas, this week normally would have you worrying about a let down, which happens far too often. Couple that with some other eerie stats and you might start to get some post Halloween chills. Last week the Mountaineers won on a thrilling last moment, risky two-point conversion. Just over six years ago in early November, TCU made a risky call in overtime on a two-point conversion and wins a thriller over the Mountaineers. But those were different years and these are different teams, and with the home crowd behind it, look for a solid win for West Virginia on Saturday.

Last Week: W      Season Record: 7-1      Point Differential: 158

West Virginia 48-24

Greg Hunter

Last Week: L      Season Record: 6-2      Point Differential: 143

Injuries and other forms of attrition have taken a great toll on this year’s Horned Frogs. It’s still a Gary Patterson-coached Horned Frog squad that tries to play strong defense with a balanced offense. The components, especially on the offensive side, just haven’t been there in recent games for TCU. WVU isn’t without warts itself, but it doesn’t have as many as the Horned Frogs.

West Virginia 38-21

Jonathan Martin

Last Week: L      Season Record: 6-2      Point Differential: 152

Following a huge win over Texas last weekend, West Virginia returns home to face TCU – hoping for anything but a letdown.  The Mountaineers realize what’s at stake. Win out? There’s a solid chance to sneak into the college football playoffs. I don’t anticipate the leadership of this team to allow a slowdown.

West Virginia 45-27

Andy Easton

Last Week: L      Season Record: 5-3      Point Differential: 146

After a hot start to the season the Horned Frogs have lost three of their last four games and have struggled mightily on offense, averaging 20 points per game over the same four game span.

If the Mountaineers take TCU lightly it could be Iowa State revisited. The Frogs have plenty of talent and are led by one of the most underrated head coaches in the country in Gary Patterson.

If WVU can keep the turnovers to a minimum, though, a victory should be at hand.

West Virginia 38-17

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